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10 Hilarious Comedians to Follow on Twitter

If you love comedy then you probably have some favorite funny men and women you routinely turn to for getting your laugh on. We have some faves of our own, and love to follow them on Twitter. These characters can be just as entertaining in their tweets as they are live or on film, plus we can keep up with what they’re up to. Here are 10 hilarious comedians to follow on Twitter:

  1. Jimmy Fallon – @jimmyfallon One of our favorite late night funnymen, he never disappoints with his tweets. Always timely, topical and funny. “A study found 94% of one-dollar bills carry germs. Or as Mitt Romney put it, ‘That’s why I only use fifties and hundies!’” #FallonMono
  2. Megan Amram – @meganamram Offbeat, off-the-cuff, and off the reservation funny. Don’t start your day without taking a peek at how this girl’s spending hers. “I wish the “three day rule” weren’t a thing, since I’d really like to call my lawyer from jail right now”, “I think one of my dad’s might be gay.”
  3. Conan O’Brien – @conanobrien Another of our late night favorites, Conan keeps the jokes, the monologue material and the info coming every day. “Had to see a men’s doctor today. Why? Let’s just say, ‘Newt is no longer surging in the polls.’”
  4. Lauren Ashley Bishop – @sbellelauren We get such a kick out of her rants and musings. She’s one of our daily ‘must-see tweeters’ with quips such as, “how about dance dance american revolution same game but if you miss a step you get shot with a musket.”
  5. Jen Kirkman – @JenKirkman Girl doesn’t pull any punches. When she’s on, she is really and truly dead on. “I’m glad Chris Brown is performing on the Grammy’s. There aren’t enough dudes, who get a free pass after beating a woman, entertaining us.”
  6. Michael Ian Black – @michaelianblack Former co-star of the sitcom Michael and Michael Have Issues, and a very funny tweeter, Michael always keeps us smiling. “Ha ha guy with neck brace, your turtleneck sweater isn’t hiding anything. You deserve your injuries.”
  7. Stephen Colbert – @StephenAtHome Our man of The Colbert Report fame waxes witty on a daily basis. “Newt’s only hope for your vote is if you’ve been in a coma for 20 years. And if you have, he probably divorced you. Newt 2012! #preparethem
  8. Julieanne Smolinski – @BoobsRadley We’ve got a thing for smart humor, and so we’ve got a thing for @BoobsRadley. “I bet at Christmas when her mom was like, ‘So, ‘Tarzan’, was it? What is it you do exactly?’ Jane totally squeezed his hand under the table.”
  9. Joel McHale – @joelmcHale Host of the E! Entertainment Television show The Soup. We love staying on top of where his mind is at. “It brings me inexplicable sadness when I hear older news anchors enthusiastically declare about a kicker story ‘This has really gone viral!’”
  10. George Wallace – @MrGeorgeWallace One of the funniest old school funny men still tickling our funny bones. You don’t want to miss the man! “How in the hell are there 23,000 First Baptist Churches? Let’s break out the construction records and settle this damned thing.”
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A Burglar's Quest

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The 8 Biggest Craigslist Crime Stories

Most people come to Craigslist to find apartments, job openings, and cheap furniture, while others use the popular classified advertising website to do their dirty work. In recent years, Craigslist has become a hotbed for predators and scam artists looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. What’s worse is no Craigslist section is safe from criminals. Whether you’re browsing the personals, for sale, or jobs section, you never really know who’s on the other end and what kind of danger you might be in. So before you agree to meet at a seller’s house or send money to a complete stranger, read these eight biggest Craigslist crime stories first.

  1. Med student kills masseuse from Craigslist

    Boston University medical student, Philip Markoff, also known as the "Craigslist Killer," was charged with murdering a New York City masseuse on April 14, 2009. Markoff found 26-year-old Julissa Brisman on Craigslist and contacted her for her erotic massage services. The two met in a luxury hotel in Boston, where Markoff lured her into a room and shot her to death. Police found Brisman’s underwear and a semiautomatic weapon inside of Markoff’s apartment, as well as ammunition and other materials that matched those used in another kidnapping-armed robbery on a Boston masseuse. Markoff was charged with the armed robbery and murder of Brisman, as well as two other armed robberies. While awaiting trial, Markoff committed suicide in prison.

  2. Ohio Craigslist murders

    A bogus Craigslist ad led to the death of one man and the attempted murder of a second man who were seeking work as a caretaker for a ranch in Ohio. Richard Beasley, 52, and Brogan Rafferty, 17, have been charged with murdering and attempting to murder the victims. Rafferty was 16 at the time of the crime, but is being charged as an adult. The date of the trial has yet to be determined, but prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Beasley.

  3. Teen slays Craigslist nanny

    Michael John Anderson, 19, said he wanted to know what it felt like to kill when he brutally murdered 24-year-old Katherine Ann Olson, who responded to a phony ad the teenage boy had posted on Craigslist. In the ad, Anderson pretended to be a married woman named "Amy," who was looking for a nanny. After exchanging e-mails back and forth, Olson agreed to meet for an interview at Anderson’s house, where he shot her in the back and put her body in the trunk of her car. He left the car abandoned in a park five blocks away from his parent’s house. Police found her blood and the gun he used to shoot Olson inside the home. Anderson was arrested and found guilty of first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

  4. Woman killed friend, cut baby from womb

    Korena Roberts and Heather Snively had a lot in common; both were young, soon-to-be mothers, or at least that’s what Roberts had told people for months. The 27-year-old met Snively after placing an ad on Craigslist looking for baby clothes. The two women became quick friends, but Roberts never disclosed her secret — she was not actually pregnant. About a week later, Roberts beat Snively with a police baton and used a straight razor to cut open her abdomen and take out the unborn baby to pass it off as her own child. Snively and her infant died. Roberts pleaded guilty to the murders and has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

  5. Craigslist minister steals couple’s wedding presents

    In 2007, a Portland couple hired a minister they found on Craigslist to officiate their marriage and discovered he wasn’t the trustworthy person they thought he was. The couple had been asking for Home Depot gift cards in lieu of gifts or cash to help them fund their kitchen renovation, but was surprised to see that all they had were three gift cards at the end of the wedding. As it turns out, the minister stole the gift cards and surveillance cameras at Home Depot caught him buying tools and detergent with them.

  6. Man rapes maid found on Craigslist

    In 2011, a California man was arrested and taken into custody for allegedly raping a housekeeper he found on Craigslist under the "maid" section. When the woman arrived at Michael Delgado’s apartment, he locked the doors and allegedly raped and sexually assaulted her with a foreign object for over an hour. Delgado walked the victim out and she asked a passerby to call police. He was arrested on suspicion of rape, rape with a foreign object, false imprisonment, and assault.

  7. Teen killed, found in burned car

    Sarah Weyrick was new to Houston and was in need of some cash to pay her bills. The 19-year-old posted a Craigslist ad in the "personals and casual encounters" section, saying "Need help with a couple of bills — just two bills. Tough times call for drastic measures." Sometime after posting the ad, her body was discovered in a burning car in an apartment complex on June 2, 2010. An autopsy showed that Weyrick had been stabbed multiple times around her neck and was put in the backseat of her car before someone set it ablaze to cover the evidence. One month after the incident, police arrested and charged Phillip E. Boldon, 31, with murdering Weyrick.

  8. Florida Craigslist car scam

    Tina Morris fell victim to an unfortunate Craigslist scam when she was shopping online for a car for her daughter. Morris came across a seemingly promising Craigslist ad for a 2007 Honda Accord listed for $2,900. The woman selling the car as part of a divorce claimed to live in Lake City, Fla., but said the vehicle was located in a New Jersey shipping yard. Morris was told that the sale was being handled by an agent from eBay motors, but when the seller asked for an additional $1,000 for insurance, Morris got suspicious and called eBay motors. She found out that it was all a scam and her money was long gone.

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10 Bad Eating Habits Parents Often Teach Their Kids

Kids most often learn by example and I think we as parents tend to forget that fact as they get older. Once our kids are a little more self-reliant we usually go back to our habits as they were pre-children. As life picks up, moms go back to work when the kids start school, and everything gets busier, and it gets harder and harder to set a good example for our kids. Do you do any of the following bad habits in front of your kids?

  1. Salting your food before you taste it: This used to be a secret test that interviewers would use to size up a candidate for a job. Their reasoning? Salting your food before you taste it at a restaurant means that you have preconceived notions about how it will taste and this could trend over into other aspects of your personality. With children, using too much salt is a bad habit to get into because it’s not good for blood pressure and it makes your body retain water. Instead, try to use other spices to season your food, adding flavor without unnecessary sodium.
  2. Eating really fast: In our frenetic lives of running our children from activity to activity we often don’t have time to sit down as a family and enjoy our food. Eating too fast can lead to over eating because your body doesn’t realize that it’s full until after you’re done eating, and this can lead to weight gain. This is especially bad for our children because we are not teaching them to enjoy their food and listen to their body’s hunger cues. When they feel full they should stop eating.
  3. Skipping breakfast: We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why do so many adults still skip it? Scientific studies have shown that people who eat breakfast weigh less than those that skip breakfast so why do so many women still skip breakfast to save calories? Kids especially need breakfast to fuel their bodies and brains for a long day at school. Unlike adults, they can’t – and shouldn’t – get up and go to the vending machine when they are hungry.
  4. Midnight snacking: This late night habit of grabbing a snack is terrible for your system. Odds are that you are going to go to bed very soon after eating and those calories are not going to get burned off, which will also lead to weight gain. Kids who are active burn up calories a lot faster than adults and might need a healthy snack before they go to bed, but it should be at least a half an hour before bedtime and definitely not at midnight.
  5. Eating while driving: Again, in our hectic lives we’re constantly running from one activity to another, whether with the same child or a different child or our own personal activities. We grab a bite through the drive-thru and inhale it while going down the road, and we are inadvertently teaching our kids the same as they eat their nuggets and watch us in the back seat. What we should be showing them is to drive undistracted and that it’s important to focus on our food and enjoy what we are eating. Mindless eating is what also another cause of people being overweight.
  6. Skipping vegetables: We always think of children as not liking vegetables, but there are plenty of adults who don’t like vegetables either and it’s very hard to get your kids to eat vegetables if you don’t. Kids learn by example, and when you skip veggies they will skip them too.
  7. Eating out a lot: See a reoccurring theme here? When we are busy there’s no time for preparing a home cooked meal. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that restaurant food has a lot more sodium and calories than a home cooked meal. Look into other options, such as making meals ahead of time on the weekends so you can just take them from the freezer and heat them up, or get out your slow cooker and use it for hectic weeknights. What’s nice about a slow cooker is that if you take a few minutes in the morning to prepare it and turn it on you can forget it until you get home. Also, if you eat in shifts everyone can eat hot food when they are ready to eat.
  8. Consuming large portions: While we are out in those restaurants that we all love to frequent we are served huge portions of food that are much larger than the portions we should be eating. If we don’t get a big portion then we think we aren’t getting our money’s worth, but the portion sizes are at least twice if not three times that of a regular portion size. What we should be doing is eating the kid’s portion size instead. Keep in mind that our stomach is the size of our fist and that is how much food you should be putting in there. If you eat more than that you run the risk of stretching your stomach and then it will take more food to fill you up next time.
  9. Dipping food in sauces: Ketchup, mayonnaise, honey mustard, and ranch dressing are just a few of those wonderful sauces that we love to dip our food into. We can take a perfectly healthy stalk of celery and ruin it by dipping it into ranch dip. Our already unhealthy and greasy French fries get dipped in ketchup or mayonnaise so we can add a few hundred more calories to them. Kids learn by example, and if you think it tastes good then odds are they will too.
  10. Not drinking enough water: Serve water or milk at meals instead of other sugary options and your kids will be a lot healthier for it. As adults, we usually have coffee in the morning and then have a soft drink while out for lunch with friends from work. By the evening we’ll have anything from another soft drink to a glass of wine with dinner. During the day if we need a pick-me-up we’ll grab a caffeinated beverage. At no time do we drink water. If you drink more water your kids will drink more water and everyone will be a lot healthier for it.
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10 Controversial Pinterest Pins to Avoid

The rising popularity of Pinterest is sending users to the site in droves; however, this vast influx of visitors unfamiliar with the accepted etiquette can lead to established users becoming offended at the types of pins being pinned. Here are ten types of pins that are best avoided, in the interest of preserving the peace.

  1. Uncredited Sources – One of the things that makes Pinterest such a popular site is the community feel; sharing interests and great finds is the cornerstone of this community, which makes neglecting or outright refusing to credit your sources a bit of a faux pas in the eyes of other users.
  2. Self-Promoting Pins – Promotion of your own brand or business is one of the quickest ways to draw the ire of the DIY-centric crowd of Pinterest enthusiasts. Blatant pushing of your own goods and services to the exclusion of all else is regarded as a form of spam on Pinterest.
  3. Racist Pins – Any pin that alludes to racism or racist viewpoints could eventually lead to the deletion of your entire account. Pinterest is a place for sharing things that interest users in a positive and motivating manner, hence the name; however if your interests include racism, this community is not the place to share those views.
  4. Overtly Sexual Content – Pinterest does have a decency policy which states that any overtly sexual content or any pins that contain nudity will be deleted upon discovery. Site admins generally become aware of these pins when offended users report them, which means that you won’t have gained any friends from these controversial pins.
  5. Inflammatory Political Views – Political tensions are always running high, but are especially the source of potentially contentious debate during an election year. Though sharing your political views is perfectly acceptable social behavior in the appropriate venue, the breezy lightheartedness of Pinterest makes it a less than ideal setting.
  6. Incendiary Topics – Hot-button issues like abortion and gay marriage are causes that many people feel very strongly about, be it on either side of the debate. Pinning images that are related to these topics and others of their ilk is best avoided in keeping with the happy-go-lucky feel of the site.
  7. Discriminatory Religious Pins – Much like political views, religious beliefs can be the source of many in-depth and passionate arguments. Sharing your religious views in a respectful manner is acceptable; being heavy-handed and argumentative or bashing the beliefs of others is not.
  8. Anti-Gay Pins – Hate speech is officially forbidden by the administrators of Pinterest, which includes any sentiments bashing gay marriage or endorsing sexuality-based bullying. Pins reflecting these views are certain to lead to a significant loss of followers and a spike in reported content.
  9. Sexist Content – When it comes to Pinterest, the oft-repeated advice of mothers everywhere comes to mind: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” The vibe of Pinterest shoots for positivity; sexist pins certainly don’t hold to this tenet and are forbidden under the sites Terms of Use.
  10. Copyrighted Images – One of the more recent bits of Pinterest-related controversy stems from photo giant Flickr blocking the ability to pin their images. Already, savvy users have found a way around the security measure though this is still considered impolite, and violates the terms of both sites as well.

When venturing into a new venue on the web, it is always wise to take some time to observe before utilizing too heavily. Etiquette is usually easily detected with a little time and common sense.

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10 Reasons Kids Might Be Afraid of Clowns

For all the mirth and merriment they’re known to bring to children of all ages, not every kid loves clowns. In fact, some children are downright terrified of them. So why is it that some kids go ga-ga over Bozo, and some don’t? We’re here to tackle the big issues in life, so fear not. Here are ten reasons kids might be afraid of clowns:

  1. Coulrophobia (you know it’s serious when it has its own phobia) is a fear of clowns or mimes, and can stem from the radically different appearance of clowns from those familiar faces that children draw comfort from. The unfamiliar is often frightening, especially to young children.
  2. Negative imagery associated with clowns in film and literature (Killer Klowns From Outer Space, or Pennywise from It by Stephen King, for instance) creates a genuine fear of all clowns.
  3. Obscuring of facial features is regarded as mysterious and menacing, and triggers a defense mechanism in many children. Much like masks, face painting can make children fearful.
  4. Clown makeup looks the same as a mask, which strikes fear in some children due to their inability to identify the person, to determine their intentions or emotional state. That is, they can’t tell whether the clown is friendly, mean, or otherwise.
  5. Similarly, exaggerated face paintings elicit extreme responses in kind, which will in many cases come in the form of fear or revulsion. Sad clowns and very happy clowns can both create feelings of intense anxiety.
  6. The slapstick comedy associated with clowns can frighten children, such as the physical nature of slapstick, like seltzer bottles, or the loud noises such as bicycle horns, etc. It is startling instead of surprising.
  7. Even real-life portrayals of clown are linked to evil deeds, ie John Wayne Gacy, who masqueraded as Pogo the Clown when he wasn’t working his main gig – as a serial killer. Hmm, life imitating art? Or vice versa?
  8. Jack-in-the-boxes are toys that are designed to startle a child (albeit with a musical accompaniment), by having a clown pop out of a box and into their terrified little faces. So how mysterious is this phobia, really?
  9. Children are taught to be afraid of strangers. So clowns, with their obscured facial features, are inherently strange to children, and so are looked upon with suspicion and fear.
  10. Some clowns, when in character, don’t speak. This can be disconcerting for a child, who would find that unusual, and make it more difficult for them to ascertain the clown’s intentions or actions.

Not all children fear clowns, but many do. Avoid situations that force children to remain around clowns and try to assure them that they are just people underneath all that makeup. Sometimes an explanation is more comforting than reassurance alone.

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10 Actual Fools Who Were Born in April

What do Abraham Maslow, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Gus Grissom, and Billie Holiday have in common? They were all born in April (the first two on April 1st!), and they're decidedly not idiots. For everyone else though, you just can't be too sure. April Fool's Day brings out the best of the best, as flawlessly executed and good-natured pranks that you never saw coming will win the day every time. It also brings out the worst of the worst — there's just something about this time of year that makes idiots seem like mega idiots. With apologies to all you April birthdays, and to those who don't suffer fools well, enjoy these 10 complete losers, in order of their birthdays within the month.

  1. Jon Gosselin

    Born on April 1, you may have seen the balding reality show dad and general sleaze bag on TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8. If not, you've certainly seen him in supermarket tabloids.
    Why He's A Fool: Number one with a bullet? He's a reality star — and if you've learned anything sifting through a decade and three TiVos' worth of this lowest common denominator genre (it starts with Survivor or Project Runway; that's where it always starts), it should be that reality television star does not a decent human being make. The plasticized attention seeker split with his wife (speculatively cavorting with a plastic surgeon's daughter) during the filming of a national television show based on his marriage. Bad form and bad strategy, Jon Gosselin.
    Bonus: He once bragged publicly about canoodling with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier on a yacht, proving to all that his priorities and taste preferences are nestled firmly in a white trash can.

  2. Eddie Murphy

    You may be kind of over funnyman Eddie Murphy (born April 3rd), but remind yourself of this: the kooky comedian started young. On Saturday Night Live by the age of 19, the talented New Yorker is best known (lately) for his voiceover work in the beloved Shrek movies, as well as the successful reboot of his career. And you really can't help but love a guy that's brought the world 48 Hrs, Beverly Hills Cop, Made in America, and 30 years of laughs.
    Fun Fact: Eddie Murphy often plays several characters in many of his movies, because one of his acting idols is the late, great Peter Sellers (of Dr. Strangelove fame).
    Why He's A Fool: Everyone was excited that Murphy would host the 2012 Oscars, but ultimately resigned because of offenses committed by train-wreck producer Brett Ratner, with whom Murphy has worked closely for years. After Ratner was replaced with sharp producer Brian Grazer, Murphy did not resume his role, instead letting the honor go to a highly Botoxed Billy Crystal (again). And lest ye forget that right before Murphy's aptly named film Holy Man was released in 1997, he was pulled over at 4:45 a.m. with a transvestite prostitute. His wife and kids were out of town, but the star claimed that he was simply trying to be a good Samaritan to (what he thought was) a young woman. Nice cover, Murphy. But what are you doing cruising the area in Santa Monica known for tranny prostitution at 4 in the morning when the family is gone? Tsk, tsk. So foolish.

  3. Jennie Garth

    "Were you too drunk to notice? What is it these days, Mom? Alcohol? Or are you back on coke?"
    Big ups for Kelly Taylor! She's not an April Fool's baby (Garth was born on April 3rd), but she's a bit of a fool. Everyone's favorite 90210 blond (unless you were more of a "Tori"), Kelly Taylor (a cult favorite and huge pop culture icon, played by Garth) was the "I'm so beautiful and wonderful and sweet that I'm tortured about it" type of California teen.
    Why She's A Fool: Dancing With The Stars? Seriously? Fourth place? Does that even count as finishing? Does that even qualify you to be called a cast member? Why not just lobby for another, better 90210 by showing reruns of the original show in HD and pretending that it's a reboot with a whole new cast? Honestly, though, you should probably like her. Garth is harmless, has a sweet and family-focused public image, and has made a name for herself in the 21st century. While she does get docked "real adult street cred" for being married to a Twilight vampire (Peter Facinelli), the couple jointly announced their divorce on March 12th of this year. She's got class, great kids, and she's cute. The only thing foolish about this one, it seems, might be her future ex-husband. Check out this video of her trying to do something nice for underprivileged children, but kind of sounding stupid and spoiled. (PS: Love you forever, Kelly! XOXO!)

  4. Keshia Knight Pulliam

    No one will remember her for being born on April 9th, but everyone will remember her for being Rudy Huxtable. One of the cutest (and most talented) child stars of all time, Pulliam has been back in the spotlight as an adult, performing in rap videos and on reality TV.
    Why She's A Fool: You are a national treasure, Rudy Huxtable. But you're not so great with the 21st century role pickings. Madea Goes To Jail? Did anybody see that? You're smart and beautiful, and everyone in America knows who you are so why on Earth would you choose to be in a Chingy video? Chingy? Really? Not Jay-Z? Not Kanye? Not a nation-wide speaking tour alongside your friend and TV dad Bill Cosby? And what's the thing with old celebrities and reality shows? They seem to want to keep reminding us that they still exist, and that they're willing to take grossly underpaid roles on Fear Factor (big ups for winning it in 2002, by the way). You've got a huge fan base, Ms. Pulliam. You don't need to be on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Feel free to use your name recognition for good, and not gross. The world is watching.
    Bonus: Check out this cute interview with the child star (below), where she details her desire to be a doctor, an actress, and, if she has time, a pilot.

  5. Vince Gill

    The 27-time Grammy winning country crooner was born on April 10th, and he was absolutely born to sing. He's sold more than 22 million albums worldwide.
    Why He's A Fool: Honestly, there's not much here. Don't like his voice? Don't like country music? Though there is something seemingly laughable about his persona, it is hard to put a finger on it. And there's no denying that the man has done well for himself. Legend has it that the crooner was offered a spot in the Dire Straits, but declined. Can't say it's been bad for his career, though.

  6. Steven Seagal

    Born on April 10, aikido master and movie star Steven Seagal is exactly no one's celebrity crush. What he is, though, is a multi-talented, many-faceted man with a recognizable face and an unrecognizable brand. Well, that's one way of putting it.
    Why He's A Fool: Let's just start with the album Crystal Castles — not to mention his filmography, his straight-to-video work (there's more than you think), and his sheriff-style reality show, aptly titled Steven Seagal: Lawman. And let's move on to this video of every bone he's ever (cinematically) broken (below), his hilariously designed website, and his third studio album, which will be out (fingers crossed, everyone!) sometime this year.

  7. Suge Knight

    He was born April 19, just a day shy of what would be considered, in his line of work, glory. The former CEO and founder of Death Row Records, he's also the guy that (allegedly) dangled Vanilla Ice over a 20th story balcony and got him to sign over the royalties to Ice, Ice Baby to him.
    Why He's A Fool: He's long been accused of being involved in the murder of rapping great Notorious B.I.G., and there's speculation that he was involved in the murder of Biggie's west coast rival, Tupac. The Compton native and former Rams footballer was also the victim of many a rap smackdown, most notably Snoop Dogg's Pimp Slapp'd. And he's got a different kind of rap (this time of the "sheet" variety) a mile long. He's been arrested for drug possession (most recently in February of 2012 in Las Vegas), aggravated assault (in a strip club), and parole violation, and seems to constantly be in trouble with the police. Additionally, he was shot in 2005 at a Miami party for Kanye West, and, years later, sued the rapper over a missing earring. His office's windows were also the victim of gunfire in 2003. Although he's loud, proud, and a former mogul, there's no way to sugarcoat it: the Knight is a Grade-A fool.

  8. Adolf Hitler

    Probably the world's biggest fool (inasmuch as evil is foolish, and he's one of world history's greatest examples), the dictator, born on April 20, shares his birthday with many an event. Hitler's birthday is also lovingly referred to as Eeyore's birthday, the day in 1939 that Billie Holiday recorded hauntingly beautiful (first-ever) civil rights ballad "Strange Fruit," the day of the 1999 Columbine high school shooting, and the day that Apollo 16 astronauts John Young and Charles Duke gloriously walked on the surface of the moon.
    Why He's A Fool: Anti-Semitism, for one thing. Being the Dark Lord of the Third Reich and causing an entire World War over lust for power and blind, idiotic hatred and intolerance, maybe second. Being a fascist, third. The Holocaust? That'll obviously make the list. Also, apparently he lost to Darth Vader in a rap battle. Check out the video, below.

  9. Vladmir Illych Lenin

    What is it with the megalomaniacal (looking at you, Jon Gosselin and Hitler) and this time of year? Born on April 22, 1870, the revolutionary icon led the Bolsheviks and developed a pragmatic Soviet Communism.
    Bonus: Lenin's arguably most revolutionary work, written as a call to committed Marxist-Leninist action for the Bolsheviks and in response to the "bourgeois" February Revolution, is called the April Theses. Years later, in 1922, his April birthday was the day that a doctor removed a bullet in his neck. He had been the victim of an assassination attempt years earlier.
    Why He's A Fool: Communism! The Red Terror! Kidding, kidding. Lenin's certainly no idiot. Writing more than 30 philosophical treatises while in exile in Siberia, he led a revolution, governed, and shaped the Russian Civil War. Not to mention helped to define the next century of Russian politico-economics. The most foolish thing about Lenin is the fact that he forwent most close personal attachments in the name of his philosophy. C'mon, man. You gotta have friends.

  10. Tionee "T-Boz" Watkins

    We don't want no scrubs, and we certainly don't want to go chasing waterfalls. So who better to follow two world leaders on this list than T-Boz? Nobody, that's who. The Belly actress and member of the legendary girl group TLC was born on April 26th.
    Why She's A Fool: Despite being crazy, sexy, and cool, the '90s holdover star has been embroiled in financial troubles — filing for bankruptcy protection (and not for the first time) in November 2011. She was also embarrassingly "fired" from Celebrity Apprentice, when Donald Trump expressed disappointment in her willingness to re-enter the boardroom with the line, "Never volunteer for an execution."

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9 Most Frequently Broken Laws

You’ve never left the scene of a crime; you’ve never murdered anyone. You don’t drink and drive. You vote and begrudgingly pay your taxes. You’re just the pinnacle of a law abiding citizen, aren’t you? Answer: you’re not. Believe it or not, we’ve all broken laws, and chances are it’s a few more than you might think. Check out this list of the nine most frequently broken laws in America, and prepare to realize that you’re more of a criminal than you ever thought.

  1. Speeding

    There are 260 million cars in the United States, and that’s 260 million cars that have, at one time or another, broken a speed limit law. Have you ever been on an American highway? Any motorist driving the paltry speed limit will be honked at and whizzed by, and probably soon banished to the outside lane or frontage road. Even if you’re not a speed demon, everyone’s been in a hurry or had an emergency at one time or another. Additionally, it’s common knowledge that driving a few miles over the posted speed won’t net you a ticket, except in the most stringent of speed limited areas (school zones, for one). And you road warriors commonly break other traffic laws, like running red lights and not using proper turn signals.

  2. Underage Drinking

    If your cool uncle ever let you have a beer with him during your high school years, you’ve participated in underage drinking. (And probably gross underage drinking. Your uncle is the last person on the planet who drinks Old Milwaukee, dude.) If you’ve ever gotten sauced enough on Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill to dance on a table at a sorority party in college (oh, so you’re the one … ), you’ve definitely participated in underage drinking. And if you say that you waited until your 21st birthday to try your first sip of booze, you’re lying — or you’ve probably got a fairly free social calendar this weekend, don’t you? Underage drinking is by no means cool, but it’s an extremely common practice among those of high school and college age. According to SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), 26.4% of underage kids use alcohol every month, which puts the population of those imbibing at more than 10 million.

  3. Smoking Weed

    If you use marijuana in the United States, you’ve got about 30 million stoner friends. While the substance is classified as a Schedule I narcotic and outlawed on the federal level, many states have decriminalized its use for medical purposes. But those without glaucoma in California still seem to find a way to get blazed: an incredible 52% of all 2010 drug arrests in the United States were marijuana related.

  4. Pirating Music

    You’re reading this list on the Internet, are you? Then you’ve probably downloaded something illegally, even if you’re not certain that you have. Pirating music, videos, and software is illegal and, many argue, immoral — as it’s, functionally, the act of stealing. Piracy has taken its toll on its target industries, too; music purchases have decreased worldwide since piracy became a hard-to-enforce illegal norm.

  5. Jaywalking

    Maybe you didn’t drink when you were young, and maybe you don’t get stoned now, but every ambulatory American has jaywalked at least once in their lifetime, and probably more than once. Jaywalking is the act of illegally crossing the street at a time or place not then designated for pedestrian crossing, and there’s no one who hasn’t done it. Ever walked across in the middle of the street? Or just gone ahead even though the red hand was lit up because there was absolutely no one coming and you were in a sketchy neighborhood where you were pirating music, smoking weed, and underage drinking? Well then, dear reader, you’re a dirty, rotten lawbreaker.

  6. Littering

    Have you ever thrown a cigarette butt or a receipt down on the pavement? That’s littering, and you’ve made an American Indian shed a single tear. How does it feel to make the noble natives of our great land break down and cry, you litterbug? Littering is illegal in the United States, and is often punishable by payment of a fine, which can be extremely hefty in certain areas, such as state parks and preserves. Next time you think about throwing down that gum wrapper, remember that you’re being watched.

  7. Copyright Law

    You probably break copyright law every day, and you probably don’t even know when you’re doing it. Copyright laws in the United States are extremely complex and varied, so much so that you can barely be sure whether your mix tape or mashup is legal or not. Additionally, you may be breaking copyright law by using software at work that you didn’t know wasn’t intended for commercial use, or that may have been illegally obtained (unbeknownst to you and your company, no doubt). Luckily for all of those parodies and playlists of the current remix culture, some of these laws aren’t enforced to the letter, and you may be safe to play another day.

  8. Cheating On Your Taxes

    Tips? What tips?
    Face it: if you work in the service industry, you’re cheating on your taxes. Waitstaff, childcare workers, and the like do a lot of their dealings in cash, which makes it easy to fudge when April 15th rolls around. While most people probably don’t intend to cheat on their taxes, doing so (accidental or otherwise) could net you an audit and possibly jail time. Common methods of cheating on your taxes are: claiming too many dependents (you’re 25 and you have six kids? Really?), false use deductions (do you really have a deductible-friendly, home-based business, or do you call yourself a freelancer as an excuse to play online every evening?), not declaring all income, and not selecting the correct filing status. Lucky for most of us, we don’t mean to break the law — and if we do, and we’re caught, it can usually be cleared up with a small fine.

  9. Gravity

    If you’ve got a hoverboard, you 1) live in the future, and 2) are a lawbreaker. And even if you’re not a futuristic hipster (one assumes that hoverboards will be a toy for the cool kids), you probably know that Newton’s law of universal gravitation (F=Gm1m2/d^2) has been superseded (for all intents and purposes, broken) by the more accurate, complex, and beautifully succinct equation, Einstein’s theory of relativity (e=mc^2).

Taken From Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

11 Compelling TED Talks on Money

Money talks, but what it has to say happens to be grimmer than, “Timmy is trapped in a well.” Sadly, people tend to turn clogged ears toward its intricacies, and as a result wind up compromising their homes, businesses, and even surrounding neighborhoods. Proper financial education, on a macro and a micro level, helps translate some of what dollars and cents can really do, and their potential to make life as amazing as it does hellish. Check out the following TED Talks for a crash course in economics benefiting private and public spenders alike.

  1. Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies

    Allowing economic injustices to perpetuate themselves and denying those contending with poorer finances harms far more than it heals. University of Nottingham’s Richard Wilkinson shares his life’s research on the matter here, hopefully offering up inspiration for citizens and governments to fight for higher life expectancies and improved public health.

  2. Laurie Santos: A monkey economy as irrational as our own

    Come to find out, humans don’t exactly hold a monopoly on establishing and maintaining economies — our closest ancestors in the monkey scene boast their own complex systems as well. Even more fascinating, the flaws in their systems eerily parallel those made among people, leading viewers to wonder if mistakes are more inherent to nature than nurture.

  3. Schlomo Benartzi: Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow

    The unique psychology lurking behind common financial planning decisions (particularly mistakes) comes to light here thanks to a behavioral economist. Here, he illustrates how to rewire the habits that compel people to spend money the minute they have it, because such things ultimately lead to fiscally questionable futures.

  4. Eleni Gabre-Madhin: Ethiopian economics

    It’s going to take a bit of time and even more money, but this former World Bank economist shares a strategy to forge a commodities market in Ethiopia, with the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable society. She believes that agricultural investments might prove the most beneficial overall, is it will ultimately reduce the nation’s need for foreign aid.

  5. Loretta Napoleoni: The intricate economics of terrorism

    Because of her experiences communicating with the communist terrorism cell Brigate Rosse, Loretta Napoleoni received a thorough education in the economics behind covert sabotage. And these economics prove, in fact, highly complex when it comes to the more organized groups out there; to the point even government strategies hold some parallels.

  6. Pavan Sukhdev: Put a value on nature

    Pavan Sukhdev encourages humanity to consider its mining of natural materials — which cost nothing up front — as little more than just another economic transaction. Many may think this a remarkably callous way to approach nature, but this eco-friendly banker’s intent is anything but; he believes such a mindset would actually curb destructive mining, logging, farming, and fishing techniques.

  7. Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

    Nurturing creativity, innovation, and fiscal responsibility at an early age could be considered a worthwhile investment in the future; after all, creating opportunities for themselves means creating opportunities for others in kind. Both parents and teachers should check out this illuminating TED Talk when wanting to encourage upcoming generations to make wise choices with their money and ideas alike.

  8. Matt Weinstein: What Bernie Madoff couldn’t steal from me

    While cruising among Antarctic icebergs, the Playfair founder received a satellite phone call breaking the news that all his investments with Bernie Madoff proved one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history. Despite losing everything financially, Matt Weinstein and his wife decided to change their outlook and find value in things other than money and the luxuries it can purchase.

  9. Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world

    Social media, the Internet, and other communication-altering technologies have managed to also create a metaphorical film that sits on top of humanity’s interactions. As one of the minds behind SCVNGR (which dedicates itself to exploring this “game layer”) explains, it stands poised to completely revolutionize how humans conduct their educations and businesses alike.

  10. Jessica Jackley: Poverty, money — and love’s founder opens up about how her changing views regarding poverty inspired her to launch a nonprofit dedicated to offering microloans to enterprising individuals in economically deprived areas. Learn about the organization’s powerful accomplishments here and find out exactly how far $25 can go in the pocket of a wise entrepreneur.

  11. Geoff Mulgan: Post-crash, investing in a better world

    Global financial meltdown obviously shouldn’t be thought of as a wonderful thing, particularly when it comes to how horrible it proved for those on the bottom rungs of the socioeconomic ladder. However, it does offer chances (not to mention motivation) for entrepreneurs and investors to learn from past mistakes and use their resources to prevent serious issues from cropping up again.

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10 Things Dads Dream of Doing With Their Sons

All dads have things that they love to do, or dream about doing, with their sons. Even before a man ever becomes a father, he probably already envisions activities he looks forward to someday sharing with his boy. Here’s our list of ten things that dads dream of doing with their sons:

  1. Holding him for the first time. – The moment when fatherhood first takes hold in a tangible, yet inexplicable way. You now know what it means to be a father, to be responsible for another life, and you’re never the same from that moment on.
  2. Having a catch. – There’s scarcely a man in this country that didn’t at least get a little misty-eyed watching this scene from Field of Dreams. It is virtually every American man’s dream of father-and-son bonding.
  3. Going to a ballgame. – Of course, the next step after playing catch in the front yard is heading out to the ballpark to watch the pros do it. Hopefully, your next catch will be of a home run ball. Whatever the case, this is the American pastime.
  4. Teaching him to shave. - It’s a mundane chore for the average man, yes; but for a dad it’s a rite of passage. Showing your young whippersnapper the ropes with a razor and shave cream is pretty special, we have to admit.
  5. Going camping, fishing or hunting. – Let’s face it, for a lot of dads, having a son is like getting a license for a second childhood. You’ve got a built-in excuse to do all sorts of things, this time for your son’s sake too. All those activities you once enjoyed are yours to enjoy again.
  6. Attending his college graduation. – Few moments in a young man’s life hold as great a sense of promise and maturity than the day he goes from the campus out into the world. It brings with it a shared feeling of accomplishment for both father and son.
  7. Acting as his agent at the NFL Draft. – Any dad who’s ever had a son with even a modicum of athletic ability has toyed with this fantasy on occasion. For most, it’s more dream than reality: but it is what dreams are made of, isn’t it?
  8. Attending his wedding. – Naturally, a dad wants to see his son find a wife and lifelong companionship. It’s that next stage in the circle of life after all. Though dads aren’t quite as excited about doing this with their daughters…
  9. Sharing the family business. – For some dads, the day that their sons assume their role in the family business is a special one. It’s one of mortal man’s versions of immortality, as is the next example especially.
  10. Seeing his grandchildren. – Speaking of the circle of life, here it comes full-circle, with father and son becoming grand-father and father. A whole new generation begins, with whom to start the circle all over again.

There are many more dreams and expectations dads have for their sons, some more realistic than others. But these ten dreams have to rank right there among the top ones.

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11 Legendary College Pranks to Applaud on April Fools Day

Every year on the first of April you’ll see coffee cups glued to car roofs and Facebook statuses claiming surprise marriages. But don’t we deserve a better class of jokester? Is it too much to ask for a little thought and effort? Consider these legendary pranks by college kids as inspiration, and be like them. It doesn’t matter that you’re not drunk, responsibility-free, and reckless. If you want it badly enough, you can make fools of us all.

  1. George P. Burdell

    When your prank becomes a running joke at the school for nearly 100 years, you know it’s legendary. In 1927, when precocious student Ed Smith received two enrollment forms for Georgia Tech, he decided to enroll the imaginary George P. Burdell at the same time. Amazingly, Smith then proceeded to enter Burdell in all his classes and do all his homework and tests twice, changing them slightly, to serve as Burdell’s “work.” Thus began the legend of the “man” who has since received every undergraduate degree at Tech, served in World War II, worked at Mad Magazine, and had a Tech school store named after him.

  2. Bonsai kittens

    Beware when MIT students get bored. In 2000, a website appeared claiming to sell kittens sealed into glass jars in order to permanently make them the shape of the container. The site featured outrageous photos of a person supposedly using a shoehorn to stuff one of the cats in the “insertion process,” and an uncomfortable looking kitty pressed up against the glass. Gullible folks at the Humane Society bit, and bit hard, hard enough that the feds got involved and exposed the hoax.

  3. Car on the roof

    Nothing is better than pulling off a prank that makes people say, “How the heck did they do that?” For half a century that’s what people in Cambridge were saying after someone parked an Austin Seven on the roof of Cambridge University’s Senate House in 1958. Police and firemen had to disassemble it to get it off the roof. Fifty years later, a group of engineering students came forward and explained how they did it with three groups using winches, ropes, and pulleys.

  4. Great Rose Bowl Hoax

    It’s a little tame by today’s standards, but this one’s in the pantheon of legendary college pranks. At the 1961 Rose Bowl game, Minnesota squared off against Washington in front of 100,000 stadium fans and millions more watching NBC’s broadcast of the game. At halftime, they were treated to the surprise of a carefully choreographed flip-card show that concluded with Washington students unwittingly displaying signs that formed the word “CALTECH.” Angered over their continued exclusion from the Rose Bowl proceedings, Caltech students had spent weeks creating 2,232 replacement flip cards.

  5. Hugo N. Frye

    When students at Cornell’s campus paper needed an angle for their second annual banquet, they landed on the idea of embarrassing gullible politicians for a few laughs. So they created Hugo N. Frye out of thin air as “the father of the Republican party” and invited prominent GOPers to attend the banquet for his 150th birthday. None could attend, but their glowing remarks were read aloud at the banquet by gleeful students. “It is a pleasure to testify to the career of that sturdy patriot who first planted the ideals of our party in this region of the country,” the Secretary of Labor wrote. Even the vice president at the time congratulated them. The New York Times got ahold of it and the prank swept the country.

  6. Veterans of Future Wars

    Ah, political humor. In 1936, some prophetic Princeton guys, disgusted by bonuses being granted to veterans of World War I, reasoned that the odds were quite strong that sooner or later they too would be called to war. Thus, as future veterans, they deserved their bonuses up front while they were still able to enjoy them. Overnight, Veterans of Future Wars parties sprang up on campuses all over the country. They even had their own salute: an outstretched arm similar to the Nazi Party, except with the palm turned up, ready for a handout. Real veterans were outraged and the group was denounced by Congress. In other words, mission accomplished.

  7. Harvard sucks

    Imitation, as they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. In a 2004 homage to Caltech, Yale students donned red t-shirts and hit the Harvard-Yale game as the “Harvard Pep Squad.” Not content to simply trick Harvard fans into holding up a “Yale” sign, the pranksters handed out red and white signs that formed a giant “We Suck” over the Crimson faithful. In the hilarious video, a Harvard guy nearly blows their cover, and a sweet old Harvard mom asks, “It’s not going to say something like ‘Yale sucks’ is it?”

  8. Maryland half-court shot

    Collegehumorstaffers Amir Blumenfeld and Streeter Seidell authored a string of hilarious back-and-forth pranks on each other from 2006 to 2009. Streeter kicked things off by tricking Amir into listening to the audio of Streeter getting down with his girlfriend. One of the best moments came a few rounds later, when Streeter publicly humiliated Amir at a Maryland basketball game by enlisting the crowd to make Amir briefly think he’d made a half-court shot for $500,000. The poor fool celebrated like an idiot — then he saw Streeter.

  9. Theft of the Sacred Cod

    Sometimes the simplest pranks get the best reactions. In 1933, Harvard Lampoon staffers quietly absconded with “the sacred cod,” a five-foot wooden fish that hung over the entrance to the Massachusetts House of Representatives chamber. You’d have thought they’d kidnapped the Lindberg baby. State police were called in. The Charles River was dragged. A Lampoon writer was detained by police at an airport and questioned for hours. After three days of hysteria, the Harvard chief of police was led into the woods and there two saddle-shoed young men returned the cod.

  10. Greasing the railroad tracks

    This prank from Auburn’s past has the smell of tall tale to it, but it’s so cool and such a Tiger tradition that we’re going to give it the benefit of the doubt. Legend has it, the night before the 1896 Auburn-Georgia Tech football game, Auburn students crept down to the railroad station under cover of night and greased a quarter-mile of track with pig fat. When the train carrying the Yellow Jackets rolled in come morning, the train slid five miles past its stop and the players had to walk back to town, tiring them out and paving the way to an Auburn victory.

  11. “Clap if you think he’s guilty”

    The NoZe Brotherhood is an underground society at Baylor University, whose members wear Groucho glasses to disguise their identities. One of their funniest moments came in 1973 at the yearly Homecoming Parade. The Grand Marshall was Baylor alum Leon Jaworski, who only days before had been made the prosecutor in the investigation of President Nixon and Watergate. As Jaworski rolled down the street waving to hundreds of applauding spectators, a NoZe brother followed behind him in trademark wig, glasses, and trench coat with a sign that read (referring to Nixon), “Clap if you think he’s guilty.”

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50 Tips to Turn Gmail Into a Productivity Machine

Email is a necessity of modern life, but for many people, it’s also a major time suck, taking up hours each day and sometimes even getting completely out of control. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Gmail has emerged as an incredible tool for productivity, not just in email, but for communication, tasks, and more. Check out our collection of great tips for making Gmail your ultimate productivity tool for school, work, and beyond.

Speed Through Your Inbox

Even if you get massive amounts of email each day, it’s possible to get through your inbox in a matter of minutes, not hours, using Gmail’s productivity features.

  1. Sneak peeks: Skip the step of opening emails if you just want to scan and find important messages. Get a sneak peek of messages by right clicking on the subject in your inbox.
  2. Enable Auto Advance: With Auto Advance, Gmail makes it go to your next conversation automatically, allowing you to get through messages faster.
  3. Enable Priority Inbox: Trust Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature to find the most important emails for you. Users report that with time, it actually is quite effective at finding the mail you really want to look at.
  4. Look for personal level indicators: Find out which emails were sent just to you by looking for personal level indicators.
  5. Achieve Inbox Zero: Delete, archive, and file messages away so that you’ve always got a clean slate to work from in your inbox.
  6. Select multiple messages: By using shift-click, you can select multiple messages at once and apply a group action, like deleting or adding a label.
  7. Use Rapportive: Using Rapportive, you can easily see the details of everyone you’re emailing with, right in your Gmail tab.
  8. Enable similar name suggestions: Allow Gmail to suggest different contacts when you’ve entered similar names, and make sure that you’re sending the right messages to the right people.


Use these search tips to find the messages you’re looking for with minimal hassle.

  1. Unread messages: To find all of the unread messages in your inbox, search for is:unread in:inbox, and they’ll all pop up. For future speedy searches, you can set this search up as a bookmark in your browser.
  2. Take advantage of search options: Really narrow down your search and quickly get to what you’re looking for by using search options like date ranges, attachments, and keywords.


Filters are easily the single most productive feature that Gmail offers, allowing you to organize all of the messages you get, even doing so automatically. These tips will help you make the most of this feature.

  1. Enable SmartLabels: Let Gmail figure out labeling for you with SmartLabels. You can always help it along if the feature needs to better learn your inbox habits.
  2. Get mailing lists out of your inbox: Avoid the clutter of mailing list emails in your inbox, sending them to specific folders, or a general mailing list folder to check out later.
  3. Send social media notifications to a filtered folder: Don’t let your inbox get bogged down with unimportant Facebook messages, just send them to a new filter.
  4. Create an events filter: Set up a filter to send all Google Calendar events to a filtered folder to keep track of all the events you’ve got coming up.
  5. Filter forwards: If your aunt has sent you one too many pictures of cats doing cute things, cut it out by having Gmail filter out all emails with FW: in the subject.


Beyond filters, these tips offer even more organization ideas for your Gmail inbox.

  1. Use stars: Mark a message as starred to indicate that it’s special, using Superstars for more star options as needed.
  2. Make Gmail your hub: Instead of juggling several inboxes in different services like Yahoo! and Hotmail, just send them all to Gmail and take care of them together.
  3. Set labels: Remind yourself that a message is urgent or time sensitive with the help of labels that allow you to quickly scan your inbox.
  4. Back it up: Chances are, your email is fine, but you never know. Save your emails from a productivity-busting disaster by backing them up to your hard drive on a regular basis.
  5. Convert mail to Docs: Save email conversations in a Google Document with a simple conversion tool.
  6. Set up a Gmail Drive: Use Gmail Drive to use your email as an online storage space.
  7. Send & Archive: Keep clutter out of your inbox by using the Send & Archive feature, a great option for users who typically archive messages after sending anyway.
  8. Create a follow up folder: Be careful not to lose important emails that need to be followed up on later. Put them in a folder that you check on periodically instead of letting them get pushed further down in your inbox.


Check out these tips to find out how you can master your tasks using Gmail.

  1. Access Tasks from your mobile phone: Turn emails into tasks, then take them on the go, accessing your list from
  2. Move emails to Tasks: Don’t let action emails linger in your inbox; send them to Tasks instead.
  3. Maintain a to-do list: Send yourself to-do messages and store them in a special labeled filter for an easily maintained to-do list.


Learn how to use these shortcuts to speed through your Gmail tasks and navigation.

  1. Pull up contacts by clicking “To”: In the compose window, click on “To” to get access to your searchable contacts list.
  2. Use keyboard shortcuts: Shortcut keys like c for compose, / for search, and o for open can help you speed through your inbox with lightning fast speed.
  3. Mouse gestures, too: Take advantage of the option to use mouse gestures as well to power through your messages.
  4. Set up default actions: If you typically need to reply to all, save yourself a few clicks and set that option up as your default reply.
  5. Preview attachments: Instead of fully opening attachments in another program, preview them in Gmail with “View”.
  6. Disable auto-saved contacts: Keep your contacts list pared down to just the people you really need to keep info on by disabling Gmail’s auto-save option.
  7. Drag and drop attachments: Quickly attach files to an email by dragging and dropping them, instead of going through file folders.
  8. Add multiple attachments: Instead of clicking Attach several times, you can add multiple items at once by simply holding down the Ctrl key to select all of the files.
  9. Copy and paste images: Use Chrome to quickly grab images online and drop them into your email message.
  10. Create custom keyboard shortcuts: Make your repetitive tasks move quickly by setting up custom shortcuts that are easy for you to remember.
  11. Send a quick one-liner: Gmail will prompt you to add body text if that field is left empty, but you can skip this prompt by putting (EOM) at the end of your subject line.

Time Management

Here you’ll find great ideas for better managing your time with Gmail.

  1. Set up canned responses: Save email templates for messages that you end up sending out on a regular basis.
  2. Use chat instead: Avoid building a long email trail and just use chat instead, looking for the reply by chat option if that person is online.
  3. Pick up the phone: Similar to chat, you can avoid a long drawn out email by just picking up the phone, and you can do it right in Gmail.
  4. Send an SMS: Again, another great way to take the conversation further. SMS allows you to catch someone who may have walked away from their computer.
  5. Schedule emails: Using tools like Boomerang, you can write emails at 2 a.m., but actually send them out at 9 a.m., keeping your late night work sessions a secret.
  6. Email from your phone: Get the Gmail app for your phone to answer and read emails anytime, anywhere.
  7. Change your title to show unread messages: Tweak your Gmail title bar to show your inbox count first so that you can monitor incoming messages without even clicking on the tab.
  8. Work offline: Take advantage of Gmail’s offline mode to work while you’re on the road, flying, or even left without a connection.
  9. Set up desktop notifications: Use a desktop notification tool for Gmail to get alerted when important emails come in, instead of having to go back to your inbox to look for them.
  10. Background send: If you find yourself waiting around for emails to send in Gmail, enable Background Send so that you can move on.


These tips will help you better manage and banish spam from your Gmail inbox.

  1. Report spam: Don’t just delete and ignore spam; take a moment to mark it as such to help Gmail learn and keep the same spam messages out of your inbox in the future.
  2. Set up a whitelist: Make sure that your important emails actually make it to your inbox by putting senders and search criteria on a whitelist.
  3. Use aliases: When signing up for product emails or using untrustworthy websites, use an alias so you’ll know which emails came from that signup. You can also use this alias to set up a filter.
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