Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Reasons for Making your RV your Permanent Home

Ah, yes, the carefree dream-scape of life on the open road. No worries, just roll up the Astroturf rug and the awning, follow the sun, and all is right with the world. There are people who actually do that, and they love their RV lifestyle. Some of these folks are full-time RVers, who have forsaken any residence with a foundation, while many others are seasonal “snowbirds” who migrate south for the winter months. If you’ve ever thought about just chucking it all and hitting the highway, here are a few reasons others have made similar choices.

  1. No Bedbugs – In an RV, you will have all the comforts of home, without worrying about who has slept in your bed or who used your bathroom or who ate with your spork.
  2. Work – By some estimates, there are as many as 250,000 people in the U.S. who live in RV’s for work-related reasons. For instance, managers of large construction projects often need to be on-site for extended periods of time.
  3. Economy – Sometimes the choice to live in an RV is a reactive choice rather than a proactive one; hard times have forced thousands of people from their homes, and some of them end up living in something that was supposed to be a recreational vehicle.
  4. Leisure Travel – When you have your house with you at all times, you are always at home, which makes it easy to change plans to accommodate changing circumstances or whims.
  5. Festy Folk – There is a small but growing number of people who have taken to the music festival circuit, and follow the tunes across the country. Go to for a comprehensive calendar of events.
  6. Empty Nest – Once the kids are grown and gone, or grown, but refusing to leave, it is time for mom & pop to get back to their own personal odysseys, and an RV can be designed so that there is absolutely no room for visitors.
  7. The Social Life – Full time RV folk are members of a community, a community that spans the continent, and has re-unions and festivals and gatherings. There are groups who take over entire campgrounds in the Carolina mountains during the summer months, and then they all head down to Florida together for the winters.
  8. Downsizing – After years and years of accumulating “stuff,” people decide to quit lugging it all over the place, and just get rid of things that provide more irritation than comfort, like that big old 300lb television that just won’t quit working, or the huge sofa that has apparently grown roots in the living room.
  9. The Russian Mob – It is much easier to maintain an alive fugitive status if you are able to stay mobile and transport your entire residence to a new, undisclosed location every four-to-six hours (those mobsters are good). On the downside, there are only about 4,000,000 miles of paved roads in America, and those guys are also persistent.
  10. The Dropouts – An RV is a great place for lone wolves, and you can see them dotting southwest desert landscapes, or parked at a Walmart, or just cruising down a lonely two-lane highway, headed off to nowhere-in-particular.

There is still a mystique and romance attached to life on-the-road, which keeps it a part of the American Dream.

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