Monday, September 19, 2011

10 Bizarre but Real College Clubs

We've all heard of the math club and the chess club, but some colleges take the idea of the club to a whole new level. Some clubs are serious, others not as much, but there's one thing for certain – America's universities truly have something for everyone. Check out these 10 bizarre but real college clubs:

  1. The Ichidan Live Theatre & Cosplay club, Boise State University: Boise, Idaho, may be the last place you'd ever imagine to see a live theatre group inspired by Japanese anime and manga, but Boise State University does in fact have a club dedicated to this art form. The Ichidan Live Theatre & Cosplay club at Boise State University provides an outlet for these crazed fans to dress up like their favorite characters and act out story lines that you'd see in Japanese anime. You may not get the cosplay craze, but you've got to give it to these kids for their passion for performing.
  2. Michigan Squirrel Club, University of Michigan: If you have an affinity for the nut-gathering rodents that hang around parks and your college campus, you might be a good asset to the University of Michigan's Squirrel Club. The Michigan Squirrel Club was established in 2002, and its membership continues to grow every year. These squirrely kids have a simple mission – to feed and look after the welfare of the squirrels on campus. Not only do you get to hand-feed squirrels, but this club also has zero dues!
  3. MIT Assassins' Guild, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: No, this isn't a club for cold-blooded killers, just kids who pretend to be. The MIT Assassins' Guild hosts live-action role playing games, where students pretend to be assassins and run around campus shooting each other with foam dart guns. Each game features a different set of characters, time periods and themes. If that doesn't sound like a crazy fun Saturday night to you, then you are clearly not cut out for the MIT Assassins' Guild.
  4. The Shire of Grey Gargoyles of the Society for Creative Anachronism, The University of Chicago: With a name like The Shire of Grey Gargoyles of the Society for Creative Anachronism, you know it's going to be an odd group of guys and gals. The University of Chicago's Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA for short, are devoted to recreating the Medieval period all the way down to the combat sports, songs and dances. This SCA chapter really gets into the combat sports by hosting single and team battles, known as melees, as well as dueling and archery practice. Participants also use real steel swords and dress in pieces of armor, so beware!
  5. Harvard College Cube Club, Harvard University: Just when you thought Harvard couldn't get any nerdier, a group of students created the Harvard College Cube Club, also known as C-cubed, in 2010. This newly established club is centered around the almighty Rubik's cube. Its members get together and try to solve a cube or perform new tricks with the 3-D puzzle.
  6. Muggle Quidditch Team, Princeton University: Princeton University's Muggle Quidditch Team is based on the — you guessed it — wizarding sport played in the Harry Potter stories. This club's members get together to play quidditch matches against other area universities, including Penn and Brown. Indeed, this "sport" has certainly cast its spell over our best and brightest, and it doesn't look like its popularity will be slowing down any time soon.
  7. Hygiene for Humanity, Colorado State University: Colorado State University's Hygiene for Humanity is a group of squeaky clean students who are committed to keeping the people of Fort Collins and surrounding cities so fresh and so clean. Hygiene for Humanity members collect products like soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste and donate these toiletries to homeless shelters throughout Colorado. Kudos to this group of students for doing a nice deed, even if they are just a bunch of germaphobes.
  8. Campus People Watchers, University of Minnesota: We all people watch, but one group of college students has gone as far as making a club out of this mindless activity. The University of Minnesota's Campus People Watchers club meets on and off campus to watch people and make psychological and cultural observations about what they see. As bizarre as this college club may be, they do draw the line at watching someone too closely or in a creepy manner. Phew!
  9. The Quill and the Sword, Brigham Young University: BYU's The Quill and the Sword club is a club dedicated to medieval culture. And that means dedicated. These self-proclaimed "geeks" recreate medieval combat, cooking, clothing and art as accurately as they possibly can. The club is divided into guilds and each guild is assigned a trade, such as blacksmithing or dragon slaying. They meet every week to sharpen their swordsmanship, but don't let the combat fool you. Members only refer to each other by their full Medieval names, such as "His Majesty Charles the Blue." The Quill and Sword club is out to show the rest of campus that the Middle Ages were much more than just death and plagues, and the unique dedication of these quirky historical reenactors gives any curious student the opportunity to truly experience Medieval times.
  10. The Avant-Garde Cuisine Society, Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, N.Y.: The Avant-Garde Cuisine Society at the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, N.Y., is not your typical cooking club. This group of wannabe chefs takes a break from slicing and dicing to make unusual culinary treats, such as bacon-flavored cotton candy and tapioca pudding made from a maltodextrin powder. This progressive club merges science with cooking by using unconventional ingredients like Methocel, glycerin and sucrose ester emulsifiers. As cool as their concoctions sound, we don't necessarily want to see these dishes at our favorite restaurant.
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