Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 Ways to Read e-Books Without an e-Reader

e-Books are becoming very popular, and while some are a compliment to the paper published book, others are solely available as an electronic book. e-Readers are a great way to take multiple books with you on the go, but did you know that you do not need an e-Reader in order to read an e-Book? Listed below are ten ways to read an e-Book without an e-Reader.

  1. Computer. It doesn’t matter what type of computer you have, whether it be Mac or Windows, laptop or desktop, there are multiple ways to read an e-Book on your computer.
  2. Cell Phone. Most smartphones including iPhone, Android and Blackberry have applications that allow you to read an e-Book right on your cellphone. Very convenient if you want to maximize your mobility with less baggage.
  3. Library Website. Many libraries offer multiple electronic books that can be read on their website for free. You can use any computer to view them, or if you don’t have a computer, you can go to the library and use theirs.
  4. PDF. Many e-Books can be downloaded in a pdf format. In order to open a pdf file all you need to do is download a free reader from Adobe.
  5. EPUB. Similar to the pdf files, you can read many books in the epub format by downloading free software.
  6. Kindle Downloads. Amazon came up with the Kindle e-Reader to read e-Books, but they also give you the option of downloading (for free) their Kindle for PC (or Mac) application to your computer in order to read e-Books without an e-Reader.
  7. Nook Downloads. Barnes and Noble came up with a similar tool to Amazon’s Kindle application to read e-Books without their Nook e-Reader.
  8. Kobo. The Kobo was released to be a competitor with the Kindle. Their desktop version works the same as any of the others, where you can download it to your computer and either read on the computer, or sync to an e-reader.
  9. Smashwords. Smashwords is an e-Book publishing and distributing website where you can download e-Books in a variety of formats. While you can download it to an e-Reader, you can also download an html format and read online on their website.
  10. Google e-Books. This is a great concept because it is a space saver that works both on and offline. Google’s e-Books are stored online so there is nothing to download and take up space on your computer or mobile device. Once you open the file (book) you wish to read you can sync to it and read it offline. The books are stored on a Google account which saves your page for you.

I know people that read e-Books on an e-Reader and their cell phone and their laptop depending on the situation and where they are and what they are doing. Perhaps you will take advantage of reading e-Books, now that you have more information on how to read them without and e-Reader.

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