Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Reasons to Always Check in Everywhere on Facebook

Have you been seeing facebook postings from your friends that tell you where they are at the moment? Some people use this ‘check-in’ feature occasionally and others are checking-in on a regular basis at every location they end up at during the day. If you’ve been wondering why some people feel that they need to always check-in EVERYWHERE on facebook, here are ten of the reasons.

  1. It’s cool! - Isn’t that the biggest and best reason for doing anything? Everybody else is doing it, so you might as well join in the fun and let people know all the places you go to eat or go on vacation, right?
  2. Meet-ups – How many times have you missed a chance to connect with someone, just because the two of you didn’t realize that you were in the same place at the same time? Checking-in on facebook can create some great meet-up opportunities that you might miss otherwise.
  3. Alibi – Where were you? Constant facebook check-ins can eliminate the need to answer or verify that question. Just tell the person to keep their eye on your facebook status and they’ll never have to ask that question again.
  4. Promote your favs – If you have a favorite coffee shop, restaurant or vacation destination, wouldn’t you want to give them some extra promotion by letting your friends know just how often you go there?
  5. Promote yourself – If you want to promote yourself as being a mover and a shaker, you can easily show that by where you’re checking-in. It’s a great way to gain attention.
  6. Get input – When going to a new spot, checking-in on facebook can often garner input and advice from your friends. This might be a menu selection at a restaurant or an attraction you don’t want to miss on your trip.
  7. Reminder – Posting your arrival at your destination can become a reminder to those who are supposed to be meeting you there and can spur them on to get there quicker.
  8. Need anything? - When shopping, it can serve as an opportunity for friends to make a ‘pick-me-up’ request while you are in a particular store or area of town.
  9. Easy post – Posting your check-in everywhere you go makes for an easy way to keep your status updated, without having to give much additional commentary.
  10. Annoy your friends – If you are one of those people who are always on the run, your check-ins will be continually changing. This may be laughable to your friends at first, but eventually it will probably be annoying to them and laughable to you. This is especially true if they are stuck at work and you’re out having fun.

Of course, I’ve left the biggest reason for checking-in everywhere on facebook off the list. That reason is the one it was created for in the first place, to better target ads towards your preferences and to give free advertising to the places you visit. If those are motivating reasons for you, then keep it up.

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