Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Signs your Hotel's Technology Sucks

10 Signs Your Hotel’s Technology Sucks

The hospitality industry would have you believe that your lodging will come equipped with at least state-of-the-century technology. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Business travelers can regale you with tales of horror about trying to work on-the-road. From balky phone lines to microwaves that won’t soften butter, commercial lodging is rife with little traps and bedevilments. Some things can be spotted ahead of time, but some will wait until the unsuspecting lodger has paid for his key. This article will share some examples of what can happen when technology goes bad, and serve up a few hints that may save you from a world of grief.

You know your hotel’s technology sucks when. . .

  1. …you reach for the phone to call in a complaint about the lack of air-conditioning during your July visit to Phoenix, only there is no phone. Or when you dial the front desk, and you are connected to a call center in Bangalore.
  2. …you ask about wi-fi and are met with a blank stare and then handed the phone number use for logging on with the dialup modem. The 45-minutes it takes to access your e-mail account would be another clue.
  3. …you try to open the microwave oven but find out that it is actually the television. Or you stare at the microwave oven for hours because it gets better reception than the television.
  4. . . .the wake-up service determines that 2:30 am is a better time for you to wake-up for your all-important power-point presentation than the 5:30 am you originally selected. Or the wake-up service determines that 8:00 am is the right time for you to wake up for your 7:00 am job interview.
  5. . . .the luxury massage shower-head is stuck on the “fire-hose” setting, and you learn that steam from a hot shower can set off smoke alarms and a sprinkler system. Or perhaps, the alternative of hot water being available only once a week on Thursday, and you staying for the weekend.
  6. . . .the desk clerk tells you that your bathroom for your floor is located at the end of the hall and to your right.
  7. . . .you are told where the candles are located for when the power is down during your stay.
  8. . . .the treadmill in the fitness center is stuck on 45mph and the only other exercise option is to follow a ’80′s video of dancerize.
  9. . . .the coffee maker is a percolator from the ’60′s and takes 30 minutes to generate a pot of coffee.
  10. . . .you see phone booths in the lobby with rotary-dial phones, and the creaky elevator insists that there is a stop between the fourth and fifth floors. Worse yet, there IS no elevator, and they gave you a room on the 9th floor.

It’s easy to fall between the technological cracks, but this little guide should help to prepare you for what awaits the unwary traveler.


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