Monday, February 20, 2012

8 Ways to Make Vegetables Fun

If it’s green, it’s a vegetable, if it’s a vegetable chances are your kid has already called the family dog over to the kitchen table for back up. Your goal as a parent is to feed your kids the nutrients that they need, but they aren’t making it easy on you. Here are some fun ways that your kid won’t be feeding the dog under the table.

  1. Ant logs- Cut celery and spoon some peanut butter into the curve of the vegetable. Add delicious raisins in line, and watch the kids shriek with joy over these.
  2. Kid Cocktail – Vegetable juice over ice, in a fun colored cup, add a stick of celery, fun straw and umbrella and before you know it your kid will be asking for seconds. Looks like an adult’s Bloody Mary but it’s your kid’s vegetable in sipping fashion.
  3. Salad Bar- Setting up a mini salad bar in your kitchen is quick and easy. If you give you child the control by letting them select the different options and let them build it, chances are they will eat it all. Don’t forget the different dressing options, croutons and cheese!
  4. Red Pepper Wheelbarrow – This ornate recipe is adorable and fun, you can find the recipe here:
  5. Veggie Face Plate- Cut up plenty of different shapes, colors and sizes vegetables. Think broccoli, tomatoes, olives, carrots and celery. Have a contest to see who can come up with the silliest face and then eat it!
  6. Dinosaur Trees- This may require some imagination or props. Take uncooked broccoli and scatter them standing up around your child’s plate and tell them they are dinosaur trees. If need be and you must take it a step further grab some mini dinosaur figurines and use your imagination.
  7. Veggie Soup-Prepare a big vegetable soup dinner and add fun shaped and/or fun colored noodles. Most likely the kids will be too concerned with spooning up the different noodle shapes to notice they are eating veggies.
  8. Veggie Pizza Man- Thin crust dough, light sauce and prepare and assortment of veggies. Have the kids pull up a stool in the kitchen and let them create their own pizza man. Then pop in the oven for a bit and you eat!

Serving yummy dishes like this is a must for any parent. Remember to always keep veggie talk light and positive and not a big deal. The more you fuss over it the more they will fuss over it. Now go eat your veggies!

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