Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 Emergencies That Are Not so Bad With a Cell Phone

Millions of people like me have lived most of their lives without cell phones, and some of them still don’t own one. Somehow we managed to survive, but now I panic if I forget my phone when I leave the house. Mobile phones have become a common part of our everyday lives and have made many aspects of it much easier. They’re especially useful to have in emergency situations. Here are 10 emergencies that are not quite so bad with a cell phone in your possession.

  1. Car trouble – A flat tire, running out of gas or engine trouble is much easier to deal with if you have a cell phone. You never want to be in the position of having to rely on strangers to stop and help. They may have the best of intentions or they may have the worst intentions and that could turn an emergency into a disaster.
  2. Getting lost – If you get lost in the woods or are driving and just need directions, a cell phone sure comes in handy. Otherwise, you could be wandering aimlessly for hours or even days.
  3. Car accident – Whether it’s a serious accident or a little fender bender, a cell phone can keep a bad situation from becoming much worse. One call can get you the help you need quickly, from a tow truck to an ambulance.
  4. Get stranded – Severe weather such as blizzards, ice storms, or torrential rains that cause flooding can get you unexpectedly stranded in a remote area or even in your own home. A cell phone not only gets you in contact with a rescue team, but helps them to locate where you are with GPS coordination.
  5. Power out – Modern telephones don’t work during a power outage, so a cell phone is the only way you can contact the power company. You can also use the light provided from your phone to help find a flashlight and batteries. Make sure you always keep your phone fully charged for just such an emergency.
  6. Trapped – An earthquake or explosion may leave you trapped under rubble, and without a cell phone, rescue workers may not find you for days. Even if you’re found unconscious, emergency personnel can use the information in your stored contacts to reach your family.
  7. Hiking injury – Many people like to go hiking in remote areas and should always make sure they have a cell phone along, especially if they’re hiking alone. I simple misstep can result in a twisted ankle and leave you unable to get back to a main road.
  8. Mugging – Getting mugged is never a pleasant experience, but a cell phone can get police notified immediately and perhaps help find the perpetrator. Just make sure you don’t carry your cell phone in your purse or it may get stolen too.
  9. Heart attack – A sudden heart attack can leave you incapacitated, and even if you can move, you shouldn’t. Your cell phone can make the difference between life and death in that emergency situation.
  10. Can’t get up – If you have a seizure or fall and can’t get to a phone, a cell phone in your pocket can save your life. You can get an ambulance on their way and even get a neighbor to stay with you until they arrive.

Any emergency situation can be much less traumatic with the help of a cell phone and being without one can make a bad situation even worse. What started out as cumbersome and expensive, cell phones are now small enough to slip into your pocket and are very affordable. Any cell phone can be used to call 911 even if the service has been cancelled, and if your battery is dead, you can dial *3370# to get enough reserved power to make an emergency call. Keep your cell phone battery charged and don’t leave home without it.

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