Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 Creative College Commercials

    First things first, if you’re a fan of Whataburger commercials, you’ll love these, because we swear the voice over could be the same guy. But beyond Whataburger love, this commercial from the University of Texas is a visually inspiring treat. Flying above the night streets of UT’s Austin home, the voice-over encourages you to get your degree, but most of all, get your horns up. UT has an entire series that is similarly shot, with one unifying message: “What Starts Here Changes the World.” There’s even one ad that gives a nod to a favorite Austin treat, breakfast tacos.

  1. Boring Lecture!

    Apparently, this and two other University of Lincoln ads were banned, but we would have loved to see them air for real. They are absolutely hilarious, and although they don’t specifically highlight the university’s strengths, they show a lot about its personality, which can only be classified as awesome. In this particular ad, the University of Lincoln calls out boring lectures for not being on fire. And by on fire, we’re not talking about “on fire” as in exciting and inspiring, but rather, actually on fire. WTF? Exactly. The other ads are similarly funny, highlighting both dinosaurs and zombies attacking the campus, which we assume isn’t actually true, considering they’d like for you to come visit.

  2. Full Sail University Rooms

    Can your university turn your kitchen into a game studio? In this commercial, Full Sail can. This commercial is such a great idea, bringing a creative insight into the experience of online education, and creative degrees in particular. The ad does a great job of visually emphasizing the fact that with the help of the school, students can become successful in their pursuits from just about anywhere.

  3. Notre Dame: An Irish Blessing

    As the “Fighting Irish,” it’s only natural that Notre Dame would embrace a classic Irish blessing, interpreting the words of the blessing through Notre Dame faculty and students working around the world, whether the road rises up to meet them on a foreign mission, or the sun shines warm on their face when working on solar power. The ad succeeds in its sentimental nature, paired with a real look into the university’s reach not just at home, but around the world.

  4. Bond University: Chase Your Ambition

    Imagine watching your future walk right by you. In this commercial, that’s exactly what happens, and not only that, but students actually engage in dramatic urban pursuits of their future selves. It’s a playful look at the idea of following your dreams, especially if by following you mean physically hunting it down. The university did a great job of emphasizing that school isn’t just about studying: it’s your future career, and what you do with your knowledge once you graduate.

  5. That’s Why I Chose Yale

    Remember when they turned your favorite show into a musical? That’s what Yale did to the storied recruitment video, taking the successful idea from Buffy, Scrubs, and How I Met Your Mother and making it about the college experience. Everyone on campus gets involved, from the admissions orientation coordinator to groups of students hanging out on the lawn, and even professors, all sharing their version of why they chose Yale, as well as an introduction to graduate life at the college.

  6. The University of Alberta’s Olympic Commercial

    During the 2006 Winter Olympics, the University of Alberta took the opportunity to highlight itself as a Canadian gem to the world, enlisting playwright Vern Thiessen, Golden Bear Ben Thompson, and volleyball player Christy Torgerson, and more in this 30 second commercial about the Canadian nature and value of the university. They poke fun at themselves, asserting that Canadians are “quiet and unassuming,” then cutting to raucous footage of a hockey game. They also share that they don’t like to brag, but go on to “flaunt what they’ve got,” highlighting championships, teaching awards, and high tech research centers. This ad does a great job of showing the school’s personality and achievements in an endearing way.

  7. Syracuse University: Dream Big

    It’s always fun to see kids talking about what they want to be when they grow up, and learn about their ambitions that aren’t so far off, but in the very real future. Syracuse’s ad capitalizes on this, pairing enthusiastic children with reminders of high achieving graduates, including astronauts, NFL quarterbacks, and high profile broadcast journalists. This ad is encouraging and fun, sharing the message that if you dream big, Syracuse can help you achieve what your heart desires, whether you’re a little kid or a prospective student.

  8. Massey University: Forever Discovering

    In this ad, Massey University recognizes and highlights discovery as an important part of learning. The ad shows discovery in motion, not just within the university, but in everyday life as it happens between children, in an antique store, and more. Massey’s message is clear, emphasizing how students, and anyone who wants to learn, can shape their lives with creativity and discovery as it’s found in the world.

  9. University of Phoenix: Thinking Ahead

    Like Massey, the University of Phoenix takes a look at students beyond campus, a natural fit, as the university is one of the most well known online schools. This ad examines students waking up, on the bus, and studying late at night by the light of a laptop screen, all highlighting important parts of the university’s message of hope, ambition, and the ability to study whenever, wherever. The university does a great job of relating to prospective students in real life, and showing them exactly where they could be going.

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