Thursday, May 31, 2012

7 College Trends That Should Stay in School

College is an amazingly special part of anyone’s life. After graduation, there’s nothing wrong with cherishing fond memories, maintaining lasting friendship, and utilizing the quality education you received while in college. But that doesn’t mean continuing to act like a college student is a good idea. In fact, there are some things about college that simply make no sense at any place or at any time other than college. Check out these seven college trends that should stay in school to see if you’re an offender.

  1. Dressing alike:

    One look around a typical college campus these days and you will see girls wearing bright Nike Tempo running shorts, XXL T-shirts, and Rainbow flip flops, or guys wearing Polo shirts, gray New Balance tennis shoes, and North Face fleeces. This "fratty" style might be cool during college, but unless you want to be mistaken for a clueless college kid after you’ve graduated, it’s time to retire these college clothes.

  2. Excessive drinking:

    Excessive drinking is a college trend that should stay in school and perhaps go away altogether. It’s possible to binge drink and party 24/7 while taking 12 hours and waiting tables in college, but as soon as you enter the working world, it’s time to scale back on your weekly benders. No matter how much you partied in college, things change when you start working the nine-to-five grind. Leave the beer dispensing football helmet in your college dorm room.

  3. Depending on Mom and Dad:

    While you’re in college, it’s completely normal to turn to Mom and Dad for help with school, living, and other expenses. The tough job market has led many college grads to move home and live off of their parents until they can find work. If you’re one of the lucky ones who can move back home while you search for a job, don’t take this for granted. Depending on Mom and Dad is a college trend that should end as soon as possible. If you can, get a part-time job and pay your parents for rent, help out with groceries and cleaning, and be considerate of their generosity. And for goodness’ sake, when you get a job and save up enough money, move out or stop asking them for money!

  4. Abusing stimulant meds:

    College kids are notorious for abusing stimulant prescription drugs like Adderall and Ritalin to stay up late while studying. This "study drug" is also used recreationally to stay up late to party. But after college, abusing pharmaceuticals for the sake of partying is no longer cool, if it ever was. Instead, most adults focus on efficiently organizing their time in order to avoid all-nighters. After all, improper use and obtainment of pharmaceuticals without a legitimate prescription is illegal, and getting in trouble with the law wasn’t even cool in college.

  5. Sleeping in until late in the afternoon:

    Sleeping until 3 p.m. might have been your standard wake-up time in college, but wasting the day away sleeping is not as cool in the real world. Instead of partying ’til the wee hours of the morning, try calling it a night at a decent time so you can get up and doing something productive with your day. This bad habit of staying up late and getting up late will certainly mess up your sleeping schedule for the week. Get to bed at a decent hour and utilize as many daylight hours as you possibly can. You may even come to realize that, like your parents, you actually enjoy getting up early and being productive.

  6. Constant defiance/protesting:

    College is really the last time you can be defiant and not be judged for your rebelliousness. Whether it’s your promiscuity or your love for protesting, these trends are typically frowned upon after you graduate. You don’t have to completely sell out to the man, but skipping out on work to picket rising commodity costs in Uzbekistan is probably less acceptable after college than during.

  7. Wild hairstyles:

    Mohawks, pink highlights, and hair down to your derriere. Wild and crazy hairstyles are best left in college. Even if you work in the most laid-back industry and think it represents your personality, wild hairstyles are not appropriate for the working world. This doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself through your style, just save it for the runway or the club.

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