Thursday, October 27, 2011

10 Awkward Situations For Ex Lovers

Not that there is ever a “good” time to run into an ex-lover, but some times are definitely worse than others. There can be a air of comedy about some of these situations, but they are anything but humorous to the active participants. Whether former couples meet accidentally or by design doesn’t really matter that much, the situation will be uncomfortable for all concerned. The following scenarios are engineered to rebuild some of your self-esteem, as you get a glimpse of how things could have been.

  1. Parents – It’s always such a treat to run into your ex’s parents, and even more so if your former Significant Other has somehow neglected to tell the folks about the breakup–even though it occurred two years ago!
  2. Chance Encounter – There’s nothing like making that mad morning-dash to pick up the newspaper in the driveway. . .while wearing your pizza-stained bathrobe. . .and having your ex roll by with their new lover in their even-newer Mercedes.
  3. Church – It can be discomfiting when the reverend pulls you aside after Sunday services to ask how the nuptial plans are proceeding, and then thanks you profusely for hiring his mother, the caterer, and his brother, the photographer, to work your wedding.
  4. Work – Not that your co-workers are a tough bunch, but you do recall all the good times you and your buddies had at the expense of the last dumped-on unfortunate, and that you were one of the ringleaders of the vocal posse. Now it’s your turn in-the-barrel.
  5. Children – When children are part of a relationship, the uncomfortable moments can be magnified during a breakup. It is incumbent upon the adults to act as adults when children are present. Children understand a lot more than most adults give them credit for, so some consideration for their feelings is very important.
  6. BFF – When your soon-to-be ex-best friend shows up at your apartment with an arm around your all-too-recent ex-lover, the situation can become as prickly as a cactus.
  7. School – Classic painful moments can occur when a pair of broken hearts have both auditioned for, and won, the leads in the school production of Romeo and Juliet.
  8. Restaurant – If you take your new flame to a restaurant that you picked because you and your ex never went there, that will be the night your ex does the same thing.
  9. Court – You don’t want to encounter your ex at the courthouse. You might just be there to renew your dog’s license, but that won’t be the story that ends up hitting the streets..
  10. Lovers Hideaway – It is generally considered rather bad form to take a new lover anyplace that you and your ex ever called “Our Special Place”. It is extremely bad form when you and your ex repeat the gaffe from #8.

Seriously, if you’re intent on “moving on” with your life, it helps to maintain a thick skin, and to cultivate a sense-of-humor.

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