Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Common But Crazy Lawn Decorations

Are you one of those people that has their lawn filled with butterflies, windmills and an assortment of other lawn decorations? If you are, I have a question for you. Isn’t a pain to have to mow and trim the grass around them? I guess I’m just too lazy to deal with putting them out, taking them in and all the maintenance in between. Look through the list and see how many of these common ornaments you have or have had in your yard.

  1. Pink Flamingos – These long-legged birds have been adorning lawns for a least half a century. They never seem to go away. But you can find a larger variety to choose from these days.
  2. Gnomes – The Travelocity Gnome has made these ceramic figurines very popular. You will find them dressed in your favorite NFL colors, baring their back cheeks and in a variety of other positions and attire.
  3. Bathtubs – These are generally the old claw foot tubs. Instead of bath bubbles foaming over the top, petunias are usually peeking over the sides in shades of purple and bright pink.
  4. Toilets – What better way to recycle your old toilet bowl than to fill it with potting soil and plant it full of flowers for the summer? In some yards, you’ll see flowers bursting from both the tank and the bowl.
  5. Boats – Old boats partially sunk into the ground have been turned into flower beds; another great way to recycle large items that have outworn their initial purpose.
  6. Dinosaurs – Metal sculptures of the skeletal remains of prehistoric beasts have been popping up around the countryside. You’re more likely to find these creatures inhabiting rural areas where the lawns are a bit more spacious.
  7. Behinds – We have already mentioned the bare backsides of gnomes, but you will also see those of male and female gardeners tending to the flower beds and vegetable patches.
  8. Zombies – These gruesome creatures used to be confined to the Halloween holiday décor, but no more. Zombies seem to be popping up their heads in strange places and hanging around in peoples lawns all year long.
  9. Christmas Cactus – In you live in the southwest portion of the United States, you may have a cactus or two that you decorate at Christmas, but you’ll plastic versions with flashing lights set up in some of the colder regions as well.
  10. Silhouettes – Black silhouettes have become a very common lawn decoration. You’ll find bear cubs climbing trees, a large bull moose lumbering across the yard and variety of other figures that make the passer-by take a second look.

Not everyone drives by your home gets to see your taste in interior décor, but what you put on display on your front or back lawn may give them some idea of what those tastes might be. Perhaps I mentioned something that would be the perfect accent for that bare spot in your yard or to compliment the big spinning sunflowers you already have there to greet us.

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