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10 Real College Roommates From Hell

College is the place where you meet some of the best friends you'll ever have, but it's also the place where you meet people you'd rather poke your eyes out than have to see again. For many, these people are former college roommates. It's all fun and smiles in the beginning, but before you know it, their true colors start to show and all you can do is count down the days until your lease expires. But no matter how bad you think your college roommate experience was, these 10 will top it. (Photo source: Corbis Images; royalty-free, creative image)

  1. Amanda Knox

    Even though Amanda Knox was cleared of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, while studying abroad in Perugia, Italy, there's no telling what really happened that night in 2007. Just the fact that she was even considered a suspect in the gruesome sexual assault and murder of a girl her own age is concerning and utter frightening. Whether she had a hand in it or not, one thing's for sure – she will have a heap of trouble finding a roommate to live with her ever again.

  2. Alexis Simpson

    Alexis Simpson proved to be the roommate from hell when she stabbed her roommate, Dominique Frazier, after fighting over the volume level of an iPod. The 19-year-old Bowie State University student brutally attacked Frazier as she was preparing for a school-sponsored comedy show. While the two young students were arguing in the hallway, Simpson pulled out a knife and made swinging motions at Frazier before she fatally stabbed her in the neck. Simpson is facing first-degree murder charges.

  3. Dharun Ravi

    Dharun Ravi is the Rutgers University student who secretly filmed his roommate Tyler Clementi having sex with another man and put it on the web. Days later, Clementi killed himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. Ravi now faces a 15-count indictment, which includes invasion of privacy and hate crime charges. Whether it was a cruel prank gone wrong or a calculated, homophobic hate crime, Ravi will never escape this incident and its haunting ending.

  4. Dirty, crazy cheapos

    This story covers all bad roommate experiences in one. From the barf to the possessiveness to the downright craziness of living with a bunch of girls, this writer deserves an award for putting up with so much nonsense during her college days.

  5. Angus Wallen and Kara Winn

    Angus Wallen and Kara Winn are the Jacksonville, Fla., pair that murdered their 22-year-old roommate and set his body and their apartment on fire in 2004, after allegedly watching the movie Natural Born Killers the night before the murder. Their crime resembled a similar event in the movie where the serial killer couple murder a man and set his belongings on fire and flee the scene. Wallen and Winn were each convicted of first-degree murder, robbery, and arson.

  1. Guo Liwei

    Living with a snoring stranger is enough to drive anyone crazy, but is it enough to make you want to kill them? Apparently it was for Chinese college student Guo Liwei, who was so fed-up with his roommate's loud snoring that he stabbed him to death in the middle of the night. The court handed Liwei the death sentence, but has since been suspended to life behind bars if he behaves in prison.

  2. Frisky freshman

    This story is enough to make all freshman reconsider going potluck in the dorms. From her promiscuous ways to her complete lack of maturity, this girl is truly a roommate from hell. Let's just hope she's found a new and less disgusting memento to collect from her relationships.

  3. Daniel G. Mon

    University of Iowa student Daniel G. Mon is just one of many examples of students selling drugs out of their homes without their roommates knowing of it. Mon was recently arrested for selling marijuana out of his apartment, and when police search his bedroom they found marijuana, $700 in cash, and various dealer paraphernalia. Mon said his roommates knew nothing about his drug habit or drug dealing. His roommates apparently noticed the groups of people coming and going from his room, but didn't suspect he was selling drugs.

  4. Galareka Harrison

    In the beginning, it seemed like college roommates, Galareka Harrison and Mia Henderson, had a lot in common and would grow to be close friends because they both shared Navajo heritage and were enrolled in the same school program. But, tension grew immediately after Henderson accused Harrison of stealing from her. The girls got into an altercation in their dorm and Henderson was stabbed to death.

  5. Johns Hopkins University student kills intruder with samurai sword

    Yep, you read that right. This student was prepared to attack a suspected burglar when he heard some noises in the garage. But he wasn't armed with the expected baseball bat, golf club, or even gun; he was carrying a massive sword. The student confronted the intruder, Donald D. Rice, who was a habitual offender in the Baltimore area, and struck him with the samurai sword, killing him.

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