Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Reasons Online Tutors Work so Well

Tutors come in all shapes and sizes: short, tall, round and virtual. That’s right, fast becoming a “most popular” choice for alternative academic instruction is the online tutor. Online tutoring services are springing up like mushrooms, because they fit today’s scholarly needs so well. Youngsters raised on video games and social networking are often right-at-home in an academic environment that has limited interpersonal contact.

Tests are so important today, for students and business professionals alike, that every possible advantage is sought to gain even a tiny advantage over an increasingly competitive field. Online services work for a variety of reasons, and it is likely that they will continue to expand offerings and programs. With so many new choices, it is imperative that prospective students or parents of students carefully check out a company before committing to anything.

  1. Cater to Today – Younger students have grown up in a world full of electronic gadgetry, and they are at-home in a learning environment replete with flashing lights and instant gratifications.
  2. 24/7/366 – Whenever the student is ready to work is the right time to work, and the online approach is available around-the-clock. The night-owl and the early-bird can both access tutors when it suits them.
  3. Comfortable Setting – Few will opt for the comforts of a school desk if the same material can be covered, while lazing in a recliner or sitting out on the back deck enjoying a cool breeze through your hair.
  4. Results – There are failures, for sure, but the majority of those who try online tutoring are very happy with the results, and those who administer different national exams say that online tutors have proven to be beneficial. Scores have risen dramatically among those who have accessed tutoring help before taking exams, and overall course work has also improved.
  5. Self-Starters – Some people thrive in a classroom setting, while others do better when left to themselves. Online tutoring can help the individualist in ways a traditional setting might not be able to help.
  6. Cost – The price structures of online tutoring may result in significant consumer savings versus hiring personal instructors. You may need more than one tutor, and an online service can make that more convenient.
  7. Versatility – Online services allow students to delve as deeply as needed in any segment of study, which can be a great help when preparing for specific tests as well as for general curriculum requirements.
  8. Make-Up Work – If you have been ill or absent from traditional school for any length of time, online schooling may be the way for you to catch-up and re-establish yourself with your group.
  9. More Options – Finding a tutor that matches your child’s specific needs can be difficult, when dealing with the limited options available in your local area. You have many more options to choose from when it comes to online tutors. You can find specialists in almost any subject and for any age group, from K-12 and beyond.
  10. Convenient location – For parents of K-12 students, the convenience of having the tutoring done at home is a huge benefit. Parents have a hard enough time trying to get all the kids to their different after-school locations without adding a tutor appointment into the mix.

Before you finalize your selection of a tutor or a tutoring service, make sure you have done your “homework” and compared what is available. Then make sure you sharpen your #2 mouse and you’ll be ready-to-go.

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