Thursday, February 23, 2012

10 Good Ways to Stretch your Diaper Budget

Keeping your baby in diapers can be a huge strain on the household budget. Families spend hundreds of dollars on diapers for one child in a year. If a family has more than one child in diapers at one time, the budget for diapers can end up being more than your household energy bills. It is worth the time to find ways to keep the diaper budget under control. Here are 10 good ways to stretch your diaper budget.

  1. Coupons – Clip those coupons from the paper, have friends and family members save diaper coupons for you and don’t neglect the coupon forums online. In addition, most brand name diaper companies will send you coupons and special deals when you sign up for their newsletters online.
  2. Sales – Pairing your coupons with diaper sales can really bring the prices down on these weekly necessities. Keep your eyes out for sales that match up with your coupons.
  3. Bulk buying – Buying your diapers in bulk from warehouse stores like Sam’s Club or Costco can bring you some savings. There also some bulk shopping opportunities online. Always be sure to determine your cost per diaper including shipping and/or membership fees. Buying in bulk isn’t always a big savings.
  4. Don’t over buy – The danger of buying in bulk can be that you over buy for your child’s current size and then have leftover diapers that they have outgrown. If it does happen, you may be able to find another parent who will happily buy them from you, but it is better to estimate your need as accurately as possible.
  5. Store brands – Don’t assume that cheaper store brand diapers are of a lesser quality than the brand name diapers. Take a chance and try a few different types. You may find one that works perfectly well for your child without the expensive brand name price.
  6. Proper fit – One of the keys to a good diaper is a proper fit so that the diaper doesn’t leak. Find the brand that fits your baby’s bottom best will mean changing diapers when the diapers are wet and not the clothes.
  7. Smallest size – The larger the diaper size, the more you will be spending per diaper. Put off the jump to a bigger size until you absolutely have to and save a few dollars by waiting.
  8. Cloth diapers – A surprising amount of parents are returning to cloth diapers these days. There is a very definite savings in choosing cloth over disposable, if you are willing to sacrifice the convenience. There are many different options available for cloth diapers on today’s market as well. Old fashioned diaper pins and plastic pants are no longer your only options and diapers come in a variety of styles and thicknesses as well.
  9. Diaper gifts – For baby showers and other gift times, a request for diapers only can provide you with a long time supply and big savings on an item of necessity rather than extra niceties.
  10. Diaper coop – Families who work together on bulk shopping for diapers can find many more savings opportunities than one family working alone; that is the idea behind diaper coops.

There isn’t one perfect solution, but if you combine a few of these money saving tips together, you’re bound to keep your diaper budget under control.

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