Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 Websites Ozzy Osbourne Should Bookmark

Heavy metal fans around the world have revered former Black Sabbath frontman and successful solo artist Ozzy Osborne for more than forty years. The following ten websites are among those that the Godfather of Heavy Metal should consider adding to his favorites list.

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous Osbourne’s battle with alcohol addiction has been well-publicized over the years. He has openly stated that he’s baffled by the fact that he managed to survive the years of extreme alcoholism and his resulting behavior.
  2. The Alamo – One of the most well-known pieces of Ozzy-related history is the story of his decade-long banishment from the city of San Antonio, Texas. In a drunken stupor and his wife’s clothes, Osbourne urinated on the cenotaph honoring those who died at the Alamo. His antics led to an arrest and the refusal of city officials to allow his return.
  3. PETA – In an infamous stunt that horrified record execs and outraged animal rights activists, Ozzy once bit the head off of a dove during a meeting. The original plan was for the birds to be released as a symbol of peace, but an inebriated Osbourne snatched one from the air and orally decapitated it. After spitting the bird’s head onto a table, he’s said to have smiled peacefully with blood dripping from his lips. Later, he also accidentally repeated the incident on-stage with a bat that he mistakenly thought was made of rubber.
  4. Motley Crue – The 1984 tour that Osbourne shared with legendary party-animal rock stars Motley Crue has been called the “craziest drug and alcohol-fueled tour in the history of rock and roll.” Rock legend states that Ozzy snorted a line of ants after Crue bassist Nikki Sixx set fire to himself.
  5. Tony Iommi – The relationship between Ozzy and founding Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has been a tumultuous one, by all accounts. After legal battles and artistic differences, the original members of the seminal outfit announced a reunion tour and new album in 2011. Fan celebrations were cut short in the earliest days of 2012 with Tony Iommi’s announcement of a lymphoma diagnosis. Plans for the album, with high-profile producer Rick Rubin at the helm, have not changed. Iommi insists that his treatments will not delay the long-awaited album.
  6. Ozzfest – The massive touring metal festival that Ozzy and his team put together each year, Ozzfest, is always one of the concert season’s biggest draws. Each year’s lineup is a balance of the long-established heavy-hitters in the metal world and new up-and-coming acts.
  7. IMDb In addition to an impressive list of soundtrack contributions, Ozzy Osbourne has a handful of acting credits to his name. His turn as a televangelist anti-metal crusader in the 1986 cult film Trick or Treat is certainly one of Osbourne’s career highlights.
  8. OzzyLike any self-respecting rock star, Ozzy’s sure to have a bit of a narcissistic bent. In order to satisfy those urges, his own official website is a must on the bookmarked list.
  9. Scientific American As the first (and only, to date) rock star to have his entire genome sequenced, Ozzy has also made a significant contribution to the scientific world. The data may, as science advances, aid researchers in the area of addiction science as well as isolating a propensity for musical skill on the genetic level.
  10. The Sunday London Times – Osbourne’s weekly contribution to the Sunday London Times in the form of a column entitled Ask Dr. Ozzy makes their website another must-visit on his list. The column draws upon the hard-living legend’s wide array of experiences and wisdom, covering the topics of addiction, music and witty advice.
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