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16 Essential Blogs for Parents Planning for College

For parents of college-bound students, the college planning process is an interesting dance of anxiety, helpfulness, and increasing levels of autonomy for your child. And while it’s wise to let your child take the reins and do the hard work of college planning, it never hurts to be a highly informed parent, ready to offer support or pass along useful ideas and resources. Check out these blogs to find the latest developments, advice, and resources that you can use to help your child get ready, plan, and get going as they set off for college.

  1. College Parents of America: Hoverings

    The College Parents of America program works to help current and future college parents successfully prepare and guide their students through college, offering insight, support, and advice for success. Through the Hoverings blog, College Parents of America discusses just about everything future college parents might need, from questions about financial aid, to resolutions every college parent can make for their child’s future.

  2. College Parent Central

    Want a look at what’s ahead for you as a college parent? College Parent Central covers everything that’s important to current college parents, offering parents in planning mode a good look at what they can expect in the first year and beyond. Recent posts discuss how colleges are helping students transition in their first year, how parents can help students stay safe in college, and how you can adjust to your child’s emergence as an adult college student.

  3. Brainstorm

    If college culture is completely a mystery to you, the Brainstorm blog from The Chronicle of Higher Education can lend some insight. Discussing ideas and culture in higher education, reading this blog can help you get a better handle on the realities of college and higher education.

  4. The Admission Game

    Many different factors go into the admissions and college planning process. On the College Planning Blog, you can get insight into the resources and issues that can make a difference for your child’s admissions status. Learn about college planning tips for standardized testing, early decision, athletic recruitment, and much more on this blog.

  5. The Neurotic Parent

    If you’re in that terribly stressful year of college admissions, you can find some relief and advice on The Neurotic Parent. This blog is all about “the most difficult year to get into college in the history of the world,” discussing the admissions process and related topics. You’ll find comic relief to help you blow off steam, plus some real practical advice on what you can do to help your child get into the college that’s right for him or her.

  6. Financial Aid News

    Getting into college is great, but how exactly are you planning to pay for it? Financial Aid News helps parents answer this question, with resources, news, and advice for student loans, FAFSA, scholarships, and more.

  7. The College Parent Handbook

    Becoming a college parent is all about knowing how and when to support your child as they take this next big step in their education. The College Parent Handbook offers actionable advice and support for college parents as you learn how to helpfully support your future college student. Get college admissions news, financial aid advice, and check out the Friday Homework feature that points out important things you can do to help your student each week.

  8. The Ivy Coach

    Does your child have Ivy League hopes? The Ivy Coach is a great resource for families that have their sights set on reaching the Ivy League. Check out this blog for advice on “winning the college admissions game,” as well as admissions myth busting, ideas for results, and Ivy League statistics.

  9. FAFSA Blog

    If the FAFSA process has you totally confused, you can get some help on the FAFSA blog, a resource that shares information not just about the FAFSA, but college financial aid in general. Get the latest updates and helpful posts that can help guide you through the process of financial aid and find the best money to help send your child to school.

  1. The Choice: For Parents

    On The New York Times‘ admissions blog, The Choice, there’s a special section just for parents. This blog takes a look at college admissions and aid, working to demystify the process for both students and families. Follow The Choice for the latest facts, news, and advice that can help make a difference for your student’s college application and admissions journey.

  2. Year One: A College Blog

    Your child’s life is about to change in a major way, and for the most part, you’re not going to be there to help. But you can get insight into what’s ahead by learning what the first year of college is like for other students. Read Year One to learn about the first year of college for one young student, Kate, to find out how you might be able to lend a hand for your own student as they head off to college.

  3. Freshman 15

    Along the same lines as Year One, Seventeen‘s Freshman 15 blog shares a real-life look at what college is like for freshmen. Although it’s clearly directed at students, this blog is a great resource for parents who’d like to learn about the issues that are ahead for their college-bound students.

  4. Wise Like Us

    Take advantage of the wisdom of seasoned college counselors on Wise Like Us, a college admissions blog for both parents and students. Wise Like Us offers great ideas and advice for parents, including a recent post on two important college planning principles for parents.

  5. Plan for College

    Are you and your child ready for college? Get some insight from the Plan for College blog, a space that is incredibly helpful not just for students but parents as well, as they seek to find the best resources for admissions and financial aid. Helpful posts include Twitter chats for college-ready parents and ideas for summer jobs.

  6. Parents Countdown to College Coach

    If you’re anxiously counting the days until you send your young student off to college, Parents Countdown to College can lend a helpful voice. With useful advice and guidance, this blog helps parents do their part to navigate the maze of college admissions and planning.

  7. Parents & Colleges

    Parents of College-Bound students can find an incredible resource in Parents & Colleges, a blog that discusses just about everything you need to support your student as they head off to school. Posts include reflection and news about college planning, the application process, money matters, and how to help facilitate college and career success as a parent.

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