Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 Ways to Use the Internet to Shop for a New Car

Having purchased a used car online once, gives me some first-hand information on how it works. My husband and I decided we needed another car. He has a way of convincing me our present auto is going to fall apart within a few months if we don’t get busy with the trading process. Deciding we wanted to change from the make and model we -

  1. Made a decision as to new or used.
  2. After we made the decision on what make we wanted, we Googled the make ti see all the pro’s and cons from former and present owners.
  3. Also to see also what its overall rating was.

It is amazing how many car lots have a web site for people like you and I who don’t want a hassle. I did work for new car dealerships in my younger years, and learned some of the ins and outs of the trade. People are smarter now and the dickering is almost a thing of the past I’m glad to say. So even though with the first things that need to be done, all of them doesn’t apply to the Internet, the suggestions are definitely a place to start your search.

We must have some idea of just how much of an upgrade we are looking for. It is said a new car is probably the second most expensive thing we will ever purchase, a home being the first. So with that in mind, take your time. Don’t be in a rush and buy the first thing you see. That is why it is so very important to have an idea what you are looking for, do your homework on what the list price, what other dealers would sell it for. And braced with all the information you’ve gone to the internet to find, you should be driving home in the automobile of your choice when the time comes.

  1. Look for dealerships in your city or within a certain mile radius that sells the make you’ve decided on.
  2. You should be able to see their inventory and a suggested retail price, as well as colors available.
  3. Some dealers, who use the Internet for listing their inventory, also have one salesman who mans that website. As a rule you deal directly with them. You can give them a call and ask whatever question you may have that isn’t answered on the website itself.
  4. If you aren’t familiar with the dealership, you can get directions to their lot from their website.
  5. It is according to how much hurry you are in or how soon you need a new car, but many dealers are delighted to special order you one to your specifications, all while setting at your computer punching buttons, or talking to them by chat, or on the phone. Oh the days of new technology.
  6. I did a Google search on the words “small SUV autos” and came up with a wonderful website that gave me US News scores and ratings on every small SUV from Toyota RAV4 to the Dodge Nitro. Everything I needed to make a decision, should I want a small SUV that is.
  7. You may be surprised as to the help the Internet has in assisting you in your purchase of a new automobile. Are you aware you can buy Direct? If you choose to buy a new car online through Cars Direct, a Vehicle Specialist will contact you quickly and help you through the entire car buying process.

If you prefer to buy your next new car from a dealer, they will match your needs with a member of a certified dealer network near you. Your VIP dealer representative will work with you to find your vehicle and negotiate a low price.

There is few things in life like the feel and smell of a new car. My husband has found the smell can’t be duplicated with those air freshener thingys that hang in the car. So go for it, and enjoy the end results of your labor.

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