Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Toys Popular in 1970 and Still Popular Today

Every year toy manufacturers come up with something new that they hope will become the latest “must have” toy for kids. You know; the ones that every kid has to have under the Christmas tree. Most of these toys are simply fads that children quickly grow tired of and toss aside. There are very few that have stood the test of time and are still popular decades later. What toys from your childhood are still entertaining kids? Here are ten toys that were popular in 1970 and are still popular today.

  1. Hot Wheels – These die cast toy cars were introduced in 1968 and are still popular today, outlasting their major competitor Matchbox. Every year a new series is released which has made Hot Wheels a collector’s item for both young and old alike.
  2. Barbie – For girls Barbie dolls have really stood the test of time. Introduced in 1959, by 1970 they were extremely popular and still are today. The new models released in 1969 and 1970 were the first to have bendable legs plus a twist and turn waist.
  3. NERF balls – The first balls specifically made to use indoors, NERF balls were first sold in 1970 and became instantly popular with kids and especially their parents. The special non-expandable foam makes them virtually harmless for indoor play yet durable for use outdoors as well. By expanding into a variety of other toys, their popularity still grows.
  4. Slinky – Nobody ever seems to get tired of Slinkys. This simple metal helical spring has fascinated kids and adults for generations. By 1970 several different Slinky toys had been developed like wiener dogs, trains and worms.
  5. Big Wheel – This low profile tricycle was introduced in 1969 and revolutionized the toy industry. Kids today are still tearing up the sidewalks and driveways in their neighborhoods with Big Wheel trikes.
  6. Monopoly – No board game has withstood the test of time like Monopoly. Traced back to 1904, this game is still evolving and still popular. Kids and their parents would spend hours playing, and even today, some games last for days.
  7. Twister – This simple game consisting of a mat with colored dots and a spinner has tied people in knots for decades. Although its popularity goes up and down over the years, both kids and adults enjoyed playing Twister in the 1970’s and yet again today.
  8. Slip ’n Slide – Kids love to play in water and the Slip ‘n Slide has provided years of fun. What better way to spend a hot summer day in your own back yard when there isn’t a pool or lake nearby?
  9. Etch A Sketch – Who would have guessed this mechanical drawing toy introduced in 1960 would still be popular today? Back in 1970 it was a simple red box with 2 knobs filled with aluminum powder. It has since come out with several other versions, yet its original style still challenges young and old artists alike.
  10. Skateboard – Back in 1970 skateboards were just starting to gain popularity as a toy, but now are used as sports equipment in competition. However, kids don’t need to be very proficient to enjoy using a skateboard to get around the neighborhood.

Millions of toys have been doomed to the dustbin of history, but only a select few have withstood the test of time. By capturing the imaginations of children and their parents, these toys have endured for decades. Some are even passed down from one generation to the next. What will be the next toy phenomenon to have the staying power of these ten popular playthings?

Taken From Find a Nanny

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