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7 College Dorms That Are Allegedly Haunted

College can be a scary place. Literally. And those who live in a dormitory may know this all too well. The strange noises and eerie tapping sounds you hear at night could be your next-door neighbor or the old AC unit acting up, but it could also be one of the many signs that your dorm is haunted. Century-old dorm halls have seen it all, and, in some cases, those who die here never leave. Check out these seven college dorms that are allegedly haunted.

  1. Peabody Hall, Miami University:

    Miami University’s Peabody Hall is allegedly haunted by the ghost of Helen Peabody, the former Western Female Seminary principal. Peabody was known for being protective of her female students and was an ardent opponent of coeducation. She kept a close eye on the male students that wandered into the Western dormitory and was always suspicious of them. Long after her death, Ms. Peabody is said to roam the halls of the dormitory that now bears her name. Students have seen her ghost watching over the women in Peabody Hall and scaring off the men who wander onto the property.

  2. Shelton Hall, Boston University:

    Take one step inside BU’s Shelton Hall and you might never guess it is haunted, but go up to the fourth floor and you’re sure to feel something unsettling. Residents have reported several unexplainable events happening on this mysterious floor, including random elevator stops, dimming lights, and knocking on the door when no one is outside. It is famously believed to be haunted by American playwright, Eugene O’Neill, who died in room 401 of the then-Shelton Hotel. O’Neill was supposedly suffering from Parkinson’s disease and was practically bedridden from the illness when he died in 1953. Legend has it that O’Neill’s ghost roams Shelton Hall, haunting students who cross his path and creating an eerie ambience no one can truly explain.

  3. Wiebking and Wilson Hall, University of Northern Colorado:

    University of Northern Colorado has had its fair share of hauntings and ghost encounters over the years, but the most well-known story of all has to be the ghost of Edith. Rumor has it that Edith was a shy resident assistant who kept to herself and was often teased by the other students. They would play cruel practical jokes on Edith, causing her to retreat to the attic where she played with marbles. When all the students were gone during spring break, a depressed Edith allegedly went to the attic and hanged herself. Although there is no proof of Edith’s death, students living in both Wiebking and Wilson Hall have reported hearing marbles rolling around, while others claim Edith changes the channels on their TVs and moves around their furniture.

  4. Butler Hall, Texas State University:

    Legend has it that Butler Hall, a traditional, three-story dormitory on the campus of Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, is haunted. Residents of the co-ed facility claim to hear strange noises and random sounds of tapping on windows and doors during quiet hours. On many occasions, students have reported feelings of being watched in the laundry room and study lounges. There have also been reports of flickering hallways lights on the male section of the dorm.

  5. Clark Hall, SUNY College-Cortland:

    At first glance, Clark Hall at SUNY College-Cortland may seem like your average college dormitory, but residents here know it’s far from normal. Room 716 in Clark Hall is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a former football player who can be spotted wearing his college uniform. Students also say he has a cut above his eye that perpetually bleeds.

  6. Martyrs’ Court, Fordham University:

    Fordham University is an old school with plenty of spooky stories to tell. Of all the reported ghost sightings on campus, the most frightening ones seem to occur in Martyrs’ Court. On many occasions, residents of the dormitory have seen a young blonde girl in the shower who doesn’t speak or respond to anyone. The ghost allegedly stands still and stares straight ahead before suddenly disappearing into thin air. Some claim to hear children laughing inside their walls and even seeing a male ghost walking aimlessly through the halls.

  7. Wilson Hall, Ohio University:

    With more than 200 years of history, it’s no real surprise that Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, would have some chilling stories of ghost sightings and paranormal activities throughout campus. One particular dorm, Wilson Hall, has been the target of many famous hauntings and school officials even went so far as to seal off room 428 because of the frightening incidents that have taken place here. Before it was deemed uninhabitable, students living in room 428 reported objects flying off of shelves and smashing into walls, doors opening and closing unexpectedly, and ghostly figures appearing inside of the room. According to Ohio University legends, a female student died after practicing occult-like activities in the now-condemned room. It’s believed that her spirit still lingers inside the room and has caused a great deal of fear and agony for its later inhabitants.

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