Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 Reasons Big Wheels Have Stood the Test of Time

bigwheel 10 Reasons Big Wheels Have Stood the Test of TimeSince their introduction in 1969 the brightly colored plastic tricycle called Big Wheels has been a childhood favorite. Unlike many toy fads that have come and gone over the years, this one has maintained its popularity. Generations of kids have raced their Big Wheels down the neighborhood sidewalks and streets. What has kept this tricycle going strong for all these years? Here are just 10 reasons Big Wheels has stood the test of time.

  1. Safer – One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Big Wheels among parents is that they are much safer than the traditional trike or bike. The lower profile makes it less tippy giving it high ratings among consumer groups. Parents still find this different tricycle design gives their kids a safer way to have fun.
  2. Easier to ride – The Big Wheels low slung design puts the pedals out front and makes it much easier to ride than the traditional trike. The ease of locomotion makes these tricycles much more fun and fast paced. Young kids are tearing around the neighborhood in record time.
  3. Low profile – Similar to a race car, the low profile Big Wheels give children a heightened sense of speed. Young kids can master greater control while getting a feeling of independence as they race down the driveway feeling every bump and taking sharp turns.
  4. Versatile – Standard metal tricycles are much less versatile than Big Wheels which allow kids to do tricks and stunts that would be impossible with a heavy cumbersome trike. The coolest kids on the block would master peel-outs, doughnuts and skidding stops to impress their friends.
  5. Durable – Another secret to the Big Wheels longevity is its rugged durability. Though made mostly of plastic, parents are hard pressed to find a more durable product for the price. Over the years design changes have only enhanced this feature.
  6. Marketing – For decades the popularity of Big Wheels has been easy to market. Now considered a household name, various brands of similar design have been featured in popular television shows, events and even theme parks.
  7. Variety – The colorful plastic used is eye catching and versatile. The variety of colors and themes gives both boys and girls endless choices. They can even get their Big Wheels pimped out with chrome, lights plus all the bells and whistles. They even make Big Wheels for adults.
  8. Inexpensive – Since the major components of these popular tricycles are plastic, Big Wheels can be manufactured and sold for less than standard metal bikes and trikes. The inexpensive price range has helped them stand the test of time.
  9. Outdoor fun – Parents would be hard pressed to find a better toy to get their kids outside to play. For generations Big Wheels have provided kids with countless hours of outdoor fun.
  10. Nostalgic parents – Most parents these days had a Big Wheel trike when they were young and want their kids to have the same enjoyment. The nostalgia surrounding these toys has helped contribute to their continued popularity.

The genius of the Big Wheels design has virtually made traditional tricycles obsolete. Energetic kids everywhere are racing their Big Wheels with friends and trying their best to outdo each other. Children compete to be the one with the coolest and fastest trike on the block. Adults relive their childhood at Big Wheel Rallies throughout the country. The Big Wheel phenomenon has stood the test of time and will probably continue for some time to come.

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