Friday, May 25, 2012

10 Really Weird Devices You Can Use for Internet Access

We can’t say for sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line, internet access became a 24-hour necessity for our culture, and that’s resulted in some significant changes in product design. That is, manufacturers have introduced internet access on some decidedly unconventional devices. Here are ten such devices that can be used for internet access:

  1. CamerasSecurity cameras can be purchased with internet connectivity, allowing users to access control of their surveillance system remotely via a wireless device or a PC. Change the camera’s position and view the monitor, all through your internet connection.
  2. RefrigeratorsYes, a Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator where you can check weather, your calendar, look up recipes and, oh yeah, refrigerate your food. This model comes with an 8-in. touch screen on the door.
  3. Printers All you need now is your printer, and you can toss out the PC as an unnecessary peripheral. How’s that for irony? This HP printer will connect you to the web, print, copy, fax, and even tell your fortune. Okay, we made up that last part, but still.
  4. Icebox Flip-screen TV/Internet/RadioAn under-cabinet wonder for your kitchen, it does pretty much everything you need in a multimedia device in your kitchen. It has TV, FM radio and internet connectivity all in in one box, the Icebox.
  5. Picture FramesLooking more like a tablet than a photo display, the HP Dream Screen provides almost as much internet connectivity while also functioning as a display for your digital photos for one very versatile slide show viewer.
  6. PC EZ Bake OvenOkay, so technically this device doesn’t provide internet access, but it’s just way too cool and unusual, and it does connect to a PC at least. It’s one of the greatest uses we’ve ever seen for a desktop tower expansion port. Unfortunately, it is also not for sale…
  7. Door LocksYour home’s door locks can be accessed via an internet connection. Users can now lock and unlock their doors via their PC or mobile device. These gadgets can also be programmed to operate other household devices that are internet capable.
  8. Karotz – A smart bunny robot which connects to your Wifi and does some pretty amazing things. Load it with up to 200 apps to get it to play radio, read you the news and other oddly entertaining functions.
  9. Automotive on-board computersSome vehicles, such as the Ford F-150 pick-up truck, are equipped with in-dash computers which allow service personnel to browse online to find service manual information.
  10. Sex Toys – Sinulators sex toys that can be connected to your PC, allowing friends and who knows who else to control it remotely. We’ll let you decide the possibilities here, and find it for yourself. As for us, we’re more of the plug-and-play types around here.

It is really scary how web connected we have become. Especially when you think of shows like Terminator and I, Robot. Just what are we getting ourselves into here? A future of attacking fridges and true smart cars?

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