Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 Ways Teens Abuse Their Smart Phones

Few things in this world can withstand the destructive force of the average teenager, none of them man-made. So it should come as no surprise to you that your teen’s smart phone has been reduced to all the functionality of a doorstop. We can count on one hand all of the things that can take such punishment, but we needed both hands for this list – 10 ways that teens abuse their smart phones:

  1. Laundry – Multi-pocketed cargo pants and lightweight, minuscule electronic devices make for an accident-prone mix, take it from us. Many are the smart phones that have gone for an unintended spin, never to be heard from again.
  2. Butt-Crunch – If his pocket of choice for phone storage happens to be a hip pocket, your teen is very likely to one day be sitting on a small fortune. And not in a good way. When butts go down, smart phones quite often go belly-up.
  3. Wet ‘n Wild – Swimming, water-skiing, pool parties, and even car washes have been the death of more smart phones than we can count. Kids carry them everywhere, so it’s easy to forget when that’s not such a great idea.
  4. At The Movies – This may more accurately constitute abuse of the public, or of phone privileges, but it is abuse nonetheless. There are good reasons why many of us wait for films to come to cable or DVD, and this is one of them.
  5. Dropping – If you carry it with you everywhere and text constantly, it’s only a matter of time before this happens. Sensitive devices like smart phones don’t generally pass the 3-foot drop test with flying colors.
  6. Sharp-Object Stylus – Since smart phones are equipped with touchscreens, there is often a tendency to use something other than one’s finger to select icons on a small display. Typically, that something is whatever pointed object happens to be available, like a pen.
  7. Nails – The uniquely feminine version of #6 above, teen girls are often handicapped in their use of a touchscreen. The length of some girls’ fingernails makes this operation decidedly more precarious.
  8. Break-ups – Poor little smart phone. Talk about killing the messenger. When a teen romance comes to an end, and the news comes by phone as it so often does, the reaction can be rather detrimental to the device as well as to the recipient of the bad news.
  9. Food and Drink Spills – The ubiquity of the smart phone places it in harm’s way at lunchroom tables, dinner tables and laps across the country. This is a case where a Bluetooth can be just the remedy for a sweet tooth.
  10. Your Mileage May Vary – Smart phone keypads have very soft and sensitive contacts beneath them, and they can handle only so much use. Eventually some smart guy is going to rate these things a la the EPA, but in texts per hour instead of miles.

No matter what age your teen is, they all use their smart phones to excess. It may be texting, it may be the internet, or even, gasp, actual conversation, but whatever way they use their smart phone, they don’t take care of it as good as they should. If your teen has gone through too many smart phones this year, you can always threaten to make them pay for the next one. After all, if they have to pay for it, they will be a little more careful with it.

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