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10 Signs that Babysitting is not for You

September 28th, 2011 by admin

Babysitting is a great first time job for both boys and girls. However, not everyone is meant to be a babysitter. Let’s start by looking at the picture picked for this article. If you would give anything to be able to pickup the screaming baby, then you may have a natural inclination towards babysitting. IF however, you want to run (not walk) into another room or want to start crying yourself then those could be signs that you are not ready to be a babysitter. Listed below are ten other signs that babysitting is not for you.

  1. You Don’t Enjoy It. Like anything you do, if you do not enjoy it, chances are that you will not do it well. Caring for children is not the same as mowing the lawn; you can’t do it half way. If you plan to babysit, you really need to enjoy it as well.
  2. You Get Frustrated Easily. Not everyone is patient with children. If you find yourself getting frustrated easily around kids, then you may want to find another vocation.
  3. Children Don’t Seem To Like You. You may enjoy being around children, but if they do not enjoy being around you, it’s going to be a lost cause. Certain kids may need some time to get used to strangers, but if it seems like children in general do not like you, then babysitting is not for you.
  4. You Do Not Like Being Left Home Alone. Some people do not like being home alone. This isn’t just for teenagers, but adults as well. If you get scared being alone, whether it is daytime or night, you should probably not be babysitting.
  5. You Are Nervous Around Children. Kids can make some people uneasy, especially babies, if you are not used to them. If taking care of children makes you nervous, then it should be avoided.
  6. You Think Video Games Are a Substitute for a Babysitter. If you think that setting a kid in front of a video game is a way to keep them occupied, while you do something else, then you are not mature enough to handle the responsibility.
  7. The Sight Of Blood Makes You Faint. Accidents will happen, and with children, they tend to happen more frequently. If you plan to babysit, you need to be prepared to handle emergencies that may include being able to stop bleeding.
  8. You Can’t Imagine Changing a Diaper. Diaper changes tend to go with the territory of babysitting. If this makes you queasy, then you should avoid babysitting, at least with young children.
  9. Your Parents Won’t Let You Babysit Siblings. If your own parents will not let you babysit for your younger siblings, chances are, you are not ready to babysit other people’s children. Babysitting for siblings is great practice, but if you are not allowed there is probably a reason for it.
  10. You Use Mood Altering Chemicals. Children require constant attention of an alert and responsible caregiver. If you use any chemicals, you should not be left to care for minors. That doesn’t just mean alcohol or illegal drugs, but prescription drugs that can alter your mood as well.

Babysitting can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for both the sitter and the children. You do need to keep the items mentioned above in mind, before venturing out into the babysitting world. Remember that not everyone is cut out to be a babysitter, and it is ok, if this is not the right fit for you.

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