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30 Awesome Pro Sports Rumor Blogs

MLB – Major League Baseball Rumor Blogs

America’s Favorite Pastime is also one of America’s favorite sources of sports-related gossip and speculation. From team trades to controversial salaries (we’re looking at you, Yankees!) there’s plenty of fodder for the MLB rumor mill. Here are 10 of the best blogs dedicated to any and all rumors swirling around Major League Baseball for those looking to keep tabs on all of the latest news.

  1. MLBTradeRumors – Just as the title suggests, MLB Trade Rumors is dedicated to reporting rumors regarding trades and contract negotiations. Claiming that, “If it’s whispered, we hear it,” this hotbed of baseball-related gossip is definitely deserving of a bookmark.
  2. MLBDailyDish – Billed as “the best and most reliable clearinghouse for MLB Trade Rumors from credible sources, covering every signing, transaction, and trade, with a heavy dose of analysis and fan reaction you can’t get anywhere else,” serious baseball fans should give this gem a place on their Favorites list.
  3. ProSportsDaily – Pro Sports Daily’s Major League Baseball Rumors section is one of the best you can find on the web; rumors regarding trades and salaries are accompanied by gossip about the players’ off-time antics, statistics and extensive recaps.
  4. ESPNMLB – One of the nation’s most trusted names in sports reporting, ESPN’s website boasts an exhaustive Major League Baseball section dedicated to rumors and speculation, which they call “news before it’s news”. Frequent updates make this website one that deserves regular visits.
  5. SportsOverdose – With a live stream of constantly updated news, rumors and statistics, the baseball section of Sports Overdose leaves nothing to be desired in the world of MLB speculation. Check back frequently, the impressive number of updates ensures that you’re up-to-the-minute on your baseball gossip.
  6. ProRumors – The name of this gem says it all: it’s chock-full of professional baseball rumors and gossip. With an emphasis on trade rumors and contractual problems, Pro Rumors is frequently updated with high-quality content.
  7. BleacherReport – Another heavy-hitting name in web-based sports news, the Bleacher Report’s MLB-dedicated section is a treasure trove of gossip, rumor and confirmed news. Statistics, recaps and other content are regularly updated, making the Bleacher Report a site worth visiting daily.
  8. YardBarker – The Yard Barker tagline proclaims it to be “real-time rumors, gossip, opinions and humor from the best sports blogs.” With dedicated sections for each and every team in the league, finding the latest on your favorite team is a breeze.
  9. TheDugoutDoctors – In addition to news and updates in the Major League universe, the Dugout Doctors also offer an extensive section of rumors, gossip and speculation. From game-related gossip to tales of a more personal nature, the Dugout Doctors hold nothing sacred.
  10. MLB on Yahoo! Sports – When it comes to sports reporting, gossip, injury reports and trade information, Yahoo! Sports certainly holds its own. Up-to-the-minute information keeps even the most hardcore fan satisfied with new dirt.

In addition to the general Major League blogs, there are a staggering number of fan-run blogs dedicated to each team. Diehards will also want to run a quick web search for their favorite club to stay up-to-date on team-specific rumors.

NBA – National Basketball Association Rumor Blogs

While shows like VH1’s Basketball Wives have turned gossip about NBA players’ personal lives into valuable blog fodder, there are plenty of sites and blogs dedicated solely to rumors within the teams themselves. Here are 10 of the high-scoring gossip sites from all over the web.

  1. HoopsHype – Serving up their gossip with a side of pro basketball players’ tweets and Facebook posts, Hoops Hype is one of the most popular sources for NBA rumors anywhere on the web. A favorite of sports writers and fans alike, Hoops Hype is definitely worthy of a place in an NBA fan’s Favorites folder.
  2. HoopsVibe – In addition to their plentiful gossip and speculation, Hoops Vibe also offers a plethora of newsworthy content, opinion pieces and expert predictions. Frequently updated with interesting information, Hoops Vibe is worth visiting regularly.
  3. InsideHoops – As well as the juicy rumors that frequent this site, Inside Hoops offers statistics, player interviews and a fan discussion forum where diehards can come together to share opinions. The simple layout also makes navigating a breeze.
  4. ProSportsDaily – The NBA section of Pro Sports Daily’s site is a veritable goldmine of professional basketball-related information. Rumors, speculation, statistics and opinion articles all make for quite interesting reading.
  5. BallTrends – With sections broken down into live news, items from the last 24 hours, week, two weeks, month or an entire year, combing through the archives of Ball Trends rumors is easy as can be. Staying up-to-date on current standings, trades and scores by visiting a single site makes Ball Trends worthy of a bookmark.
  6. SLAMonline – A one-stop shop for all things NBA, SLAMonline should definitely be at the top of any hardcore fan’s list of daily must-visits. Rumors and featured content stand alongside a collection of video highlights and photographs; there’s very little of importance in the NBA world that can’t be found here.
  7. BleacherReport – The NBA section of Bleacher Report is filled to the brim with current information, breaking news and rumored changes. Opinion articles and other featured content round out the impressive collection.
  8. The Big Lead – Trivia, breaking news and fantasy league information abounds at The Big Lead, in addition to rumors and speculation galore. The NBA section of this sports-reporting giant leaves no stone unturned; expect to visit regularly.
  9. ESPN – Few names are as trusted when it comes to sports news and reporting as ESPN. The venerable cable network’s website and NBA blog section is no different; rumors stand alongside confirmed stories and statistics to provide a complete picture for Fantasy League players.
  10. NBADimensions – Billed as a “website powered by NBA enthusiasts,” NBA Dimensions is filled with fan gossip, speculations and passionate discussion. The blog section is regularly updated with statistics, news and rumors, but the discussion forums get their fair share of traffic from pro basketball diehards.

The NBA-dedicated corner of the blogosphere is heavily populated with blogs dedicated solely to specific teams; hardcore fans should make it a point to find the ones that cover their favorite team. A quick search turns up dozens of team-specific results.

NFL – National Football League Rumor Blogs

Football fans love their gossip and speculation just as much as their celebrity-obsessed counterparts; rumors can prove to be a very valuable commodity during Fantasy Football drafts. Even if fans are simply looking for something to discuss during commercial breaks, the web is rife with NFL-centric gossip. Here are ten of the best sources for pro football rumors on the internet.

  1. The Big Lead NFL – The Big Lead is a powerhouse in professional sports reporting and rumors. The NFL section of the site is home to lists, articles and valuable (if as-yet unconfirmed) information.
  2. YardBarker – Billing themselves as “Real-time rumors, gossip, opinions and humor from the best sports blogs,” YardBarker is a great resource for all things football. Collecting the juiciest rumors and facts from around the web, this frequently-updated gem deserves a place in your Favorites folder.
  3. ProFootballTalk – NBC’s ProFootballTalk blog is another bookmark-worthy resource in the National Football League land of speculation and reporting. Ranging from the hinted at to the confirmed, there’s very little that can’t be found here.
  4. FanNation – The NFL section of heavy-hitter FanNation is another incredible source of insider information, conjecture and discussion. Staying up-to-date on the goings-on within the league is as simple as paying FanNation a visit.
  5. Pro Sports DailyPacked with gossip from league insiders regarding trades, contract negotiations and other potentially game-changing situations, Pro Sports Daily’s NFL section is a one-stop football rumor shop.
  6. CBSSports – The professional football section of CBS Sports’ website features blogs and articles that focus on rumored activity, as well as confirmed facts. Making the CBSSports page one of your daily must-visits is a great way to stay abreast of changes and shakeups within the league.
  7. NFL on Yahoo! Sports – In depth coverage of trading rumors, contract negotiations and even gossip about players’ personal lives can be easily found on the front page of Yahoo! Sports’ NFL site.
  8. ESPN NFL Insider – Line-up changes, trades and other alleged upheavals within the National Football League are reported at ESPN Insider, alongside verified facts, statistics and game results. Video highlight reels and all of the other information you’d expect from an ESPN-affiliated site are included as well.
  9. Pro Football Weekly – Featuring news items, rumors, speculation and video recaps, the regularly updated Pro Football Weekly is sure to be a favorite with professional football diehards. Frequent changes and updates to previously posted items also make it a good idea to bookmark this particular goldmine.
  10. NFL Trade Rumors – The name of this site says it all; lists of restricted and unrestricted free agents stand alongside the names of those rumored to face impending trade within the league. A clearinghouse for NFL rumors, this one is not to be missed.

In addition to these blogs, there are also dozens of team-specific blogs dedicated to the rumors within your favorite franchise. Many of the 32 teams in the league have several dedicated fan-run blogs apiece; finding information and gossip is as simple as finding a search engine.

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