Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Ways to get Rid of an Old Couch

If your trash collectors are anything like mine, you’ll probably agree with me that they ought to just wear skirts to work. I mean, they are picky about what they will pick up. Nothing too large, too heavy, nor anything that isn’t wrapped up neatly with a tidy little bow. Puh-lease.

So what to do with that big musty old couch? Hmm. Let’s look at a few ideas. Here’s a list of ten ways to get rid of an old couch:

  1. Free to Good Home – Depending on the traffic on your street, this may be a fairly quick way to see that sofa off. Put a “Free Sofa” sign on it at the curb and wait.
  2. Sell It – There’s something psychological about placing a dollar value on something that makes it seem more valuable to people. Price it to sell, and put a for sale sign on it instead. I’ve heard anecdotal stories of things disappearing shortly after a Free sign was replaced with a For Sale sign.
  3. Donate It – If it’s still in fairly decent shape, this could be an option for Goodwill Industries or a local shelter. Call around to charities in your area listed in the yellow pages. Some of them may even pick up.
  4. Post It Online – Take advantage of your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Put up a message and post some pics of that couch.
  5. Advertise – Laundromats, the local college, coffee shops. Think about where people who may be looking to furnish an apartment cheap would be hanging out, and get the word to them.
  6. Swap It – If you’re getting rid of an old one to replace it with a new one, check whether the store you’re buying from will pick up the old one.
  7. Consignment Store – If there’s a consignment store in your area, you may be able to have them sell it for you. Clean it up and let them handle the rest.
  8. Furniture Bank – Some cities have furniture banks which will accept donated furniture for resale. Check your local listings and see if there’s one near you, and if so, whether they pick up.
  9. CraigsList – Place an ad for your area on CraigsList, either for free or priced to sell fast. You’d be surprised how many calls and/or emails can result.
  10. – As a last resort, you can usually find some outfit like these folks in your area who will pick up your trash for a nominal fee. If you just want to see it gone, and haven’t had luck with the other options, this one just may be the ticket for you.
Taken From Movers and Packers

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