Wednesday, May 30, 2012

9 Awesome Pinterest Boards for Home Buyers

We all know that Pinterest, the popular site for keeping track of and sharing links, is great for planning weddings, finding cute clothes, and showing everyone what good taste you have, but you may not think of it when you begin looking for a house. And you’d be missing out. Users have such a wide variety of boards, you’re sure to find some with useful pins for your home-buying adventure. Here are some to get you started, and you will likely find some real estate boards specific to your location if you do a quick search. Follow these boards to learn all about home buying, mortgages, and finding inspiration to start your own “Dream Home” Pinterest board.

  1. House Hunting Tips:

    If you’re just looking for pretty pictures, follow a different board. If you want a wealth of valuable advice and information about the home searching and buying process, this board is perfect for you. With videos and links to articles chock full of tips for first-time buyers and veterans alike, you’ll be fully prepared for your next (or first!) home search.
  2. Gene Mundt: Mortgage and Credit:

    You’re about to have to start using that dreaded M-word a lot: mortgage. Since home loans and mortgages can be pretty confusing, you’ll want to learn as much as possible before you commit to one or before you try to get out from under one. As a mortgage lending professional, this pinner knows his stuff and pins relevant links he comes across, covering topics from credit scores to industry terminology. It may not be a fun board, but it’s definitely an important one.
  3. American Realty: Expert Advice on Selling Your Home:

    If this isn’t your first home-buying rodeo, you probably are up against the tough task of selling your current home before you can move on to your dream house. This board from American Realty gives tips and inspiration for getting your home in prime shape for the market. Organizational tips, entryway decorations, and other advice for boosting your home’s appeal will be right at your fingertips.
  4. SJ Lord: Real Estate Information:

    Who doesn’t love a good infographic? This board is a great place to look for quick, illustrated information on everything real estate. You’ll learn about all the hidden costs, ways to save on mortgages, and tips on buying and selling. If you don’t have a lot of time to read lengthy articles, this board will be a great go-to for easy-to-digest summaries of relevant facts.
  5. Home Depot: Curb Appeal:

    Whether you’re looking to dress up your house before selling or searching for inspiration for your new space, this board will give you great ideas. And since it’s by Home Depot, you already know where you can find a lot of the supplies to make these upgrades! Spruce up your home, old or new, with new hardware, a colored door, or interesting light fixtures, and see how drastically it changes your curb appeal.
  6. Jess Ica: Green Solutions:

    Does your new home need a thorough scrubbing before you move in? Are you having trouble seeing past dirty fixtures and grimy appliances when you look at potentially great houses? Follow this board for some green cleaning ideas that will put your mind at ease. The best part? Most of them will cost less and work better than what you would buy at the store. There are also all kinds of other quick, green fixes that will save you money that could be better used to pay off your mortgage!
  7. Better Homes and Gardens: Livable Living Rooms:

    Let your imagination run wild as you prepare to set up your new living spaces. This board and others from the people who give us Better Homes and Gardens magazine will have you drooling over bright paint colors, cozy nooks, and why-didn’t-I-think-of-that furniture arrangements. Each photo has a little tip for how you can take ideas from that particular room and use them in your own home. And once you get your living room sorted out with this board, there are other boards for awesome laundry rooms, bathrooms, patios, and more.
  8. HGTV: Clever Solutions:

    Of course no home buyer can go wrong with HGTV. While their TV channel covers all aspects of home-buying in 30-minute chunks, you can turn to their Pinterest boards during commercials or when you just want some quick space solutions. There’s a chance that you’ll fall in love with a house that has just a few things you don’t like: out-of-date kitchen cabinets, a lack of storage, a narrow room, etc. With these ideas in mind, you can buy the house you adore and fix up any problem areas. You might have to get a little creative, but these pins will get you started.
  9. Apartment Therapy: Design Tips:

    Don’t be confused by the name Apartment Therapy — these pins work for prospective home owners just as well. If you’re thinking of renovating your new place or just want to consider how you’ll fit in your furniture, this board has some great guides to scroll through. There are also ideas for how to make your house feel more like home (and a stylish one at that) when you finally get those keys.
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