Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Ways to Send and Track a Package

We’ve all had to ship a package at one time or another and we need to be able to track it in case it doesn’t arrive on time. There are several different options available to ship packages with varying degrees of tracking capabilities. Here are 10 different options for you to consider when you need to send and track a package.

  1. Fedex – “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” was the Fedex slogan from 1978 to 1983. With Fedex you can send a package anywhere in the world with excellent tracking capabilities.
  2. UPS – The United Parcel Service is another worldwide package delivery company. UPS is usually the first option you think of when you need to send a package. They also have a great system to keep track of your package after it ships.
  3. DHL – Based in Bohn Germany, DHL also delivers packages around the world and anywhere in the U.S. Starting out just delivering between San Francisco and Honolulu, they’ve now expanded their delivery service to countries not served by other companies.
  4. TNT – Starting with one truck in Australia, TNT now delivers worldwide to over 200 countries. They have a variety of options for sending and tracking your special package.
  5. Purolator – Another choice you have for shipping packages within Canada, the United States or worldwide is Purolator. They’re based in Canada but have shipping locations all over the U.S. as well.
  6. Spee-Dee – This delivery service ships packages all over the upper Midwest and is often sub-contracted by larger companies for rural deliveries. If you live in the Spee-Dee area, they may be a good bargain for shipping packages locally.
  7. USPS – Of course you can send and track a package through the United States Postal Service. They have several options such as flat rate boxes, express mail, certified mail and return receipt with each option having different tracking capabilities.
  8. – This online service gives you the option of tracking packages shipped by UPS, Fedex or DHL. It’s free and quick, saving you time at one simple website.
  9. – You can compare rates of the major international package delivery companies at this website. With so many options available, it’s confusing and time consuming trying to find the best rate, so this can be a great tool.
  10. Local Courier – If you just need to get your package delivered across town, you may want to use a local courier service. They will usually pick up and deliver the same day, but you want to make sure they provide track and trace service.

The option you choose to send your package depends on where it’s going and when it needs to get there. Each company has different levels of reliability and rates especially if you’re shipping your parcel internationally. You want to compare rates, but sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little more to get reliable service. Convenience is another consideration when making your choice, so you need to know what companies service your area. Whatever you choose, make sure to get that tracking number.

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