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The 80 Best Twitter Feeds in Instructional Technology

Instructional technology is prevalent in college, whether you’re taking online classes or attending in person. Students today are using technology more than ever, and it only makes sense to use tech tools for a 21st century education. But innovations in instructional technology seem to pop up anew every day, and without your ear to the ground, it’s easy to miss important new developments. To help you keep up with the latest in instructional technology, we’ve highlighted 80 of the best Twitter feeds in the field. These Twitter users report, analyze, and even use instructional technology, sharing their own unique experiences that we can all learn from.


Follow these Twitter accounts to stay up to date on news in instructional technology.

  1. @EmergingEdTech: @EmergingEdTech’s Kelly Walsh regularly tweets about new developments in the field of instructional technology.
  2. @edtechdigest: Edtech Digest highlights cool tools, interviews, trends, and more on @edtechdigest.
  3. @audreywatters: Audrey Watters writes about education tech, open source and open education.
  4. @eSchoolNews: Follow @eSchoolNews to get the latest information and resources for using technology in the classroom.
  5. @ecampusnews: eCampus News shares the latest news on using technology to improve education in colleges and universities.
  6. @eclassroomnews: Teachers can find ed-tech news on @eclassroomnews.
  7. @IHEtech: Steve Kolowich reports on the latest technology news and opinion from Inside Higher Ed.
  8. @HuffPostEdu: HuffPost Education reports on the latest in the K-12 education system, with instructional technology and beyond.
  9. @edudemic: Read about the connection between education and technology from @edudemic.
  10. @EDUCAUSEreview: EDUCAUSEreview shares "why IT matters to higher education."
  11. @OC_org:’s Twitter shares higher education news, with a special interest in educational technology via its hosted #iOLchat.
  12. @TechEdNews: Tech Ed News follows the latest in technology education.
  13. @eLearnMag: Check out @eLearnMag for news, information and opinion on online education and training.
  14. @THEJournalDave: David Nagel covers K-12 education technology for THE Journal.
  15. @OEDB_org: Check out @OEDB_org for 21st century higher education resources, book reviews, and even librarian love.
  16. @josh_keller: Josh Keller covers educational technology for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Organizations & Groups

These Twitter users represent more than themselves, as the face of an organization or group within the instructional technology community.

  1. @OfficeofEdTech: The US Department of Education shares information from the Office of Educational Technology on this Twitter account.
  2. @iSchoolAdvocate: Nineteen-year-old Travis Allen is director of the iSchool Initiative, working to start a digital learning revolution.
  3. @wcet_info: The WICHE cooperative for educational technologies works to help people learn, connect, and advance.
  4. @educause: This community of IT leaders and professionals are committed to advancing higher education.
  5. @UMich_CRLT: Discuss and learn about research for learning and technology with CRLT@umich.
  6. @adambellow: Adam Bellow is the eduTecher Founder and President discussing educational technology and Web 2.0 for the classroom.
  7. @ISUCTLT: Stay up to date on teaching, learning, and technology at Illinois State University with @ISUCTLT.
  8. @centerofmath: Center of Math tweets about supporting digital open math resources and affordable math textbooks for the future of math.
  9. @A_L_T: The Association for Learning Technology connects learning technologists through this Twitter account.
  10. @know_play: @know_play shows how learning can be fun-and believes that the best learning happens while playing.
  11. @21stCenturyTch: This community is all about education in the 21st century.
  12. @DiscoveryEd: Follow @DiscoveryEd to become a part of this dynamic online teacher community.
  13. @edtechtalk: This community comes together to discuss educational technology on Twitter.
  14. @TeachnologyNews: Teachnology shares online teacher resources, worksheets, and more on Twitter and beyond.


In instructional technology, some of the tools talk, and these in particular do so on Twitter, sharing updates and insight into the field and use of the tools.

  1. @OpenEdSolutions: OpenEd Solutions works to change the way the world learns, offering blended learning.
  2. @SoftChalk: Learn about SoftChalk, an authoring tool for e-learning and student engagement with interactive online lessons.
  3. @OER_Center: Judy Baker shares the work of the OER Center on this Twitter account discussing how the center serves the open education resources needs of community colleges.
  4. @GoogleEduTeam: The Google Education industry shares industry news, new products, and more here on Twitter.
  5. @BbAskDrC: With @BbAskDrC, you can find and contribute Q&A for Blackboard and eLearning.
  6. @_EducationApps_: Follow @_EducationApps_ to find out about the best educational apps available.
  7. @TLC_edu: Read Kimberly Warrner’s tweets to learn about the community at SimpleK12 and 21st Century learning.
  8. @KnowPro: Follow @KnowPro to find out about apps that test knowledge, stimulate thinking, and improve understanding in any subject.
  9. @Thinkfinity: Check out @Thinkfinity to learn about Verizon’s comprehensive digital learning platform.
  10. @LectureTools: @LectureTools offers a web-based interactive presentation tools that promote student engagement in the classroom and beyond.


Follow these Twitter users to learn about instructional technology from professionals in the field.

  1. @kevin_corbett: Kevin is an online program developer interested in online learning, mobile learning, and game-based design.
  2. @ewanmcintosh: Ewan McIntosh brings tech/web startups to the education world.
  3. @ntderosu: Byron Roush work at the OSU College of Nursing as an instructional technologist support faculty teaching both online and face to face.
  4. @ShiftParadigm: Mark Weston is the Education Strategist at Dell, tweeting about enhancement of learning and instruction with technology.
  5. @catherine_delia: Catherine Delia is a former librarian who specializes in e-Learning and Blackboard.
  6. @judyb: Judy Brown is a mobile learning enthusiast tweeting about mobile education in the US and beyond.
  7. @jasongreen: Jason Green shares his opinion as a Community College Distance Learning Director at @jasongreen.
  8. @nharm: Naomi supports 21st century global literacy as an Intel Senior Trainer and MS Certified Peer Coach.
  9. @hybridkris: Kris Rockwell is a self-proclaimed mobile learning punk, developing serious games, ARGs, and mobile learning solutions.
  10. @MarkOronzio: Read about instructional technology from the perspective of Mark Oronzio, a global education technology consultant.
  11. @coordinatortwo: Jose Rodriguez tweets as an educational technologist who works with 21st century learners.
  12. @socratech: Howard Chan is an Education Information Technologist blending education with technology.
  13. @clintlalonde: Clint Lalonde is the Manager of Learning Technologies at Royal Roads University, sharing his knowledge as a Moodle hacker and supporter of networked learning.
  14. @rroysden: Rhonda Roysden is a former teacher and current Instructional Technology Specialist sharing her passion for educational technology.
  15. @kevinoshea: Kevin O’Shea tweets as the Educational Technologist at Purdue University.
  16. @InnovativeEdu: Lisa Nielsen tweets about learning innovatively.
  17. @meeganlillis: Meegan shares her ideas as an instructional technologist in Michigan.


Educators are perhaps the most important people on this list, sharing their insight as they put instructional technology to use in real world classrooms and libraries.

  1. @sidneyeve: Sidneyeve Matrix is a media professor, discussing eMarketing, edTech, PR, and more.
  2. @ITBill: Find out what Bill Knapp, Dean of Learning Technologies at Lakeland Community College has to say about instructional technology.
  3. @anncarnevale: This 2nd grade teacher brings her background as an instructional technology specialist to the classroom.
  4. @gconole: Grainne Conole is a professor of e-learning with The Open University, sharing her interests in learning design, OER, learner experience, theories, and methodologies.
  5. @ipadSammy: Jon Samuelson loves to integrate mobile learning into the classroom, and is a self-proclaimed educational app expert.
  6. @web20classroom: Read what Steven Anderson has to say about making your classroom work with Web 2.0.
  7. @AuntyTech: This former edtech/emedia professor is retired, but still interested in education technology.
  8. @cmslibrarylady: Shawn Hinger is a school librarian tweeting about literacy, technology, information literacy, and libraries.
  9. @msauers: Learn about innovation in library technology from Michael Sauers, the Technology Innovation Librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission.
  10. @wsstephens: Wendy tweets as a high school librarian, giant geek, and Google Certified Teacher.
  11. @buffyjhamilton: Buffy tweets about her interests as a "fierce librarian" and information maven.
  12. @21stprincipal: This principal from North Carolina shares his insight as a 21st century principal.
  13. @coolcatteacher: Vicki Davis is known as the Wikinator by her students, and by others as the co-founder of several educational technology projects and best teacher blog award winner.
  14. @tomwhitby: Tom Whitby is a professor of education and founder of #Edchat, discussing his use of technology as a professor.
  15. @derekbruff: This mathematics educator is also an instructional developer and educational technologist.
  16. @edtechdev: USU education technology professor Dough Holton discusses education technology, communities, and more.
  17. @bwatwood: Britt Watwood supports instructional technology as a Senior Faculty Consultant for online teaching and learning at VCU.
  18. @KarenJan: Karen Janowski is committed to better learning through technology, helping struggling learners with instructional technology.
  19. @ekunnen: Eric Kunnen is an educator tweeting about teaching, learning, and technology.
  20. @courosa: Alec Couros doesn’t just use educational technology, he teaches it as a professor of educational technology and media at the University of Regina.
  21. @susansimon: Read Susan Simon’s tweets to find out about media learning technology at Dartmouth.
  22. @stevekatz: Steve Katz believes in teaching with video, as a Technology Integration Specialist and teacher.
  23. @alicebarr: Alice Barr discusses Google for education, integrating instructional technology, and more.
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