Friday, February 24, 2012

5 Ways to Legally Rid Yourself of a Peeping Tom

Having your privacy invaded by someone peeking through your windows can be quite unnerving. There is often little the police can do to prevent this type of incident from recurring unless the perpetrator’s identity is known, which it usually isn’t. Even when a person is trespassing on your property, you still are limited in what you can legally do to that person. Setting any kind of trap could actually make you liable for their injury. That doesn’t mean that you have to sit back and do nothing. Here are five ways you can legally rid yourself of a peeping Tom.

  1. Light it up. Peeping Toms look for homes where they can see into lit windows and they are hidden in the dark areas around the house. Installing outdoor flood lights and landscape lighting, in the areas where they might attempt to peek in, will often be enough to keep them from coming back. Leaving lights on inside the house in different unoccupied room each night can also leave them confused as to where to find you.
  2. Motion detector lighting. If you don’t want lights permanently shining outside your windows at night, install motion detector lighting instead. These lights automatically turn on when something moves underneath them. No peeping Tom wants to me suddenly spotlighted. It will certainly send them running, if they do choose to return. It may keep stray cats and dogs away from the house as well.
  3. Change your window coverings. If there’s nothing to see, the peeper will lose his motivation for coming around. Heavier insulated drapes or blinds made of a more substantial material, that are kept drawn, can keep any shadows or shapes from creating a picture show on your windows in the evening. Just being aware and keeping blinds fully closed may be all that you need to do.
  4. Landscape changes. Simply making the landscape around your windows less inviting can also discourage return visits. Plant large bushes underneath your windows. Thorny rose bushes would be an excellent choice. Tying some noise makers to their branches can add an extra deterrent to anyone willing to brave the branches. If they can’t stand directly underneath the windows, it will be difficult for them to see in and will make them a more visible target, as well.
  5. Let out a shout. Letting the person know that they’ve been seen will usually send them running. Adding the phrase ‘I’m calling the police’ will help convince them not to return. Then make the call. If they are still lurking around, the appearance of a patrol car should make them realize that you weren’t bluffing.

Putting some of these deterrents in place should help give you a little more peace of mind. You will still want to double check the security of your home. Make sure you have deadbolts on all your entrance doors and they are kept locked, even when you are at home. Make sure all windows are kept closed and can’t be opened from the outside. Installing a security system that would detect intruders attempting to enter would be more extreme, but still an option worth investing if you feel it is warranted.

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