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60 Essential Twitter Feeds for Following Autism Education

August 24th, 2011
Autism has received a lot of national media attention in recent years, largely because the number of children diagnosed has risen sharply. Whether this is due to better diagnostic testing or some yet undiscovered genetic or environmental factor is still to be determined. Either way, its increased prevalence has made it necessary for educators and parents alike to work hard and learn more about autism, from spotting the early signs to the best ways autistic children can learn and thrive. Keeping up with the latest news and information can be a full time job, but social media may prove one fairly effortless way to do so.   We’ve collected 60 Twitter feeds here that will help you to keep up with all the latest news on autism, from charities working to help diagnosed individuals to new discoveries by scientists and researchers — even some support and inspiration from parents raising afflicted children. No matter what drives your interest in autism, you’re bound to find some tweets among these feeds that will help you better understand and work with those who have the condition.


These feeds will ensure you always know the latest in autism research and news.
  1. @theautismnews: This feed is a great follow if you want easy access to a wide range of news articles on autism and autism spectrum disorders.
  2. @autism_research: Check out this Twitter feed to find a great collection of articles that may be of interest to parents and professionals in the autism field.
  3. @autismbulletin: Make sure you stay in the loop when it comes to autism news by reading this regularly updated feed.
  4. @TheCoffeeKlatch: Geared towards parents, this feed is an excellent resource for practical articles on living with autism and the latest research being done.
  5. @asteens: Find some great posts about autism news and more, specifically dealing with the disorder’s impact on teens, through this organization’s feed.
  6. @autismtalk: Host of Autism Talk Radio, Steven Prussack, keeps this feed loaded with links to his show’s latest recordings.
  7. @anne_barbano: Anne Barbano hosts a radio show that focuses on autism and other disabilities. Check out her latest topics of discussion here.
  8. @thinkingautism: Here you’ll find links to some amazingly informative essays written by parents, professionals and those with autism.

Living with Autism

Hear from parents and individuals with autism and learn more about what it’s really like to live with the disorder.
  1. @HDCautism: Here you’ll find Jocelyn, a mom with two teens who have ASD. Her tweets focus on everything from amusing observations to her life raising two affected kids.
  2. @AutismNostrum: This mom and autism advocate posts, among other things, a wide range of links to articles that anyone will want to read.
  3. @AutismRealityNB: Harold Doherty became interested in learning more about autism when his son was diagnosed with the disorder. His feed is a great resource for parents, and contains tweets about healthcare, resources, and living with autism.
  4. @ainsworthalison: This mom of an autistic daughter shares insights into their daily life, including the impact a service dog held.
  5. @AspieTeacher: This teacher and community outreach directory for the Autism Women’s Network shares tips on living with both the disorder and food allergies.
  6. @myaustisticson: Eric is the dad of an autistic son. He shares his struggles and his joys as a parent through this feed.
  7. @AutismMomExpert: Amalia Starr has an adult son with autism, and today works as a motivational speaker and independent living coach for those with special needs. Her feed reflects both her personal experiences and professional work.
  8. @trydefyinggrav: Here, this mom shares some insightful links beneficial to any parent of an autistic child.
  9. @Adrianasimo: This mom shares her autistic son’s love of art through her Twitter feed.
  10. @autismfamily: Mom Bonnie Sayers parents two teens with autism, and she is also the founder of Autism Twitter Day. Follow her feed to learn more about her daily life and passions as a mother and fitness guru.
  11. @TannersDad: This dad is one of the most outspoken advocates for autism. Through his feed, you’ll find some great links for learning about the disorder and networking with other families.
  12. @CarlysVoice: Carly Fleishmann is a young girl struggling with her autism. She can’t talk, but uses her blog and this Twitter feed to speak out and support those just like her. Truly inspirational.
  13. @xtremeparnthood: Sunday Stilwell has two boys who are severely autistic. She shares her experiences, both the good and the bad, here.
  14. @Austintistic: Looking to see into the life of a parent with an autistic child? Scott LeRette’s feed could be a great place to do just that.
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