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12 Most Popular College Radio Stations

Radio is an important part of higher education. Not only is college radio essential to broadcast education, it also contributes a great deal of important news, music and information to America's airwaves. In honor of College Radio Day on Oct. 11, 2011, here are the 12 most popular college radio stations.

  1. WSBU 88.3FM – St. Bonaventure University

    WSBU 88.3 FM The Buzz is Bonaventure University's nationally ranked student-run radio station. More than 200 students contribute to the success of The Buzz, by working as a DJ, news or sports broadcaster, or hosting one of the many specialty shows. WSBU's wide-ranged, alternative format allows students to play a wide variety of music and write their own newscasts. The Buzz prides itself on its student-centered programming and management that have made it one of the best and most unique college radio stations in the country.

  2. WICB 91.7 FM – Ithaca College

    Ithaca College's WICB 91.7 FM is one of the most popular college radio stations in the country. This student-run station has nearly 250,000 listeners from northern Pennsylvania to Lake Ontario. WICB is most widely known for its excellent news and sports broadcasting, thanks to its affiliation with ABC Radio and the Associated Press. This alternative music radio station received a top college radio ranking by The Princeton Review, and it was awarded the MTV Woodie Award for "Best College Radio" in 2008.

  3. BSR – Brown University

    BSR is one of Brown University's freeform college radio stations that is widely known for its diverse music choices and programming that you won't hear just anywhere. From sports, current news, political debates to interviews and live in-studio musical performances, BSR has something for everyone. Unlike WBRU, Brown's commercial radio station, BSR is completely student- and community-operated and it shows in its youthful programming and style.

  4. WGRE 91.5 FM – DePauw University

    DePauw University's student-run radio station, WGRE, has been rocking the airwaves since its establishment in 1949. This historic radio station is manned by 200 student DJs on a 24-hour schedule that includes up-to-date news coverage, sports broadcasts and alternative music. WGRE has received several prestigious awards from the Indiana Broadcasters Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Indiana Associated Press.

  5. WERS 88.9 FM – Emerson College

    WERS 88.9 FM is one of Emerson College's two radio stations that is widely known for its diverse music, live performances, interviews and acclaimed news programs. This non-commercial and student-run radio station serves eastern New England and beyond with its live streaming and prime spot on iTunes radio. WERS has been honored as one of the top college radio stations in the country by The Princeton Review, and its daytime programming continues to rank high throughout the Boston market.

  6. KZSU 90.1 FM – Stanford University

    Stanford University's popular radio station, KZSU 90.1 FM, broadcasts across the Bay Area and around the world, giving listeners the latest in music, sports, news and public affairs programming. KZSU strives to cover as much Stanford and local news as possible and makes time to broadcast live musical performances on their show, Wednesday Night Live.

  7. WVKC 90.7 – Knox College

    WVKC 90.7 The Voice is Knox College's nationally ranked student-operated radio station. This educational station prides itself on teaching students the basics of DJing and on-air broadcasting. As part of the learning experience, The Voice lets students host their own solo or group radio show each term. WVKC caters to a wide audience with its collection of punk, folk, hip-hop, techno and pop music programs. Listeners near and far can also tune in for the NPR programs and sports broadcasting.

  8. WRHU 88.7 FM – Hofstra University

    Hofstra University's variety radio station, WRHU 88.7 FM, is considered one of the best stations in the world to gain professional broadcasting training. WRHU has about 80,000 regular weekly listeners who tune in for the music, sports, news and informational programming. Another awesome thing about WRHU FM is that it's the flagship station for all the New York Islanders games, which has increased their listenership and broadcast opportunities for students.

  9. WFUV 90.7 FM – Fordham University

    Fordham University is a popular college radio station that serves nearly 350,000 listeners weekly in the New York area and thousands more worldwide on the Web. Although this contemporary music radio station is publicly operated, it does serve as a vital training center for Fordham students looking to enter radio. Listeners tune in to enjoy an assorted mix of rock, blues, world and jazz, as well as headlines from NPR and Metro Traffic updates.

  10. KUPS 90.1 FM – University of Puget Sound

    KUPS 90.1 FM is the University of Puget Sound's educational and 100% student-run radio station that offers a wide mix of tunes and musical genres. This non-commercial radio station is run by more than 120 students, who've helped make KUPS 90.1 the innovative and nationally recognized radio station that it is today. In 2010, KUPS earned the national title of "Best College Radio Station" at the MTVu Woodie Awards, and a couple of KUP's DJs and broadcasters have been honored for their work.

  11. KRLX 88.1 FM – Carleton College

    Carleton College's KRLX 88.1, has earned its spot as one of the most popular college radio stations for its unique and student-centered programming. Unlike most alternative college radio stations, KRLX prides itself on offering a diverse range of music, including country, hip-hop, indie rock and classical tunes. Despite being a flexible and format-free station, KRLX has held on to certain longstanding programs, such as Bandemonium, which highlights the history and work of a single band all week, as well as Periscope, a documentary program.

  12. WCWS 90.9 FM – The College of Wooster

    WOO 91 is The College of Wooster's student-run alternative music radio station. WOO 91 has an eclectic range of broadcasts and specialty shows, such as "Doctor Foo's Radio Tonic," a Sunday morning show full of folk music, and "Two-Hour Power Shower" for funky dance tunes on Thursday nights. WCWS 90.9 FM is especially unique for being the only station in the Wooster community to broadcast year-round and 24/7 without commercials.

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