Sunday, May 20, 2012

25 Poli Sci Professors You Should Follow This Election Year

Election news moves quickly, but fortunately for voters today, Twitter moves even faster. And we’ve got some more great news for you: there are a ton of knowledgeable people on Twitter, including many professors who share their insights, relevant news, and interesting observations. We’ve discovered 25 political science professors on Twitter (listed in no particular order), and we think they’re a great resource to follow for news and learning during this election season and beyond.

  1. @Castabulan: David Reese is a professor of political science at Folsom Lake College, discussing "political science fiction" on Twitter, including careful examination of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the middle class.
  2. @framingthedot: Researcher and lecturer Dr. Scott Davidson hails from De Montfort University. On Twitter, he’s got a lot to say about political theory, campaigns, media discourses, and political marketing, all highly relevant to anyone interested in studying the campaign in the media.
  3. @ValisJason: Professor of political science Jason McDaniel has plenty to say about voting, campaigns, and urban politics here on Twitter.
  4. @electionsmith: Dr. Daniel Smith is a political science professor specializing in state politics, and he’s got a lot to say about the election at the state level and beyond.

  1. @ProfJRoberts: In addition to his work as a political science professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Jason Roberts is a co-author of The American Congress and The American Congress Reader. Check out his tweets to find information about congressional elections, with a side of local sports.
  2. @B_Eichengreen: Barry Eichengreen, professor of economics and political science at Berkeley, is an incredible resource for insight on how economics and finance are impacting the current election.
  3. @drdigipol: Follow Alan Rosenblatt for a discussion on digital politics, a subject that has become increasingly important for today’s political candidates.
  4. @kohenari: Political theory professor Ari Kohen shares plenty of insight on civil rights, interesting candidates, and the latest polls.
  5. @vavreck: Political scientists and UCLA professor Lynn Vavreck loves a good presidential campaign, sharing excellent insight into this year’s election.

  1. @djpressman: Professor Jeremy Pressman is your go-to guy for foreign affairs in this year’s election, especially his specialty in "Arab-Israeli stuff."
  2. @ProfPolySci: Follow this professor to find a lively discussion of current presidential candidates.
  3. @BrendanNyhan: Find a refreshingly critical view of the media and politics from Dartmouth assistant professor Brendan Nyhan.
  4. @rmichaelalvarez: Check out what Caltech professor R. Michael Alvarez has to say about political trends, especially those driven by psychology.
  5. @jbplainblog: UT San Antonio professor Jonathan Bernstein loves to discuss American politics, particularly elections, parties, Congress, and the presidency.

  1. @smotus: Seth Masket shares tweets on campaign financing, negative ads, and presidential forecasting.
  2. @doug_rivers: Doug Rivers is a charming absent-minded professor who has lots of great information about economics in the upcoming election.
  3. @kinggary: Follow Harvard professor Gary King to learn more about social science in politics, particularly in an election year.
  4. @poliblogger: Professor Steven L. Taylor researches parties, comparative democratic institutions, and elections, a great resource for learning about the latest in this year’s race.
  5. @DrCiv: Follow professor Andy Civettini for regular updates and reflection on the presidential race.

  1. @Graniteprof: Political science professor Dante Scala discusses what matters to voters today on Twitter.
  2. @Prof_PoliSci: We’re not sure if this account represents a real Polisci professor or not, but we do appreciate the common sense he or she is dishing out.
  3. @mqsawyer: Professor of political science Mark Sawyer discusses online activism, new bills, and real world politics.
  4. @FHQ: Josh Putnam’s specialization is in campaigns and elections, so naturally, his Twitter account is an exciting and insightful one to follow this season.
  5. @robreich: Rob Reich is a political science professor at Stanford, offering particular insight on the impact of corporations and taxes on the election.
  6. @doug_rivers: This self-professed absent-minded professor offers political analysis and election news.
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