Thursday, October 27, 2011

10 Best iPad Apps For Managing Your Money

So much of our time is spent using a device to keep us connected to the world, so why not use these gadgets to manage our money as well? The iPad's portability and user-friendly features make it the perfect tool for managing your cash flow and accomplishing your financial goals in one convenient place. All you have to do next is load up on a handful of reliable financial apps, and you've got yourself a portable and personal financial adviser. Get your money in check with these 10 iPad apps.

  1. helps you track and budget your bank accounts and credit cards on the go. This free and easy-to-use app automatically categorizes your daily transactions and has the tools to create a personalized budget based on your spending habits. Become a savvy investor with's helpful investment trackers and advice section. And don't be alarmed by sharing this personal financial information because is super safe and secure.

  2. Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Reader

    Ditch your shoebox accounting system and go paperless with the Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Reader app. This handy tool lets you scan your receipts, extract the important data and file it into an accessible archive that can be used to track and manage spending, as well as generate expense reports. Shoeboxed also features IRS accepted online receipts, which make filing tax returns a breeze.

  3. Pageonce

    End late-payment fees and stay on top of your money with the help of Pageonce. This life-saving app automatically organizes and monitors your cash flow and bills and displays the info in one accessible place. Pageonce sends notifications and real-time alerts about your accounts, so that you can keep a close eye on your money and never miss a payment.

  4. powerOne Financial Calculator

    The powerOne calculator isn't your average calculator. This souped-up version can compute everything from finances, mortgages, investments, conversions, medical or math figures and much, much more. The powerOne calculator has many robust features that make it the perfect calculator for those who want to seriously manage their money and get organized. For extra tricky calculations, use the algebraic and RPN calculator. Then, utilize the hundreds of spreadsheet-like calculator templates for analyzing different financial scenarios.

  5. Ace Budget

    The Ace Budget app helps you put your finances into perspective. Users will be able to manage their money more efficiently and save wisely with the help of Ace Budget's budget chart, spending report and recurring transactions display. Using the data, you can create a new budget and customize it to display easy-to-understand graphs and charts, as well as schedule reminders for various transactions and due dates.

  6. ATM Hunter

    If carrying cash helps you manage your finances, then you'll definitely want to get the ATM Hunter app for your iPad. Just like the name indicates, ATM Hunter helps users find the nearest ATM by your current location, address or airport. This handy app can also be tailored to your banking needs. Whether you need to make an ATM deposit, get cash or find a PayPass merchant, you can do that and more with ATM Hunter.

  7. Loan Shark

    Don't let the name of this app scare you. Loan Shark is a safe and easy-to-use app that will help you fend off bad financial lenders and allow you take charge of your loans. The handy loan calculator feature lets you calculate the payment, interest rate and loan amount, which comes in handy when shopping around for the best loan offers.

  8. MoneyWell

    MoneyWell is a comprehensive personal finance app that will help you take control of your money and know exactly where it's going at all times. MoneyWell is based on the envelope budgeting system that helps you visualize and maintain a budget by putting the allocated money in its envelope, or this time, a bucket. MoneyWell's tried and tested system and interactive features can help users make better financial decisions and budget wisely.

  9. iCompta

    iCompta is a user-friendly app that makes money management a breeze. Users have several budgeting tools at their fingertips to track income and expenses, monitor their budget, schedule bill payments and see spending statistics in a clear graph or chart. iCompta can also take care of your banking needs, such as managing multiple accounts, tracking expenses and downloading transactions from your bank. Best of all – iCompta can be universally synched with Mac, iPad and iPhone.

  10. PayPal

    Making fast and safe transactions has never been easier than with the PayPal app. But, PayPal is not just a way to pay for your eBay purchases or collect money. This handy and useful app can also help users keep track of purchases and stay on top of IOUs. Not to mention, sending money, collecting money, sending digital checks and managing fundraising campaigns is completely free. And free is always good for the wallet.

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