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25 Inspiring Blogs To Help You Pay Off Your Student Debt

Skyrocketing college tuition is a major political issue right now, with many grads struggling amidst a poor job market to pay back an average of $25,000 in student loan debts, a record high. This debt can make it hard for grads to plan for other big life events, like buying a home, getting married, or even making a major move, and has forced some to move back in with their parents just to make ends meet.

If you’re among those struggling with your student loan debt and just want to be rid of it and move on with your life, it can be helpful to find some information and inspiration from others who are financial experts, students like you, or people working to pay off substantial amounts of debt. You’ll find all of that and more in these inspirational personal finance blogs that can offer you advice, motivation, and guidance in paying down your student loans so you can start putting that money to other uses.

For Young Adults and Students

Catered toward people in your age bracket, these blogs are designed to speak to you as a recent grad.

  1. Studenomics:

    Studenomics is a blog all about conquering those student loan debts, learning how to manage money, and enjoying building a strong financial life in your post-college years. Just what any debt-saddled grad is looking for.

  2. 20 Something Finance:

    Looking for financial advice for those in the under-30 set? Then check out this blog. It’s loaded with advice on investing, making money, protecting your future, and even retirement savings.

  3. Poorer Than You:

    On Poorer Than You, you’ll find discussions of money issues that are pertinent to 20-somethings, with posts on everything from being frugal to paying back those student loans.

  4. Money Under 30:

    Blogger David Weliver spent most of his 20s paying back more than $80,000 in debt, so he knows a thing or two about getting a handle on finances. Visit his blog to see what lessons he can offer you.

  5. Grad Money Matters:

    Recent grads can learn not only how to save money but also how to make more money on this young adult-focused site.

  6. Student Loan Blog:

    Educate yourself on student loans, debt, and college finance issues through this excellent blog for college students.

  7. Green Panda Treehouse:

    Trying to live on a budget? Manage debt payments on little income? Just be smarter with money? Visit this blog for some helpful advice perfect for fresh college grads.

  8. Young and Thrifty:

    Written for Generation Y, this blog offers advice on topics like investing, saving, frugality, relationships, and more.

  9. The College Investor:

    Those hoping to make their money grow should give this blog a serious read, as it’s full of advice on investing wisely.

Financial Advice

Check with these blogs for some seriously great financial advice that can help you build a budget and pay off your debts.

  1. My Money Blog:

    Get basic personal finance advice from My Money Blog that can help you learn the basics of everything from credit cards to building an investment portfolio.

  2. Get Rich Slowly:

    Slow and steady is the way to win the financial race, or that’s what this blog teaches, anyway. It’s one of the best places to get solid advice on just about every aspect of your financial health.

  3. I Will Teach You to Be Rich:

    Ramit Sethi is a New York Times bestselling author, and his blog on finance is one of the most popular reads on the web. It’s a must-read for any student aiming to pay off debts, buy a home, start a business, or make the most of their income.

  4. Bargaineering:

    Learn more about essential personal finance topics like retirement, debt, savings, and investments from this interesting and accessible personal finance blog.

  5. MintLife Blog:

    Visit Mint’s blog to learn more about personal finance and get access to the site’s award-winning personal finance application.

  6. Money Crashers:

    You’ll find information on just about every aspect of personal finance here, from saving more on entertainment to protecting yourself from fraud, perfect for obtaining a well-rounded financial education.


These blogs are all about debt, and can help you get motivated to pay off your own.

  1. No Debt Plan:

    This blog offers ample advice on not only getting out of debt but also building wealth as you age.

  2. Man Vs. Debt:

    Need some inspiration to tackle tens of thousands in loan debt? Get it from blogger Adam Baker and his wife, who have battled down some serious debt, including student loans. A more recent addition to the site is Joan Otto, who with her husband owed almost $90,000, and grads can learn how she is working to pay it off bit-by-bit.

  3. Debt Free Adventure:

    Ready to live your life without debt? Then start reading this blog for some great advice, often based on spiritual principles.

  4. Debt Hater:

    No one likes debt, but if you really, really hate it, check out this blog to get inspired to kick it to the curb and start living life to the fullest.

  5. So Over Debt:

    It’s hard enough paying off debt when you’re caring for just yourself, but this single mom has a kid to worry about, too. Learn how she’s saving, paying debts, and staying afloat all on her own.

  6. Get Out of Debt Guy:

    Steve Rhode knows a bit about debt because he’s been there, declaring bankruptcy several years ago. On this blog, he shares the lessons he’s learned along the way as well as access to some expert debt advice.

  7. Punch Debt In The Face:

    Debt sucks, so why not give it a good punch in the face? This blog is often funny but it does offer seriously good advice on paying off debts, especially for young adults.

  8. Eventual Millionaire:

    If your long-term goal is to make a cool million, then start reading this blog for advice on not only paying down your debts, but building up some serious assets as you start a business or career.

  9. Enemy of Debt:

    You’ll find plenty of motivation to pay down your debts on this blog that stresses financial responsibility and freedom from debt.

  10. TeacHer Finance:

    Follow this teacher as she pays down her student loan and credit card debts, saves for retirement, and tries to establish a solid financial future.

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