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50 Creative Etsy Gifts for Your Beloved Grad

As students get set to emerge from high school and college with their diplomas in hand, many near and dear to these grads are wondering what to get them to commemorate the event. While there are always the standard and commonplace graduation gifts like cameras and money to go with, if you’re looking to get something a bit more unique or personalized, Etsy may be a good place to start your search. From customized jewelry to handmade decor, graduation gift shoppers are sure to find something that will really stand out. Here, we’ve listed just a few great items to get you started in your shopping, but there are thousands more out there, one of which could be the perfect match for your special graduate.


Inspire your grad to succeed with these gifts.

  1. Graduation journal. A small journal with an inspirational quote on the cover can be a great gift for a grad. This one features a quote by E.E. Cummings, but there are many other options out there.
  2. Inspirational quote print. Give your grad something motivational to look at while he or she is in college or beyond by getting them a great print featuring an inspirational quote like this one.
  3. Dr. Seuss keychain. Featuring a quote from Oh, The Places You’ll Go, this keychain, and others like it, provide a bit of support for grads in unexpected places.
  4. Compass necklace. Not only is this compass functional, it’s also a powerful symbol for those just setting out on their own. You can even get it customized with a map of your home city.
  5. Key of knowledge bookmark. This cute crocheted bookmark is a great way to encourage grads to read and to quest for knowledge.

New Takes on Old Standards

Take the standard old graduation gift and give it new life with custom designs like these from Etsy.

  1. Engraved pen box and pen. Pens are a pretty common graduation gift, but one like this is sure to make a splash, engraved with the grad’s name or other message.
  2. Cool cufflinks. Etsy is full of unique, beautiful, and pretty cool cufflinks. Choose a pair for your stylish grad.
  3. Unusual watch. Watches have long been a pretty standard gift for new grads, but with the help of Etsy you can find a watch that is like nothing you’d get in a store.
  4. Tassel frame. Give your grad a place to show off his or her tassel and graduation photos by picking up one of these handmade tassel frames.
  5. Business card case. Grads getting ready to leave college behind and take on the working world would appreciate the functionality of a business card case, which you can find in a wide variety of styles on Etsy.
  6. Wallet. Think your grad would love a wallet as a gift? There is no shortage of styles, patterns, shapes, and materials to choose from on Etsy.
  7. High-quality diploma frame. A handmade cherry frame like the one listed here is an amazing way to let your grad show off his or her diploma.
  8. Photo album. You could get a run-of-the-mill photo album at a store, but why bother when you can get something much more unique on Etsy?
  9. Jewelry box. There are thousands of jewelry boxes for sale on Etsy, some of which are customizable, ensuring there will be something perfect out there for your jewelry-loving grad.
  10. Knit throw. Don’t know how to knit? You can still give a beautiful knit throw as a gift if you head to Etsy. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from, like this one that is colorful and looks super warm.
  11. Laptop case. If you’re planning to give a laptop as a gift or know that the grad is getting one, help out by getting them an amazing laptop case. Choose something modern, patterned, or even fancy, whatever suits the personality of the grad in question.
  12. Flask. College graduates might appreciate a nice flask, engraved with a message, to commemorate their graduation.


These gifts use monograms and other details to create personalized, unique gifts.

  1. Graduation necklace. Help your grad remember her graduation for a lifetime, with personalized jewelry that records the year, her name, or other info, onto cute and stylish pendants.
  2. Monogrammed bags. It’s easy to find monogrammed bags of just about any shape or size on Etsy, letting you add a bit of personalization to a practical gift.
  3. Monogrammed towels. Make sure that no one will ever steal your grad’s towels in the dorm by adding a monogram, like on the towels marketed here.
  4. Personalized travel mug. Let your grad take coffee or tea to class with ease by gifting them with a mug emblazoned with his or her initials.
  5. Initialed stationery. Make it simple for your graduate to write home by providing them with stationery, preferably a personalized version printed with first initials like that shown here.
  6. Latitude and longitude keychain. Record a location that has meaning (maybe the location of their college?) to your grad on a super stylish keychain. You can also get the numbers stamped on a bracelet if that’s more appealing.

College Related

Give your grad something related to their college experience when you seek out gifts like these.

  1. College drawing. A framed drawing of your grad’s college campus can be a really cool gift that he or she can appreciate for a lifetime.
  2. College-themed magnet board. Help your grad move to the dorms in style by gifting them a magnet board covered in their school colors.
  3. Fabric flowers. These fake flowers (or others like them) help to give your grad some school-spirited decor that can travel to college and beyond.
  4. T-shirt quilt. Use Etsy to find a quilt made from old college T-shirts, the perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for grad.
  5. College care package. What student wouldn’t be happy to get a college care package in the mail? You can buy them direct through Etsy, showing your love through food.


Your gift will stand out from the crowd when you choose something from Etsy like these items.

  1. QR code art. QR codes have made it onto everything, including the wall. This QR code art can be customized to give grads a special message when they scan it.
  2. Custom music box. This made-to-order music box can be engraved with just about any message you choose, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes.
  3. Map print. Give your grad a map showing the state of their college with a little heart marking the city. Other options are available if you’d rather mark their hometown.
  4. Vintage camera. Anyone can buy a new camera, but vintage cameras can be a really special gift for grads who love photography.
  5. Cool plants. From marimo, to air plants, to terrariums, find your grad a super cool plant to take to college with him or her.
  6. Faux taxidermied animal. If you pick up one of these faux taxidermied animals, you can be sure that no one else will have bought the same thing.
  7. Travel map kit. The globe-trotting grad will love this gift that lets them track where they’ve visited on a great-looking world map.
  8. Dorm decor. Give your grad something to make their dorm room look super chic, like these preppy quotes and images.
  9. Wooden pennant. This screen-printed pennant is a really unique gift that your grad will love hanging up in his or her apartment.
  10. Fridge magnets. Help spice up a dorm room or tiny apartment with some fridge magnets. There are numerous designs, but this business cat meme version is pretty great.


Help your grad ease into life in college or the real world with these practical gifts.

  1. Sewing and mending kit. Make sure to send your favorite grad out into the world with the tools to sew on buttons and fix a hem.
  2. Safe bag. This bag can help students hide their valuables in a dorm room and can be purchased in a wide range of fabrics.
  3. Bath robe. From Jedi robes to super girly kimonos, Etsy has a wealth of bath robes to offer shoppers. Choose the one that best suits the style of your grad so they can stay cozy, post-shower.
  4. Globe. A globe can be a cool gift, whether you go the traditional route or choose something super unique and stylized like this one.
  5. Bookends. Gift your brainy grad with a way to hold up all of their books, choosing from more than a thousand different bookends on Etsy.
  6. Bike bag. For grads who love to bike (or have to out of necessity) this beautiful leather bike bag that holds basic bike tools is a seriously impressive gift.
  7. First aid kit. This small and inexpensive first aid kit can help give parents a bit of peace of mind when sending grads out into the world.
  8. Lap desk. Let your grad be comfortable while typing away on a laptop by gifting them with one of these super cushy and customizable lap desks.
  9. Desk organizer. There’s no excuse for a messy desk, especially when you give this super sleek industrial desk organizer as a gift.
  10. Laundry bag. This handmade laundry bag will make your grad the talk of the laundry room.
  11. Messenger bag. A high-quality, handmade messenger bag is an amazing gift that will take your grad through college and into the working world (it holds a laptop, too).
  12. Unique tote bag. Whether your grad is going to the beach, class, or buying groceries, a nice tote bag can make carrying all that gear a lot easier.
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