Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Tricks for Putting on a Tight Pair of Jeans

We all have at least one pair of jeans that is a little tight. They may be a pair of trendy skinny jeans, or they may be a pair from years ago that you just can’t get rid of. Whatever they may be, you can use the ten tricks listed below for putting on a tight pair of jeans.

  1. Lie Down. An oldie but a goodie, get the jeans up as far as you can then lie flat on your bed. Suck in your stomach while you shimmy them on and zip them up. Don’t sit up while standing, or you may pop the zipper or button. If you have to, roll over and off the bed to get up.
  2. Jump Up and Down. Believe me, it looks as silly as it sounds, but it definitely works. Again, get the jeans on as far as you can. then jump up and down. Pull them up while you are in the air.
  3. Squats. If you can get them up, but not zipped or buttoned, squatting is your best bet. Once the jeans are pulled up, stand straight and lower your butt until you are in a sitting position, bounce up and down from there and repeat until the jeans are stretched enough to get them zipped and buttoned.
  4. Exhale. Many people think that you should hold your breath in order to ‘suck it in’ to get into tight jeans. The problem with that is if you inhale first you are adding extra air to your diaphragm. You are better off exhaling first and then holding your breath to get all the excess air out.
  5. Nix the Dryer. If you have a pair of jeans that you know are already tight and don’t want to make them worse, keep them out of the dryer. Use a liquid fabric softener in the wash, to keep them from becoming stiff when you line dry them.
  6. Wear Awhile. Jeans tend to loosen up a little during the day while you are wearing them. Instead of washing them after every use, try to hold off a few times. Unless you have spilled something on them, you shouldn’t have to wash them until they’ve been worn at least twice and sometimes three times.
  7. Stretch the Waistband. While the jeans are still a little damp, grab onto the waist band and stretch it in all directions. This will help to loosen the material. You will want to put the jeans on right after you stretch them, so they don’t shrink back while drying.
  8. Iron Them. You may not normally press your jeans, but ironing them flattens out all the wrinkles to give you extra material to work with. Again, you will want to put them on right after ironing to ensure you can get into them.
  9. Unbuttoned. If you can get into your tight jeans, but still are unable to fasten them, you may want to leave them unbuttoned. Many women do this for as long as they can during their pregnancy to avoid maternity jeans. All you need is a longer shirt or tank top under your shirt that can hide the unbuttoned jeans. You could try using a rubber band looped through the button hole and fastened to the button, or tuck the unbuttoned flaps in.
  10. Don’t Wait. We all know that if we want to weigh ourselves, we should do so right away in the morning before eating anything. The same goes for putting on tight jeans. Don’t wait until after you’ve had breakfast, and definitely don’t wait until right before you go out at night, because then you have had all day long to bloat.

Getting into tight jeans can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Try one of the tricks listed above, and you are sure to squeeze into your favorite pair of tight jeans.

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