Thursday, June 7, 2012

8 Ways to Make Friends in Your Online Classes

Just because you’ve taken the non-traditional academic route by going to school online doesn’t mean you can’t still bond with your classmates and form meaningful friendships with them. Even though students engage in online discussions and talk in chat rooms every week, they don’t have the luxury of sitting in a classroom where they can meet dozens of interesting people. Making friends in online classes can be just as difficult and daunting as trying to motivate yourself to study, but it can be done and here are eight ways to make it happen.

  1. Speak up:

    A good way to make friends in online classes is to participate in online discussions and speak up. Be the first to respond to a discussion thread and give positive feedback to your peers. Your participation and enthusiasm will make your professor happy and it will also catch the attention of other students. They may be more apt to ask you questions or work with you on group projects because they see how responsible and cooperative you are.

  2. Form a study group:

    Everyone needs to study in online classes, but many lack the motivation to do it on their own. A quick way to make friends and enhance your online school experience is to form a study group. Invite your classmates to join your study group. Pick a place and time to meet and see what works with those who are interested. Once your study group meets, you’ll get to know your classmates better and put a face to their name. And hopefully you will all make better grades, too!

  3. Use the course chat rooms:

    Online students use course chat rooms to discuss class material and assignments, but they can also serve as a way to make friends. Some professors set up student-only chat rooms where they can share their thoughts and frustrations and talk about non-class related topics as well. Chat rooms are also a good place to organize study groups and invite classmates to hang out.

  4. Organize a team-building event:

    There’s nothing wrong with inviting your classmates to a team-building dinner or happy hour to get acquainted with one another. This is especially helpful if your class has group projects or assignments that require you to collaborate with other students. Once you meet face-to-face with your classmates, you’ll be able to communicate more comfortably and develop meaningful friendships in no time.

  5. Join a club:

    If you need an outlet other than school and you’d like to make friends with similar interests, then consider joining one of the many clubs and organizations available at online schools. If your online school does not have a main campus that you can attend, it may require some added research and creativity on your part to find a club. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just start a club yourself!

  6. Talk to your professor:

    If you want a more interactive online experience and would like to befriend some of your classmates, talk to your professor. He or she may set-up a student-only chat room or encourage students to meet up in person to get to know one another better. Suggest that students fill out profiles and write an "about me" page in the beginning of the year to make the course feel more personal.

  7. Friend them on Facebook:

    If you’re not comfortable talking to classmates via e-mail and course chat rooms, then reach out to them through Facebook. Once you’ve befriended someone on Facebook, you will get a better feel for who they really are and what you have in common. After you’ve broken down the awkward barrier of talking only online, communicating through Facebook, texting, or talking on the phone won’t feel so strange.

  8. Be friendly:

    It might sound simple, but being friendly and courteous to your classmates will make finding friends in class a lot easier. Be polite and let others share their thoughts and feelings during discussions. Always give constructive and positive feedback to your peers. And don’t forget to offer advice or help if you sense someone is struggling or needs clarification.

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