Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Companies that Always Seem to Put you on Hold

There are certain companies I never call unless I have at least half and hour to waste. You inevitably get put on hold, often before you even get to talk to an actual person. I always make sure I’m at my computer so I can check my facebook, email or at least play solitaire while I’m waiting for someone to come on the line. Here are 10 of those companies that always seem to put you on hold.

  1. Credit card – The biggest culprit is credit card companies. They never hesitate to call you about special deals, especially during dinner, but it’s a different story when you actually want to talk to them.
  2. Insurance – Another company that gives you the automated run around is insurance companies. Make sure you have your account number and all sorts of other pertinent information “handy” while you wait, and wait.
  3. Long distance – If you have a question about your long distance bill, you better have some time on your hands. By the time you get someone on the line, you’ve forgotten what you called about.
  4. Cell phone – The same goes for cell phone service. What’s really annoying is the sales pitches you have to listen to while you’re waiting to tell them you want to cancel your contract.
  5. Internet providers – If you have a large company like Comcast or AT&T for your internet provider and have a complaint, be prepared to get in line on the hold waiting list. When you hear, “Your call will be answered in 37 minutes,” you know you called at the wrong time.
  6. Television service – Whether you have satellite or cable television, those companies always seem to put you on hold. Just when you have the sequence of numbers to push to get to a technician memorized, they change their call menu.
  7. Clinic – Why isn’t there ever anyone available at the clinic appointment desk? Whenever I call to make an appointment, I get put on hold.
  8. Hospital – Calling a hospital to check on a family member or friend is always going to get you put on hold. By the time you finally get a nurse on the line you’ve forgotten who you were calling about.
  9. Government offices – Calling any government agency is a nightmare. You not only get put on indefinite hold, but when they finally put you through to the person you need to talk to, you only get their voicemail.
  10. Merchants – If you have a question about a product you want to buy or want to return a defective item, be prepared to sit on hold. All these companies sure like to sell you stuff, but they don’t want to have anything to do with talking to their customers.

One consolation is that you usually have a toll free number, and while you’re waiting, it’s on there dime, not yours. How frustrating it is when you finally get someone on the line, but can’t understand a word they say because they live in Bangladesh. Life is too short to be spending so much time on hold.

Taken From Landline Phone Service

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