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50 High Profile Higher Ed Administrators on Twitter

Colleges haven’t been shy about embracing social media sites, especially Twitter, as a means of promoting their programs, finding new students, and sharing big events on campus. Professors, students, and staff haven’t been the only ones getting in on the action, however, as a number of college big-wigs also have great Twitter accounts that are worth checking out. Here, you’ll find a list of college professors, provosts, chancellors, and deans who are using Twitter to connect with other higher ed professionals, share information about their schools, build a stronger relationship with their communities, and sometimes, just to have fun. Give them a read to get connected with these administrators and to learn more about what it takes to make a college or university work.


There are tons of university presidents on Twitter. Here are a few you should keep up with.

  1. @UHpres:

    Check out this feed of the University of Houston president Renu Khator. Her upbeat feed is full of tweets about all kinds of great events on campus and her work as president.

  2. @presidentgee:

    President of The Ohio State University, E. Gordon Lee, shares updates about school events, research, and even a few tidbits about his personal life.

  3. @davidleebron:

    This feed is the home of Rice University president David Leebron. He shares great higher ed news, Houston updates, and, of course, information about Rice.

  4. @websterpres:

    Beth Stroble takes on the task of leading Webster University in St. Louis. Ms. Stroble uses her feed to talk not only about Webster but about higher ed in general.

  5. @jeffabernathy:

    Here you’ll find Alma College president Jeff Abernathy as he tweets great articles related to all things higher ed.

  6. @BDYSpelman:

    Spelman College president, psychologist, and author Beverly Daniel Tatum shares a wide range of tweets here, but many are catered toward minority students and higher ed leaders.

  7. @presidentmann:

    Through this feed you can connect with the president of Crown College, Rick Mann.

  8. @presidentmaples:

    Christopher Maples is president of the Oregon Institute of Technology and uses this feed to share updates about campus events, especially sports.

  9. @Biddy_Martin:

    Read this feed to keep up with Amherst College president Biddy Martin.

  10. @mark_yudorf:

    Mark Yudorf is president of all of the 10 campuses in the University of California system, a monumental task that he shares updates about through his great feed.

  11. @kstate_pres:

    Check out this feed for some great updates on things at Kansas State University from its president Kirk H. Schulz.

  12. @johnmaeda:

    Find inspirational quotes, great reads, creative motivation, and more on the feed of RISC president John Maeda’s feed.

  13. @MonacoAnthony:

    Anthony Monaco is currently president of Tufts University and through his feed you can keep up with all the great stuff going on at the school, from sports to publications to meetups on campus.

  14. @lschlesinger:

    President of Babson College Len Schelesinger calls this feed home, highlighting important events on campus and a number of his duties as president.

  15. @BethanyCollege1:

    Dr. Scott D. Miller shares a wide range of tweets on his feed, from information about his writing (he’s an author as well as being a college president) to shout-outs to the school’s athletes.

  16. @MorehouseMystiq:

    President of Morehouse College Robert Franklin shares interesting updates about events on campus, classes, and successful students through his feed.

  17. @CabreraAngel:

    Former president of the Thunderbird School of Management and current president of George Mason University Angel Cabrera calls this feed home, sharing updates on the school, his work, and more.

  18. @michaelcrow:

    Head to this feed to see what Arizona State University president Michael Crow is up to.

  19. @JamesAmmons:

    While he doesn’t always update it, you can find infrequent tweets from President of Florida A&M James Ammons here.

  20. @PresidentCorey:

    Dr. Barry Corey is the president of Biola University, and through his feed he shares posts all about events and his work on campus.

  21. @PrezKaler:

    Learn more about the University of Minnesota from its president and Gophers fan, Eric E. Kaler.

  22. @UMPrez:

    Tim Wolfe is president not only of one Missouri college, but the whole system. He just started tweeting, so support him as he learns the ropes.

  23. @Gonzaga_Prez:

    Thayne McCulloh is the current Gonzaga University president, sharing updates on his job, campus life, and other tidbits about Gonzaga.

  24. @PresidentCasey:

    Use Twitter to connect with DePauw president Brian Casey as he shares tweets on a wealth of campus issues.

  25. @TSUMadamePres:

    Learn about current events at Tennessee State University from its president, Dr. Portia H. Shields when you follow this feed.

  26. @presidentkiss:

    Elizabeth Kiss heads up Agnes Scott, a women’s liberal arts college. Through her feed you’ll find tweets on campus events, sports, and more.


Check out these deans’ feeds on Twitter.

  1. @DeanOlian:

    Judy Olian is the dean at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Through her feed you’ll read tweets about everything from high-tech learning to business conferences.

  2. @MiguelEscotet:

    Miguel Angel Escotet is the dean of the College of Education at the University of Texas, Brownsville. He’s also a psychologist, philosopher, researcher, and higher ed expert who shares his expertise in these fields through his feed.

  3. @qbanqte:

    Visit this feed to learn more about the work of Lilia Tanakeyowma, the dean of student affairs at Santa Ana College.

  4. @saloner:

    Garth Saloner is the dean at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and as you might imagine, many of his posts are related either to higher ed or the business world.

  5. @richlyons:

    Learn more about the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business from its dean, Rick Lyons.

  6. @ChrisMacDen:

    Read about gender, race, sexuality, and more from the dean of multicultural life at Macalester College.

  7. @Bob_Bruner:

    Here you’ll get access to tweets from the dean of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, Bob Bruner. He tweets almost daily, so make sure to check back regularly for updates.

  8. @DeanGayeski:

    Dean Diane Gayeski is an alum of Ithaca College and now heads the Roy H. Park School of Communications.

  9. @DeanJimDean:

    Jim Dean’s feed makes it easy to keep up with all that’s going on at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

  10. @shcdean:

    Christian Brady, dean of the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State, shares great updates about students, work, and much more on his feed.

  11. @BenningtonDeans:

    Head to this feed to learn more about what the deans at Bennington College are working on this year.

Higher Ed Leaders Abroad

Twitter is a global phenomenon, so there are plenty of higher ed administrators using it around the world. We’ve highlighted a few here.

  1. @VCJohnVinney:

    Bournemouth University alumni John Vinney is the vice-chancellor of the school as well as a teacher of computational mechanics. You’ll find posts on everything from engineering to cycling on his feed.

  2. @DMUVC:

    This feed is a great opportunity to learn more about the life and work of vice-chancellor Dominic Shellard, who works at the De Montfort University in Leicester.

  3. @vonprond:

    Ferdinand von Prondzynski is vice-chancellor of Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. Visit his feed for great tweets and links to his blog all about university life.

  4. @VC_UEL:

    Here you’ll find professor and vice-chancellor Patrick McGhee, tweeting about sports, politics, higher ed, and more from the University of East London.

  5. @vcmab:

    Vice-chancellor and CEO of Liverpool John Moores University Michael Brown shares tweets on a variety of issues here.

Provosts, VPs and Chancellors

Through these feeds you can keep up with what a wide range of university provosts are doing on a day-to-day basis.

  1. @ProvostOno:

    Santa Ono is a busy guy. He’s senior VP of academic affairs and provost of the University of Cincinnati as well as a professor of pediatrics and biology, but he still makes time to tweet.

  2. @GMU_Provost:

    Read the tweets of George Mason University provost and professor Peter N. Stearns on this feed. They usually lead to great posts on his blog.

  3. @enetzhammer:

    Chancellor at Washington State University, Vancouver, Mel Netzhammer offers up great tweets about his life, his work, and campus through this feed.

  4. @j_von:

    Here you’ll get a chance to connect with the assistant vice president and registrar at Boston University, as he talks about his job and the BU campus.

  5. @UCI_Chancellor:

    Check out this feed to hear from UC Irvine Chancellor Dr. Michael V. Drake as he showcases campus events, athletics, and more.

  6. @alandrimmer:

    It only makes sense for online college provosts to get involved with Twitter, and that’s just what you’ll find here with the University of Phoenix’s Alan Drimmer.

  7. @cissypetty:

    Cissy Petty is VP of student affairs at Loyola University in New Orleans, often sharing inspirational quotes, motivation, and other upbeat tweets.

  8. @Bold_KU:

    Here you’ll find the Kansas University Provost’s office, with great tweets about the school’s Bold Aspirations plan.

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