Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Most Popular and Least Used Home Exercise Equipment

You bought it with the best of intentions and vowed that you’d get in shape. Maybe it was an impulse that struck you during a 2AM infomercial. Perhaps it was a New Year resolution that just lost steam when the weather warmer. Whatever the reason, chances are you’ll recognize yourself and your weapon of choice somewhere in the following list. Here are the ten most popular, and least used, home exercise equipment:
  1. Ab LoungeWe think we see the problem here. Should we really be using a lounge for a rigorous fitness program? At any rate, it would appear that many of the folks who purchase one of these retire to their Barcaloungers shortly thereafter.
  2. Total GymOne of the most attractive features of this fitness apparatus is its compact design, allowing it to be stowed away under a bed or in a closet. Unfortunately, that’s what many users tend to do with theirs within the first 6 months. Try telling that to Chuck Norris. We dare ya.
  3. Bowflex Home Gym- Among the most popular of all home fitness equipment … on CraigsList.
  4. Iron Gym This device is mounted in a doorway, or laid out on the floor, for use in performing a variety of exercises. Seems as though a lot of people are closing the door on theirs not long after purchasing one.
  5. Tony Little’s Gazelle Freestyle TrainerHere’s a contraption that looks like a combination folding table and butter churn. For over 400 bucks, it should at least come with a set of chairs and a tabletop.
  6. Shake WeightHave you seen these things? Essentially epileptic dumbbells, these gadgets seem designed to be used as training for riding the subway. Looks like a lot of buyers couldn’t hang on for the full ride and got off at the next stop.
  7. Ab RocketLooks like a lounge by any other name is still a lounge. We’re betting that a lot of these wind up as video rockers within a few months.
  8. Perfect PushupIs it just us, or do these thingies remind you of defibrillator paddles? They may as well be, since they’d be a lot more effective in raising the heart rates of buyers than these contraptions seem to have been.
  9. Weider X Factor Another variant of the fitness-club-in-a-doorway concept. It’s a tough sell persuading consumers to tie up doorways in their homes with 100 bucks worth of bungee straps.
  10. P90XIn fairness, the makers do promise to bring you the results you want in just 90 days. So maybe the fact that users don’t actually use this system much longer than that is normal.
We should point out that their inclusion here is not necessarily indicative of any shortcomings of any of the fitness equipment on our list. It more likely reflects the initial appeal of the product vs. the commitment of its users to continue using it.
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