Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 Alternatives to Dramamine for Kids That are Traveling

If you have never suffered from motion sickness count yourself lucky. I’ve suffered with it my whole life and have tried many things. The funny thing (or maybe peculiar) is that different things work for different people. Some people swear by certain remedies and others have no luck with those at all. If your kids suffer with motion sickness do them a favor and check out 10 alternatives to Dramamine for kids that are traveling.

  1. Pressure point bracelet: Some people swear by these, but I haven’t had a ton of luck. These are very common on cruises when people are experiencing sea sickness. My understanding is that to be effective they have to press on just the right spot on your wrist to work. Read over the instructions carefully and try them on both wrists and in different places on your child’s wrist. This is a great drug-free way to stop motion sickness if it works.
  2. Snacks: Many times kids will experience motion sickness when their stomach is empty. Bring along plenty of snacks and make sure that your child is keeping something in their stomach. Often times this will be all it takes to cure a mild case of motion sickness. This method is easy and drug-free. Plus, it’s always fun to bring along special snacks that you only get for car trips. Don’t let them over eat as that will cause problems too.
  3. Avoid fatty, greasy meals: It’s actually always a good idea to avoid fatty greasy meals, but if your child suffers from motion sickness do not let them eat a fatty greasy meal the day before travel or the day of travel. Smaller low calorie meals throughout the day will work best for helping to avoid motion sickness.
  4. Acupuncture: This is an Eastern remedy originating in China that uses solid needles inserted and manipulated into the skin. The premise is that there is energy in the body called Chi or qi that can be corrected by the placement of needles in acupuncture points. Studies have shown that it works better than the pressure point bracelets. While it may work better it is a lot more expensive and not nearly as convenient. Plus, most children have issues with needles.
  5. Biofeedback: This treatment has no side-effects, but it does take time. Biofeedback is a treatment where the patient is hooked up to electrodes. While working with a therapist who specializes in biofeedback treatment you will learn to control your bodily responses. Heart rate and skin temperature are two common things that can be controlled. The nausea associated with motion sickness can be controlled with some treatments. The number of treatments required varies by individual, but many people see results after 10 weekly treatments.
  6. Ginger: Ginger is not only a root, but it has been made into an extract. 250 mg. of the extract three times a day is said to help with motion sickness. Ginger is a common remedy for an upset stomach or nausea. It can also be taken in tea form.
  7. Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Many times people will get motion sick because they have gotten it in the past and have an anxiety that they will get it again. In cognitive behavior therapy a specialist will create a mild case of motion sickness by using a moving or tilting chair and then by using relaxation techniques, among others, they will help the patient get over the mild motion sickness. The severity of the motion sickness is increased and the therapy continues until the patient is able to work themselves out of being motion sick altogether.
  8. Breathing exercises: Taking slow deep breaths seem to help almost half of the patients that tried it. It makes sense because motion sickness is brought on by stress or anxiety and deep breathing helps people relax. Short and shallow breathing will make motion sickness worse and should be avoided.
  9. Vitamin B6: This vitamin is often suggested to help with nausea in pregnant women suffering with morning sickness. The idea is the same in that it will often help treat or prevent nausea. Ask your doctor about appropriate doses for children. B6 also helps with mood elevating in a safe and natural way.
  10. Look at the horizon and fresh air: Two easy things can help to prevent motion sickness or help to alleviate it once your child has complained about feeling sick. Motion sickness is caused by a disconnect between what the body feels and what the body sees. So if you are in a cabin on a cruise ship your body will feel the rolling of the boat on the water, but since you are inside a cabin you cannot see what is causing that motion and therefore the disconnect happens and, boom, motion sickness. If you are in a car with kids, try playing Eye Spy so that the kids are looking up and out of the car. Roll the window down because fresh air will often be helpful for kids already feeling sick.

Long car trips, plane trips, or boat trips are often the cause of motion sickness complaints. The next time your child complains of being motion sick, try one of these ten treatments. Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest effect.

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