Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Places to Get a Phone Number Without Using Google

It’s amazing how the internet has affected our everyday behavior. Shopping, getting information or directions and even finding phone numbers can all be done online. Now we’re all so used to being able to Google anything we need to know, we may not remember there are other options. Just in case Google doesn’t work, here are 10 places to get a phone number without using that particular search engine.

  1. Phone book – What used to be the first place someone would look to find a phone number is nearly obsolete. If you need to look up a number, try the old fashioned way of looking in a phone book.
  2. Business card – Another place to get a phone number is from a business card. This is a great source because many numbers aren’t listed in directories. Most cards include work, cell and home phone numbers, so you have more options.
  3. Newspaper – If you need to call a business in the area, the local paper is a great source of phone numbers. Check the ads in the paper for the number you need.
  4. Cell phone – Modern cell phones have the capabilities of storing hundreds of phone numbers. For many people this is the first place they look when they need to find a number.
  5. Directory assistance – If all else fails, try calling directory assistance to get the phone number you need. Most of them will connect you to the number after they find it for free or a small fee.
  6. Ask a friend – If you don’t know the name of the company or person, call a friend to find the number. You can ask them who that plumbing guy was they told you about the other day and what’s his number?
  7. Email contacts – I keep many phone numbers stored in my email contacts on my computer. This is a much quicker way of finding a number than using a Google search.
  8. – Google isn’t the only search engine on the internet and there are many websites that specialize in finding phone numbers. has both white and yellow pages, plus they also have reverse lookup capabilities.
  9. – Another online source for phone numbers is This website is a good source to find personal phone numbers, so add it to your bookmarks.
  10. – If you need to find a business phone number, is another source you can try. Even if you don’t know the name of the company you’re looking for, you can search by category and location.

With all these options, there’s no reason for not finding the phone number you need. There are many websites to find cell phone numbers and reverse number lookups to check numbers on your caller ID or phone bill. The problem is, now when someone asks you why you didn’t call, you don’t have the excuse that you couldn’t find the number.

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