Thursday, June 21, 2012

7 Great Arguments in Favor of School Uniforms

The success of school uniforms has been a longstanding debate among school officials, researchers, and parents for many years. Supporters of school uniforms believe that uniforms can decrease violence and increase academic achievement, while opponents argue that school uniforms do not in fact make schools safer or reduce bullying. Both sides provide compelling arguments for and against school uniforms, but we’ll first take a look at what the proponents have to say. Here are seven great arguments in favor of school uniforms:

  1. Increases academic achievement:

    When you take away the distractions of trendy clothes and shoes, students will feel less insecure about the way they dress and have more time to focus on their studies. Students who wear uniforms have an equal opportunity to succeed because they won’t be competing over clothing and socioeconomic status is less apparent.

  2. Improves school climate and school spirit:

    Once students are stripped of their superficial items, they are on an even playing field and often have an increased sense of school pride and spirit. Students who wear uniforms often take more responsibility in maintaining a positive school environment and reputation.

  3. Reduces peer pressure and bullying:

    When everyone wears the same clothing, there is less emphasis on trying to fit in with the latest styles and trends, and students can simply be equal with their peers. Uniforms also increase school safety by decreasing peer conflict and gang activity that’s related to clothing and statuses. Students are less likely to be bullied about superficial and unimportant things, such as their clothing.

  4. Harder for cliques to form:

    Uniforms make it harder for students to judge one another on superficial criteria, such as clothes and shoes. When students look the same, they are less likely to form cliques based on the style of clothes. This may encourage students to be more accepting of each other’s differences. When superficial items are taken out of the picture, students will be more likely to choose their friends based on character traits like kindness, loyalty, intelligence, and humor.

  5. Saves families money:

    Many families cannot afford to buy the latest name brand clothing, shoes, and accessories for their children. The pressure to fit in at school causes parents to overspend on unnecessary items. You don’t have that problem with economically smart uniforms. Students can wear the same outfit every day or alternate with another outfit for a very low cost. Parents can save money by buying their child street clothes less often.

  6. Help schools quickly identify outsiders:

    When everyone is dressed in the same colored uniforms, school officials can quickly identify outsiders. Whether it’s a student from another school or a random person roaming the halls, schools can increase their security measures and safety by spotting and reprimanding outsiders who might try to harm students.

  7. Makes it harder to conceal weapons:

    Uniforms are simple, neat, and fitted. The style and fit of uniforms makes it difficult for students to carry and conceal weapons at school. Most school uniform policies do not allow students to wear oversized, untucked shirts or baggy pants, which reduces the chance of students being able to hide a gun, knife, and other weapons.

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  1. Well 1st of all , if you do require uniforms it will not decrease bulling ,kids will still find something to mock about like your hair .height,the way you talk and setra. And also how it says it will be more easy to identify intruders well lets say the uniform is a blue shirt and white pants,if a person really wats to do harm he will go and find tho`s type of cloths and goes in the school

  2. I think all these benefits of school uniforms are great. Most all of them have to do with student safety and I want my children to be as safe as possible at school. When I was in school we never had uniforms but I always kind of wish we did. Thanks for pointing out these benefits, they were great.

  3. I love these points! I have always been in favor of school uniforms. My kids are in private school so they get to wear them. It helps prevent a lot of problems that you often run into in a school setting.

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