Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Signs of a True Technology Geek

If you have a relative that is a technology geek, you are grateful. He can sit down at your computer and accomplish in a matter of minutes what may have taken you hours or days to figure out. Plus, he can save you a ton of money on tech support. If he is a ‘true’ technology geek, he will fit these 10 signs.

  1. Jealous Wife – If he is married, his wife is jealous, not of other women, but of his electronics, which always have his attention more than she does.
  2. GPS Dependent – A true technology geek can no longer give you directions anywhere. He is dependent on his gps to get him wherever he goes. Without it, he probably couldn’t find his way to work or back home again.
  3. Digital Bathroom Reading – You will not find print magazines for reading material in the geek’s bathroom, a Kindle or Nook will be available with magazine subscriptions and the rest of his library. You will not find “The Dummies Guide…” to anything in his library.
  4. Sweetheart Tweets – When a geek is feeling especially affectionate towards his wife, the world will know it, because he’ll send her a tweet telling her so, even if she’s sitting in the same room.
  5. Lightning Fingers – Just watch their fingers fly over a keyboard, and you’ll know if they are true geek or not. The fastest typist in the world can’t keep up with the lightning fingers of a techno geek.
  6. Black Friday Shopper – Yes, you will see the true technology geek out early on Black Friday and waiting in line before the stores open. Of course, he will be at the Apple Store, not Target, and Best Buy will be next on his list.
  7. Harddrive Multiples – Most people only have harddrives in their computers. A few might have a backup harddrive. A true geek will have many, many harddrives of various sizes and they will probably all be full.
  8. Trekky – This doesn’t mean that he wears Spock ears and dresses up in Star Trek uniforms, but he is a Star Trek fan nevertheless. Star Trek may have even been his first introduction to the fascinating world of technology.
  9. Flash drive carrier – If you need a flash drive for any reason, just ask him. He probably has at least one on his key chain and another in his pocket. Why would you go anywhere without one?
  10. Speaks Geek – He talks in a language that only other geeks can understand. He puts posts on facebook and twitter that are written totally in geek and are responded to in more geek language from his geek network. All of it remains gibberish to the rest of us. Flux capacitor?

If your techno geek does not possess all ten of these signs, then he may not be fully matured into true geekdom, as of yet. If no one stands in his way, he will get there. May he always be available when your computer crashes and your cellphone needs programming. We love our geeks!

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