Monday, February 27, 2012

10 TV Programs That Should Be in 3D

If you’re one of those consumers, like us, who wants to have all the latest technologies, and you’ve bought a 3D television, then this will not come as a shock to you. The pickings are slim for 3D TV broadcasts. Seriously, Celebrity Poker, in 3D? Someone needs to get with these network execs and tell them what’s up; and that someone is us. We hereby submit the following 10 TV programs that should be in 3D:

  1. CSI – Forensic shows of any kind, really, are a natural for this technology. What’s the problem here, CBS et. al.? Let’s get a look at those crime scenes and cadavers as nature intended already.
  2. SNF / MNF – We don’t understand why networks have yet to feature 3D technology on all of their prime-time NFL football games. Instead we get previously recorded college games, frequently from the previous season. Pathetic.
  3. Dancing With The Stars – Put us out there on the dance floor. Or better yet, bring the dance floor right into our living rooms. We want to be part of the action.
  4. Two and a Half Men – If for no other reason than to see if two and a half men in 3D amounts to seven and a half men. That, and for the simulated opportunity to slap Ashton Kutcher for being such a lame replacement for Charlie Sheen.
  5. Doctor Who – This BBC sci-fi classic is just ripe for three-dimensional viewing. How cool would it be to have a Minotaur coming at you on the couch, eh? Or better still, Amy Pond?
  6. Myth Busters – The next toilet these guys blow up, or the next projectile they launch, ought to be in 3D. Oh, and two more words: Kari Byron.
  7. UFC – At the very least, their PPV events need to be amped up in 3D. This is just a natural for the medium; and since they’re already telecasting boxing in 3D, we say what’s the hold-up?
  8. Grey’s Anatomy – Come on girls, let’s make some noise. This would be the next best thing to a house call from Dr, McDreamy himself. Not to mention the wow factor of a bird’s eye views in the OR.
  9. Survivor – The exotic locations and the team challenges would really pop with some 3D tech. It’s a great way to pump some new life into this prime time staple. Make it happen.
  10. Olympic Games – You can start with the Summer Games in London, but we’re really salivating at the thought of seeing the luge in our laps, come 2014. Hurry up already.
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