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50 Essential Homeschool Blogs for Every Grade Level

Homeschooling practices are as diverse as the parents and kids who take part in its tenets. But whether secular or religious, rigidly structured or freeform, motivated by politics or motivated by convenience, the only thing they seem to hold in common is a desire to offer children the best possible education. Because so many students, moms, dads, and experts have taken to blogging, hitting up some of these sites makes it exceptionally painless to set up a little network and soak up some inspiration. And the following provide a hefty start!

Preschool and Kindergarten

  1. Homeschool Creations: Religious or not, homeschooling parents of preschoolers and kindergartners should bookmark this fabulous resource for lesson plans, product reviews, advice, worthy links, and plenty more.

  2. PreschoolersandPeace: Mother of eight Kendra Fletcher has plenty of experience with homeschooling preschoolers (and, obviously, other grade levels), which she relays here for her new and seasoned peers.

  3. 1+1+1=1: Hit up 1+1+1=1 when seeking out printable materials and lesson plans suitable for preschool and kindergarten students.

  4. Simply Mel: Simply Mel isn't always about homeschooling, as the author also talks about her inquiries into a natural lifestyle, but she does talk about her preschool and kindergarten strategies.

  5. Confessions of a Homeschooler: Get free and for-profit preschool and kindergarten ideas, lesson plans, syllabi, and other resources from this very useful little homeschooling blog.

  6. Itsy Bitsy Learners: Homeschooling parents dealing with educating ages 0 through 6 might want to head here for updated information, advice, and printables on a wide number of subjects.

  7. The Work of Childhood: This blog targets moms and dads homeschooling their preschool and kindergarten-aged children, putting valuable research and resources right at their fingertips.

  8. Homepreschool and beyond: Pretty much everything visitors need to know about this site can be identified right there in the title; in short, head here when seeking ways to best educate a homeschooled preschooler  and other grade levels as well  from author Susan Lemons.

  9. Living Montessori Now: Moms and dads wanting to homeschool their children using the Montessori method might want to explore Living Montessori Now, which isn't exclusively about preschool but still covers it extensively.

  10. Rockabye Butterfly: When homeschooling that preschooler (and, eventually, kindergartner), turn to this blog for some super cool activities kids will find engaging and educational.


  1. Simple Homeschool: Multiple homeschooling mothers weigh in on a wide range of relevant education topics, but by far the most common grade levels covered are the elementary ones.

  2. I Can Teach My Child: A former first-grade teacher channels her experience into a blog that covers early childhood homeschool tips, with advice and insight ranging from birth to more than six years old.

  3. Teaching With TLC: Author, homeschooler, and curriculum and elementary education expert Tamara Chilver posts a plethora of seriously useful advice snippets and classroom materials.

  4. Four Little Penguins: Three of these metaphorical flightless birds are elementary schoolers, and visitors can read about how their family balances grades one, three, and four with a kindergartner underfoot.

  5. Homeschool Math: Make math lessons a little less painful by checking out this useful resource sporting activities and lessons for grades K through five.

  6. Elementary at Home School Share: "Elementary" may be one tag in a sea of many here at this useful group blog, but it pops up enough to almost warrant an entire site of its own.

  7. Homegrown Learners: Owned and maintained by a former elementary music teacher with a master's in educational leadership, Homegrown Learners challenges visitors to be the best parents and instructors they possibly can be.

  8. Homeschooling Hearts & Minds: Read reviews on homeschool supplies, curricula, and more handy dandy resources appropriate for kids under 11.

  9. It's a Boy's Life: With four boys and a girl to care for, this family knows a few things about super engaging field trips, projects, crafts, and other engaging educational activities.

  10. Hoppin' Homeschoolers: Kim Calhoun only recently began homeschooling her young son, who struggled with bullying and the traditional classroom setting, so her blog is appropriate for other parents wanting to learn all about the adjustments.

Middle School and Junior High

  1. Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum: Exactly what it says on the tin! Visit Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum for details and suggestions regarding a sixth grade homeschool curriculum.

  2. A Little Rebellion: Homeschooling plans here run from kindergarten to fifth grade, but the latter comprises the majority of this blog's offerings.

  3. Jimmie's Collage: Through stints in China and the United States, this blogger has homeschooled her 12-year-old daughter using the Charlotte Mason method, and shares everything they've learned together here.

  4. A Family Runs Through It: In northern Idaho lives this comfortable homeschooled family where the father heads up classes, and their son is about to head out of his middle school years.

  5. Cityschooling: New York City, America's largest city, provides ample opportunities for this innovative homeschooling mom, whose methods incorporate more traditional classroom opportunities as well. These days, she only seems to be teaching the fifth grader at home.

  6. Homeschool Musings: Blogger April educates her three kids at home, two of whom fall into the middle- and junior-high category, and openly discusses their curriculum on a regular basis.

  7. Our Homeschool Adventure: Get inspired with projects, field trips, and other amazing ways to teach tweens effectively without boring them to tears.

  8. Five J's: With one kid about to hit middle school, one in middle school, and one who just left middle school, the "Five J's" and their hyper-detailed blog are an ideal resource for homeschooling parents navigating those pesky transition periods.

  9. Mountaineer Country: Because her middle school-aged daughter Morgan lives with Type-1 diabetes, this mother thinks homeschooling a thoroughly attractive option.

  10. HOME'S COOL: Homeschooling moms and dads juggling middle school kids with their adult and elementary children might find some excellent advice from this secular, low-key Pennsylvania family.

High School

  1. Why Homeschool: Although a general homeschooling blog, this one's focus on education philosophy might tantalize high school students wanting to learn more about the whys behind their parents' lesson plans.

  2. The Thinking Mother: With young adult media reviews, tech tips, advice, and more, The Thinking Mother has plenty to offer the homeschooled teen and pre-teen.

  3. Notes From A Homeschooling Mom: Seeing as how this blogger has more than nine years of homeschooling experience, her little corner of the web has some informative things to say about college prep and more.

  4. Handmade Homeschool: Perfect for homeschooling parents with DIY tastes or simply wanting to incorporate more crafts into the classroom, courtesy of a mom with a tween and a teen to look after.

  5. lucia, etc.: Blogs make for an excellent way to get homeschooled teens talking about their experiences with parents and fellow students, as the very popular lucia, etc. proves.

  6. The HomeScholar: Lee Binz's blog and website both focus on formulating the best possible syllabi for college-bound Christian high schoolers.

  7. Mission Possible: It's all about high school here, from college prep to getting middle school and junior high students ready to make the transition up. And, of course, everything in between.

  8. Rebel Homeschool: If secular homeschooling with a community-centric ideology sounds greatly appealing, check out what this mother of two teens has to share.

  9. Janice Campbell: She might proffer information about "homeschooling through high school," but educating teens remains this expert's main focus.

  10. Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers: Click the "Curriculum" tab for a very detailed look at how mother Kris approaches high schooling at home, then head to her blog and read up on even more strategies.

Special Needs

  1. Mom Off Track: Barb Likos doesn't blog exclusively about homeschooling, but her son is confined to a wheelchair and she openly discusses her strategies for educating him.

  2. Blue House Academy: At Blue House Academy, some concessions need making in order to accommodate the needs of an autistic third grader.

  3. Our Side of the Mountain: Parents desiring to homeschool their children with sensory processing disorder might find inspiration about how to best educate them here.

  4. Special Needs Homeschooling: In addition to compiling excellent resources for parents homeschooling children with special needs (mostly learning disorders), this blog also caters to moms and dads with them as well, addressing what they might experience while teaching.

  5. Sunflower Schoolhouse: Homeschooling mother Honey Brown doesn't let her chronic pain prevent her from educating her kids, co-running an Etsy shop, and meeting the needs of a child with ADHD and autism.

  6. Confessions of a Montessori Mom: Lisa Nolan is a Montessori-trained educator available for fielding questions and concerns about homeschooling using the method, as well as how it can be adapted for the needs of Down's Syndrome children.

  7. My Angels and Autism: Consult My Angels and Autism for informative product reviews, craft suggestions, curricula pointers, and many other resources regarding the homeschooling of children with autism spectrum disorders.

  8. Hand Signs & Expressions of a Homeschooler: While all three of her children can hear, this homeschooling mother is deaf and communicates lessons via sign language, chronicling her experiences in a very popular read.

  9. Special Connection Homeschool: Homeschooling parents, parents with Down's Syndrome children, and those falling into both demographics all benefit from the highly informative Special Connection Homeschool.

  10. Aut-2B-Home in Carolina: Educating at home doesn't have to end after the teen years, as this family and their 22-year-old autistic daughter prove. Stop here to learn more about the autism spectrum and the education techniques that do and do not work for them.

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