Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Reasons to Jump on the Google+ Bandwagon

Google+ is the latest effort by the Internet giant to secure a foothold in the social networking market. There are concerns that this effort may not be able to make many inroads in a market dominated by the immensely successful Facebook, but Google does have a lot of financial resources that may allow it to hang in long enough to garner significant market share. Additionally, Google+ users may find a commonality in their relationship with others who use Google searches on a regular basis.

What you will find here are some of the features and attractions of Google+ that could influence some people to give the new product a trial run.

  1. Looks Nice – The user interface is uncluttered, and designed for easy use. Andy Hertzfeld, who worked on the design for the original Apple MacIntosh user interface, is credited with coming up with a very clear UI.
  2. Fresh Start – For those who may have had a less than acceptable experience with other social networking sites, Google+ offers a chance at a fresh start.
  3. Circles – Targeted grouping using the Google+ Circles makes it easy to manage groups of friends, using the html5 drag and drop feature..
  4. Privacy – In Circle sharing allows for privacy selections that may appeal to users, and Google+ lets the user decide how the profile page will appear on the Web.
  5. Location – Users can let their location be known with a single click, something more difficult to achieve on Facebook.
  6. Huddle Up – This feature, available to Android users, is a text chat application that enables users to group chat even when those users are on the move.
  7. Hanging Out – The Google+ Hangout feature allows group chat for as many as ten people, and users can even send video messages.
  8. Photo Browsing – Picasa, the online image sharing site, is owned by Google, and some users have reported better results using this site through Google+.
  9. Search Connection – Google search is an important component to the attraction of Google+, and many users of the new service are also inclined to utilize Google search features.
  10. Up and Coming? – Google+ has just gotten started, yet has as many users as Facebook was able to attract in two years, close to 20,000,000.

It may not be possible for Google+ to overtake Facebook or Twitter, given their success and head start, but people once said the same thing about nobody being able to compete with MySpace.

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