Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 Reasons eCigs and eSmoke Still eStink

For smokers attempting to kick the habit, an electronic smoking device can seem like the answer to a prayer. Manufacturers of these battery-powered gadgets claim that the vapor supplies nicotine without the harmful side effects of smoking traditional cigarettes, leading many to make the switch. Whether you’re using an eCigarette as a temporary cessation device or planning to permanently replace a smoking habit with nicotine vapor, here are ten reasons you should consider carefully before making that eCig kit purchase.
  1. Nitrosamines – Cancer causing chemicals and organic compounds called nitrosamines are found in cigarette smoke, but are also present in the vapors of eCigs. Despite the claims of manufacturers that electronic cigarettes are harmless, these chemicals and compounds are carcinogenic.
  2. Propylene Glycol – While the FDA has classified propylene glycol as “generally recognized as safe” for use as a food additive due to the relatively low oral toxicity, large quantities can cause adverse effects. In some individuals, inhalation of propylene glycol can also cause respiratory irritation. Virtually all brands of eCig cartridges contain this chemical.
  3. Heart Attack Risks – Lung cancer rates among eCig users may someday prove to be lower than among traditional smokers, but the health-damaging effects of nicotine are still a risk for some. The increase in heart rate and blood pressure that accompanies nicotine use can lead to cardiovascular damage in some consumers.
  4. Limited Quality Control – The majority of eCigarettes and replacement cartridges are manufactured overseas and are not regulated by American agencies. Testing and quality control of these products is limited, and impurities or additives frequently go undisclosed to consumers.
  5. Long Term Effects Are Still a Mystery – Once upon a time, use of cigarettes in America was widespread. Manufacturers in the earlier part of the twentieth century even claimed that they were beneficial to health. The truth of the matter was eventually discovered after generations of users suffered from the damaging effects of smoke. The limited amount of data available on eCigarettes and non-standardized manufacturing means that their safety can not be unequivocally stated.
  6. Nicotine Poisoning Risks – The amount of nicotine contained in an eCigarette cartridge is enough to poison a toddler or child that accidentally consumes the contents. Brands with only a foil seal to contain the nicotine solution are particularly dangerous in this respect.
  7. Flammable Additives – The vapor created by using an eCigarette is the result of a heating element placed either in the cartridge or stem of the device. Most manufacturers claim that the solution inside their cartridges only consists of propylene glycol and nicotine, but independent testing has shown that irritating and flammable 2-butanol is present in many brands.
  8. Perpetuation of Habit – Though not a concern for users who have no intention of quitting, consumers who view the electronic cigarette as a cessation device might run into trouble. Because the physical gesture of bringing a cigarette-like device to the mouth and being rewarded with a dose of nicotine is so similar to the action of smoking an actual cigarette, none of the ingrained behaviors are broken.
  9. Tetramethylpyrazine – Another chemical found in some brands of eCig cartridges in independent studies was the potentially brain-damaging tetramethylpyrazine. Prolonged exposure to the chemical increases the risk of brain damage, which is a concern for users who may unknowingly be using a brand of eCigarette whose cartridges contain it.
  10. Potential Lung Damage – A Greek study indicated that healthy smokers who used an eCigarette for only five minutes showed changes in airways and lung function. Signs of constriction and inflammation were apparent almost immediately, leading to concern about prolonged use.
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