Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Reasons I Hate to Go to a Movie Theater

Some people get very excited about seeing the latest movies when they hit the theaters, but I’m not one of them. Going to a theater to see a movie is not my idea of a good time. How anyone can consider going to the movies an enjoyable experience is beyond me. Here are 10 very good reasons I hate to go to a movie theater.

  1. They’re filthy – Movie theaters are filthy. People spill food and beverages leaving a sticky mess. Who wants to sit in a seat covered with whatever snacks the last person sitting there was eating?
  2. Uncomfortable – You can’t get more uncomfortable than movie theater seats. They’re hard and cramped with no leg room. I much prefer the comfort of the recliner in my own living room.
  3. Expensive – Going to the movies is expensive. By the time you add up the cost of the tickets, the snacks and the transportation to get there and back, you’ve spent a small fortune. Why would anyone pay that much for such a rotten experience?
  4. Buy snacks – The prices they charge for snacks in a movie theater is ridiculous. I can have much better snacks and beverages of my choice at home for a fraction of the cost. In the theater there’s no place to put your snacks once you get to your seat which explains why they get spilled all the time.
  5. Can’t pause or rewind – When I watch a movie at home, I can pause it or rewind it whenever I want. I never have to worry about missing a good part while I’m in the restroom or getting a snack.
  6. Surrounded by strangers – Why would anyone want to see a movie with a bunch of people you don’t even know? Sitting in a dark theater surrounded by strangers is very uncomfortable for me. I’d much rather enjoy a good movie with family and friends at home.
  7. Rude people – Why do some people think that the company of strangers gives them license to be rude? They don’t turn their cell phones off or talk and laugh loudly when you’re trying to hear the movie.
  8. People making out – Going to see a movie in a theater you will inevitably be forced to witness couples making out. These over-zealous displays of affection are totally uncalled for in a public place. I don’t need to be subjected to some couple attempting to locate each other’s tonsils with their tongues.
  9. Distance – Another reason I hate going to a movie theater is the distance required. There are no movie theaters located in my neighborhood, so getting there and back is very inconvenient.
  10. Disappointing movies – Most movies advertised are totally overrated. After all the time, expense and discomfort you endure to see the latest movie in a theater, you’re likely to be disappointed. Nothings worse than watching what is supposed to be a funny movie that doesn’t even make you giggle.

I’m a patient person and quite willing to wait until I can watch movies of my choosing in the comfort of my own home. By that time I’ve gotten reviews from family and friends who have already seen them so I know which ones to watch for and which ones may be a waste of time. Then if the movie turns out to be less than thrilling, I don’t have much invested in the experience, and can’t be too upset about it. I’m perfectly content to let others patronize the movie theaters. The screen on my television is big enough for me.

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